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Wage Differentials - Why Do Men Earn More Than Women?

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Wage Differentials - Why Do Males Earn More Than Females?. A video covering a very interesting Wage Differential - Why Do Males Earn More Than Females? Twitter: https://twitter.com/econplusdal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EconplusDal-1651992015061685/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel
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Rhys Galvin (1 month ago)
Thanks for helping me do pe homework
mauvehawaii (3 months ago)
The decision to have children is also in consideration for the husband. This would be a sacrifice. Plus society's expectation for women to spend time with children and never a question to males about "how you're balancing family and work" (because burden on the wives to do it all)
Schopenhauer (11 months ago)
"EconplusDal *DESTROYS* SJWs in 7minutes"
kingHD11 (11 months ago)
Is this the same as wage discrimination?????
kingHD11 (11 months ago)
乂良 what’s the difference
Renaissance Report (11 months ago)
kingHD11 no
kingHD11 (11 months ago)
I get your point about increasing supply of labour force will push down wages. However, when reviewing all the labour supply diagrams I have, an increase in supply is adjoined by an increase in wage rate?
Thomas Crowther (5 months ago)
an increase in supply is a shift to the right. I think you must be shifting supply incorrectly to the left thus decreasing supply increasing wage rate. :)
The only TeaGuru (1 year ago)
you forgot to mention, women are far less likely to negotiate salaries, resulting in millions lost in wages over a lifetime
Elton Fernz (1 year ago)
This video probably pissed off a lot of angry feminists.
LizDcruzzie (1 year ago)
no ones pissed? lmao stop reaching elton.
Tee Flames (1 year ago)
The 2 dislikers are pregnant.
Syed Abdullah (2 years ago)
If there has been an increase in the supply of female workers, shouldnt that decrease wages overall rather than create a wage differential ? Or maybe it could be argued that it would decrease wages for those professions that women tend to take creating a wage differential
IKaoticI (1 year ago)
stop trying to be cheeky dumb fuck he clearly states increase in supply of female workers lead to reducing wages, you just ouchea trying to look smart fishing for a reply
Garvita Singh (2 years ago)
idk why someone would dislike this video
Inferno Productions (2 years ago)
PREEEEACCCHHH. 94% of work place deaths are male.
P MP (2 years ago)
+EconplusDal The argument of Differences of Education/Qualification is not one of presence of opportunity, but more so of take-up of opportunity. These differences DO hold in the UK because Women, on average – who fully have the opportunity – pursue certain areas of academia that generally have lower wages upon entering the workforce. Hospitality, Nursing, and Teaching – which most Women will pursue – will have much lower wages than Engineering, Finance/Economics, Science, and Technology which most Men will pursue. The argument of bullet point 3 does indeed hold in Western Countries – more so, in fact! There is more opportunity in the Western Economies to pursue a wider range of subjects, and as such there are likely to be much greater differences in Education/Qualification.
Matt Thompson (3 months ago)
That's why he mentioned vocational work for your 2nd paragraph
Marge Simpson (3 years ago)
Thanks for the video! :)
Friedrich Hayek (3 years ago)
Feminists need to see this because this will shut them up. Not some gender gap BS but because MEN WORK MORE (generally). There are many hard working women as the points raised in the video, so many other factors. THANK YOU ECONDALPLUS YOU LEGEND!!!
Jommy Davi (1 year ago)
Biological factors, not societal conditioning is causing women to chose jobs that are more comfort orientated, more flexible and less stressful, these are psychologically proven facts. Unless you're one of the post-modernist social deconstructivists who doesn't believe in the validity of science and claim men and women are both tabula-rasa in which society has indoctrinated "sexism" and "internalised misogyny" into people then I'm afraid the blue pill has worked too well.Your third wave intersectional feminism movement is not here for equality of opportunity, you're here for equality of outcome - it is more like "gender communism" where feminist extremists strive for women to be in the same positions as men at the expense of the mental and physical health of the women that this agenda is forced upon. Study after study shows the wellbeing and happiness of modern women declining and it is this very movement that is forcing women to conform to a prescribed way that is clearly damaging to them.
Friedrich Hayek (2 years ago)
Hannah Burston you say that you are fighting for equality but feminists actions never prove this. I am not talking about 1st or 2nd wave feminism but the modern feminists which look at trivial things and seek to literally create a matriarchal society. You and your feminist friends are preaching lies like the wage gap, rape culture and promoting anti-family values like singlemother hood (fun fact: 70% of criminals come from singlemother households) In relation to the wage gap... it is purely economical. Are you trying to say that there is a social wage gap? women and men get paid the exact same amount for the same amount of work. the 77cents for every dollar statistic has been debunked hundreds of times by *serious* economists. governments like to regurgitate that statistic for political gain even though it has already been fixed. Environmental factors? that applies to everyone. I do A-Level Further Maths and Physics and there are many girls in my classes so there is equal opportunity for everyone. nobody is forcing a women to go into childcare. it is simply and purely their individual choice. stop blaming your problems on society and look in the mirror because the only way society will change is when the individual changes their way. Women in the west are the most free and liberated women in the world. why do you not recognise this progress? It is like feminists want to be oppressed so that they have something to complain about. feminism and economics do not go together. You are one or the other. I pray for you and hope that you break free of your leftist indoctrination.
Gregoravich (3 years ago)
i bet you're such a good teacher
Gregoravich (3 years ago)
these videos would be great lesson plans tbh
RoyalGunnerz (3 years ago)
Sexist , nah joking your a legend 😂😂😂
Sina Sadrzadeh (3 years ago)
Never afraid to talk about the controversial stuff. This man's a legend

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