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Do Women Believe in the Wage Gap?

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Do women believe the wage gap is real? Will Witt went to California State University, Northridge to see what they think. Check it out! Follow Will Witt on social media: @thewillwitt
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Alfredo Jones (4 days ago)
Lmao SOCIETY is why I love art and would rather paint than to do surgery lol
Gianni Marco (10 days ago)
Men: "The earth is round, facts." Women: "Flat earth, feelings!" Why do women demand that leadership positions should be filled by women who don't have the same experience as men AND who won't put in the same amount of hours at work as men? In other words, women do NOT believe in meritocracy!
Logan Rea (13 days ago)
"they cant shut us down" .... "Ok guys we just finished up here"
J Sev (13 days ago)
One woman was more intelligent than the others -- she was able to comprehend and assimilate new info in a short period of time
J Sev (13 days ago)
The blonde confuses sexism with sex biology - men and women choose different careers based on biological differences & preferences --- women don't want to get dirty like plumbers/construction workers - they want to wear stylish clothes and avoid physical exhaustion.....
Luca Catanzariti (25 days ago)
"They can't shut us down, it's a public university" Next shot the video is ended
oscar orta (27 days ago)
My question is did the girls on the cart call the cops i wonder if there was any beef
Orcatect & Co. (29 days ago)
4:20 Deal Witt It!
Ryan Finchum (1 month ago)
Did she come back after 1 second?
BHammer (1 month ago)
All business should hire all women because it’s cheaper. And they’ll save money.
Bun huy Poeung (1 month ago)
Been wondering for sometimes. In 2016 if Clinton won the election then, will he take as much payment as Trump? If not, the wage gap is clearly exist.
Stephen (1 month ago)
Why do public universities still think you need permission to film on campus?
Taco Taco (1 month ago)
earning gap vs wage gap
LandShark Photography (1 month ago)
So many variables... There isn't a specific way women are paid less.
Earthwarrior (1 month ago)
Male models make less than female models and the males are treated worse.
Aryan Marathe (1 month ago)
Will Witt, please stop going to these stupid ass universities.
toddrf (1 month ago)
Any time I see a discussion about the gender wage gap, the first thing I want to do is make everyone define what they mean by "gender wage gap" in the first place. For some, it is the idea that on a broad scale, men and women are doing the exact same job with the same experience, performance, etc and women are just getting paid 78% of what men get just because. That has been proven untrue ad infinitum and doesn't even make economic sense. What is true is that if you take all of the money that women make per capita, then divide it by all of the money men make per capita, then yes, women make some fraction of that. But there are probably dozens of reasons for that, not all of which are related to this patriarchy I keep hearing about. It's probably more accurate to say that there is a gender pay gap, but not a gender *wage* gap. But that's probably a bit too nuanced for the believers.
Leonardo Datore (1 month ago)
What is this wave of competitive spirit between the genders (especially women). Speaks nothing but volumes of insecurity.
Keith Gee (1 month ago)
If women got paid less than men, employers would actively seek out more women workers. Simple.
Buy Ethereum (1 month ago)
What kind of watch isa that? gotta get myself one of those.
abu hassan (1 month ago)
Dammit I wanted to see the outcome of the "campus security" woman!!
nmkaspr Kasprowicz (1 month ago)
The curly haired girl was reasonable enough
John Cowan (1 month ago)
Of course alot of them believe it's real. It's their go to excuse for all their short comings. Alot of them won't be happy until they rule everything and all men are in cages. Cuz that'll fix everything. Right ladies?
Charles Chong (2 months ago)
I'm sure everyone sees the irony of the three womyn Gestapo showing up in the golf cart during this particular interview.
Jamie critcheson (2 months ago)
If it was women who suffered 98% of work related deaths, they would drop this myth like it had Aids.. And that would be feminisms' number 1 issue by far!! We would never hear the end of the oppressive death culture.. But cause it doesn't concern their warm hearted souls, it never seems to get mentioned...
Dont Touchmeme (2 months ago)
Will: could it be that (insert fact here)? Her: I don’t think so (.........)
