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Do Women Believe in the Wage Gap?

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Do women believe the wage gap is real? Will Witt went to California State University, Northridge to see what they think. Check it out! Follow Will Witt on social media: @thewillwitt
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Aus Bare (58 minutes ago)
This is a case of telling a lie often enough it becomes a fact. 1984 how many fingers.
Tim Grosse (1 hour ago)
Let me tell you the facts. As a male nurse my boss regularly asked all HER employees, who wanted to work extra hours. The other 6 female nurses never wanted to extra hours. I at last, took one for the team and selflessly put my hand up for the extra work. My bank account is happy, but the women seem to be puzzled by the crazy gender wage gap.
Adam Nelson (1 hour ago)
Schools aren’t promoting women into high paying career? You sure? You learnt from course at a feminist school that gender wage gap is real? You sure? Women are favoured 3 to 1 for jobs in stem.... bu bu bu but not on leadership. So you won’t admit to actual sexism, but you have to find some other way to push an agenda....
Neopulse00 (4 hours ago)
Way too many times this need to be debunked (facepalm)
chzzyg269 (4 hours ago)
It looks like the end goal of the left on this issue is to force women to work, dash all the hopes of men to work for a living, and destroy the family model. Their stance on abortion points in this direction as well.
dragngt (