Gref OwO (2 months ago)
This guy destroyed them without barely doing much at all
lubu523 (2 months ago)
Why are you in california looking for answers At least show us Texas or some other red state
Lor00D (2 months ago)
That blonde woman is clearly just angry at men. She blames sexism for something that doesn't even exist. Think about this, The UK, USA and Australia/New Zealand all somehow have the same numerical division in statistics, despite the MASSIVE difference in numbers of citizens. For example how is the gap 78% in Australia with 25million people, and the gap is the same in the USA with 350+million. There was an interview with Australian feminists who admitted they take women who work part time (15-25 hours) and round their hours up to 38 without rounding up their income total. So they basically told us that they manipulated the statistics to CREATE a pay gap and they refuse to explain why or wha the figures would show without the manipulation.
2024-Teo Schnell (2 months ago)
It's real just not because of sexism.
Sylwester Biernat (2 months ago)
Scafold! Every WoMan is welcome
badfshn (2 months ago)
75% of infanticide is being committed by wahmen. No they don’t have more heart.
RebelWithACause (2 months ago)
University official: "Where's your license" Will: "This is a public university. We have the right." Official: "But where's your license" But lets not assume colleges are controlling free thought...
Jimmy W. (2 months ago)
As studied in the link below, the top-20 female fields make around $10k less than the top-20 fields that males graduate from and then work in. If they are gonna make all fields 50/50 despite applicants being so lopsided when it comes to sex, then I guess 50% of nurses, K-12 teachers, hair dressers and interior designers are gonna be male now. Sorry if your hair looks like shit ladies because some dude got the job who specializes in crew cuts. https://inside.collegefactual.com/stories/the-most-popular-majors-for-women-men
YuorGay (2 months ago)
Oh god I think that's my ex at 2:02 unless my ex has a twin she didn't tell me about.
Stephanie Rodriquez (2 months ago)
Ugly pedoz and ugly lame thin old skanks
FU D. Bag (2 months ago)
Make sure to enunciate the word in enlighten from now on. It sounded like you said, “and lie to them”, at the end of the video.
moler sliva (2 months ago)
The Wage Gap isn't between men and women. It's between sensitive types and assertive assholes. Women just happen to be the sensitive type more often.
Santiago Arbelaez (2 months ago)
If someone were to own a business and if they had to choose between paying a man 1 dollar or a woman 77 cents.. well theu would hire women since is would be more profitable.
chris ., (2 months ago)
When women stop playing victims and using marriage/divorce ripping off men's wealth and earning power then there is something to talk about 'a wage gap.'
ken90017 (2 months ago)
Someday we will live in a world where both men and women can work themselves to death at equal rates. It would make the gdp higher, help balance Medicare and social security, and probably a lot of other good dismal science statistics
Suporex TV (2 months ago)
I love arguing this because I just stay with facts like the guy in the video but I usually have twist for the end. I show those that I debate gender wage gap that my wife makes way more money then me (basic salary + bonus). They usually happy with that and try to say that this is just single incident (funny to note my wife works in completely different field then me but I don't even bring that up) but the twist is when I show them my and my wife's P60 for previous year and gross income is higher for me. I love the confusion on their face and then I bring my payslips that clearly show that I work 2 out of 5 weeks doing shift work and that I do 3 to 4 times amount of weekends then my wife + that my wife takes usually days off option for the weekend and I take mostly cash option... This was debunked so many times already and does not require much time to research, why people still believe this is crazy to me.
Kristofer Milhauser (2 months ago)
Of course they do....especially in California where liberals are completely brainwashed
Thadius Sean (2 months ago)
this garbage was debunked in the 70s
edweiser63 (2 months ago)
It would have been funny if he asked each of the women "So what are you majoring in?" Something tells me he might get more Sociology and Gender Studies vs Electrical Engineering or Computer Science.
Samuel Self (2 months ago)
2:12 "men don't have that burden" when talking about staying home with your kids. Someone needs to grow up.
Logan Rhodes (2 months ago)
All this bull about men wanting women to "stay at home" like where are you hearing this?? The only people who say this nowadays are teacher that are trying to tell you men are evil.
Kool McKool (2 months ago)
Here's the truth. The wage gap is a myth made by those higher than us to keep the sheep in line.
Nahsor (2 months ago)
"Here's some evidence" "Nope, I don't believe that" ... Uhh, that's not how evidence works.
Lilac Milkshake (2 months ago)
Forget the evidence (us having to explain ourselves) and demand _they_ explain the *DEATH GAP.* They started the comparisons, the burden of proof is on them!
Zeke Moore (2 months ago)
Cigar instead of a blunt
Punky J (2 months ago)
Stay at home mom here 🙋🏼‍♀️ I definitely get paid less then a man now (no pay for being a mom) but it’s the best career choice I’ve ever made. When I was in the work force I got paid just as much as then men. Women make different career choices and therefore get paid less. It’s not sexist. Stop whining
Dan Trovato (2 months ago)
ha ha
Evan Farley (2 months ago)
So it's accept to say Women have bigger hearts but you compliment men in any way and you're sexist for thinking that. Both men and women excel in different areas and that's how it was supposed to be. They compliment each other perfectly
Michael Minniear (2 months ago)
You always do this stuff in liberals commifornia. Do a comparison. Ask people here then go to a college in “middle America” and compare the differences.
thepokkanome (2 months ago)
Wow, if only women would make their own choices instead of society choosing for them. You know, like how men make their own choices instead of society choosing for them
Bob G (2 months ago)
Prager, keep grooming Will for a presidential run.
ELWATCH01 (2 months ago)
Easier to believe a lie than the truth. Especially when you are told you are a victim for 4 years. If only the facts backed up the lie.
Shoog Don (2 months ago)
Wage gap? What the real issue here should be is.. why the American economy now typically requires 2 incomes for a family instead of just 1 anymore. Latch-key kids, or being raised by daycares, or just a general lack of parental presence and guidance, is why this generation of kids are so messed up that they want to go shoot up their schools. Single-parents and divorced families aren't helping that situation either. Wage gap is not nearly the problem, it's wages period, in making all people work when someone should be home with the kids. Bring back the economy that supports nuclear families with 1 breadwinner.
Kingofurmama Kk (2 months ago)
I’m sry to break it down, but the average of woman are just dumber than men. It’s a fact..... I’m so sry!!!
Genuine Plagiarism (2 months ago)
Take the glasses off when interviewing. Just a very basic thing really.
Sjoerd van den berg (2 months ago)
Tell that women that i as a sewer worker get paid 100k for a vacancy we had 300 men apply NO WOMEN,
Freedog13 (2 months ago)
More woman in coal mines. More woman on oil rigs. More woman on fishing boats. More woman in war.
Anthony Quinn (2 months ago)
Great reporting, when will this go away!!!!
Jacob shapiro (2 months ago)
There is premium paid to those who are willing to do dangerous work. If women want to sign up for dangerous work than by all means go ahead. But I’m sorry not many women wanting to be plumbers to deal with shit, or to hang off the side of bridge to repair it... Or the fact that women naturally are more prone to go after jobs like social work or nursing and man aren’t... We much more oppressed by thoughts in our head then society...
Michael DeSanta (2 months ago)
4:24 Sunglasses on sunglasses. 😎
Royale With Cheese (2 months ago)
I mean, I don’t believe there is still a wage gap, but I don’t particularly think it’s fair that you literally only interviewed 3 women and let them speak for all women.
Luke Alley (2 months ago)
The lightskinned girl 😍
Chris Bowen (2 months ago)
Here are some factors on why men tend to earn more - * Men choose higher paying jobs. Women tend to focus on jobs caring for others - teachers, nurses, daycare, home health workers, etc...while men enjoy STEM fields which are higher paying. * Men put in more hours at work than women do and therefore are earning more if paid by the hour or earn more in commissions for making more sales. * Because men put in more hours and maybe work nights and weekends, they get more experience and are therefore more valuable which justifies pay raises and promotions. * Likewise, men are twice as long to be in jobs that require "overwork"...jobs that regularly require extra long hours on a regular basis without gtting paid overtime. These jobs include doctors, lawyers, and senior managers. * Women often leave the workforce to have kids. This means that when/if they return, they have to start from scratch while the men who were hired originally with the women have been promoted. * Women aren't as aggressive in negotiating their pay when hired and/or promoted nor are they as aggressive in seeking/demanding promotions. * Women are more likely to stay with a company that turned them down for a raise/promotion. They are risk adverse. Men are less afraid of risk and will look elsewhere if they are passed over for a promotion or are denied a raise. Companies know this and therefore are more likely to give men that raise/promotion rather than face the higher risk of them leaving. * Since women work less than men, companies aren't going to offer women promotions if the promotion would require them to work longer hours. Women won't accept such promotions as often as men and the companies know that she is likely to turn it down so they offer it to the equally qualified man rather than having the man knowing that he was the 2nd choice. * Since women tend to seek husbands who earn more than they do, women are much more likely to have a higher earning spouse than a man. This means that the women will be less likely to accept a promotion requiring more time/travel since she may not need the money as much as the man with a lower earning spouse. the woman's husband is also less likely to accept the wife being on the job more hours and he will also be less willing to move if the woman's promotion requires it. He may not be able to make the same money if the new town while the spouse of the male employee will be much more likely to find similar paying work. These factors discourage women from accepting such promotions and knowing this, the company is also less likely to offer it to a woman over an equally qualified man. * Women with higher earning husbands feel less pressure to enter less attractive, but higher paying fields. They gravitate to jobs that they like. Men tend to have lower earning spouses and therefore are forced to choose higher paying jobs, even if it's much less enjoyable. All of the above show why men, on an annual basis, earn more than women. There is nothing that attributes the difference to sexism. It's all about personal choices that men and women freely make.
Chris Bowen (2 months ago)
@Generic Tyrant - Thanks. I simply collected a number of refutations and added a few of my own and turned them into a a single document. Feel free to share it with others. If you come across any additions or suggestions to make the document clearer of more effective, I'd love to hear them. Thanks again.
Generic Tyrant (2 months ago)
Your comment deserves more likes and to be put at the top of the page.
ruaboutasize14 (2 months ago)
How did common sense become the counter-culture????
Ben Goodwin (2 months ago)
One of the few PragerU videos I totally agree with, good job PragerU, stop all the other BS.
Ben Goodwin (2 months ago)
@John Case Dunno what 97% figure you're on about tbh. I am glad this false data was found, now attempt to disprove the other thousands of papers which proclaim the same conclusion. There are other greenhouse gasses - as well as CO2 - that also contribute to climate change via the greenhouse effect, like methane or H2O. yes, water vapour is a greenhouse gas.
John Case (2 months ago)
@Ben Goodwin No. I'm saying that 97% figure was a false figure from the start. (Inaccurately offered to imply a consensus) Plus they are peddling a carbon dioxide narrative that is clearly false. They claim carbon dioxide causes global temps to rise. Yet a simple ice core study shows the carbon dioxide levels during the ice age were 4X higher than today. There is also instances where individuals at NASA as well as NOAA have altered historical data to further their global warming narrative. When science starts falsifying data....That's when Science has been weaponized by Politics.
Ben Goodwin (2 months ago)
John Case you’re calling scientific documents; vetted and scrutinised by design fake? I enjoy people like you but the crazy gets you nowhere. Greenhouse effect firstly; look it up. Then look at the effects of burning coal in China; after that the tilt of the earth and its effect on climate. Maybe look up proof of the round earth too!
John Case (2 months ago)
@Ben Goodwin No it's not. If you believe the whole "97% consensus" narrative, then you are drinking liberal lies. When people are caught altering historical weather data to help protect the narrative, when dire predictions come and go, when outcomes turn out the opposite of predicted....then maybe it's time for you to start questioning the validity of the storytellers.
Ben Goodwin (2 months ago)
John Case global warming is a myth? That’s ones pretty crap, for example.
sammy48 (2 months ago)
The white lady in the red is a idiot. Male nurse's make more because they work more hours this is a FACT, and more males have master degrees then women, been down this road a million times my daughter is a nurse I hear it from her all the time. The hospital Tielah works at the men average 56 hours a week where women are around 44 hours a week, The men also purse management positions more then the women. there is no sexisim here its a personal choice.
RushiesBoots (2 months ago)
Some people will embrace lies and even dismiss the truth as long as it elevates their position on the victimhood ladder.
Frank Bob (2 months ago)
With all the freedom women have today. It's amazing how ignorant these "career" women are. Zero facts.
Nicholas Beeson (2 months ago)
Do people just not think dad's take care of the family's too?
Brandon C (2 months ago)
Thug life
zenitrulit2 (2 months ago)
I think he should have asked that black girl (with curly hair) out. They seemed to really like each other :-)
anna nicole (2 months ago)
Statistics mean nothing without context. If it is true that wage gap doesn’t exist, then WHY do women choose lesser paying jobs? Economics and choices aren’t the only powers at play here.
fireboltaz (2 months ago)
Lol. Nice bro
prathik (2 months ago)
These women are a lot more smarter and open minded then the nutshell Cathy Newman.
Anne B (2 months ago)
Didn’t google just come out that women were being paid more? More and more I’m often embarrassed by my gender. You are in college, it’s 2019, you are not oppressed....and are often favored over men. Acknowledge your female privilege. Oh, I forgot, we gotta keep the victim card handy.
Will is always adorable
Hannah Daedelow (2 months ago)
okay he’s hot
Matthew Stone (2 months ago)
Well socialism will not fix gender wage gap lol truth
HateGovernment (2 months ago)
How come women are considered a minority when there are more women than men?
Marlo Lombardi (2 months ago)
I absolutely do not believe the wage gap us real!
Nicholas Houzenga (2 months ago)
I found some evidence of a wage gap though, only in isolated places of work. An employer stated he payed women less than men because they had their husbands income to aid them. It is an example of dated thinking still existing in 2019.
Timi Turculetu (2 months ago)
Common sense: But everyone would hire women if you can pay them less for the same job. Retards: WOMEN GET PAID LESS ALRIGHT!!!!!
Avipt (2 months ago)
Man girl with the curly hair, super cute :D
Juliana Cintra (2 months ago)
4:23 *T H E D O U B L E G L A S S E S !*
Normal name (2 months ago)
This is honestly just depressing
Kenshin (2 months ago)
The wage gap is not real If it was everyone would hire women,because profit is what businesses look at. But no company does this, because it's not REAL. Men just do more overtime & try harder to get promotions. Companies look at profit beacause that's all they care about, they don't give a shit about gender.
Giles Schlehuber (2 months ago)
I take 77 cents to the dollar to be will witt
Rory Hawker (2 months ago)
One of the woman's comment on raising children, "men don't have that burden". First off, it's a privilege to raise to children. Second, if that's your view on it, you probably shouldn't be having them to begin with.
Mason Farrell (2 months ago)
I've been so confused about the wage gap recently. When I first heard of it, I immediately knew that it couldn't be true. I did research and found very little. I almost believed it existed for a while. The closest I got was writing a paper arguing against feminism in my research class. Both of the teachers are liberal feminists, so I busted my ass to get the facts. I was seriously questioning it because they both believe in the pay gap, and their literal job is to teach people how to do research and find good, well sourced and proven facts, so if anyone would know, they would! But alas, they must have found some bad research because they believe it wholeheartedly.
Peter Matisko (2 months ago)
I have a tip. Next time you do this interview, take this graph with you: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2018/02/does-gender-equality-result-in-fewer-female-stem-grads Ask them, what they think before you show them the data. Ask, whether there are more females in STEM in countries with higher freedom (US, Finland, Germany) or with lower freedom (Turkey, Algeria). Then show them the facts and ask for their explanation. I wonder what they might say. Because this is direct oposite to what feminism predicts. Plus, in countries like Sweden, Finland, all universities are free. So, there are no objective constraints that may be stopping girls from choosing STEM.
animaljp3 (2 months ago)
Stem fields anyone can get in. Leadership roles sound like you have to know people and have money to get in. That is not the same especially when leadership roles sounds a lot different then any non leadership roles and shouldn't feminism say leadership gap instead of attacking the normal jobs.
awardwin (2 months ago)
The Equal Pay Act of 1963 makes it illegal to pay differently based on gender. If the pay gap was provable, you would see countless class-action lawsuits happening all the time. It’s more about productivity than sexism.
Delilah Mast (2 months ago)
The sad things is that I used to believe in it cuz everyone at school said it was real. I was trapped in a liberal bubble.
tsumugi shirogane (2 months ago)
this doesnt represent all womens, thesere literally just college kids????? idk maybe its bc im from the conservative(tm) child generation genz slay
J. Gona (2 months ago)
Will, why won't you answer my calls..? I "transitioned" for you! I'm a lady now! 😥
Allan M (2 months ago)
The wage gap debate is for many women not based on facts but on feeling and a kind of navel gazing. It like religion is not for the most part amenable to be changed by facts.

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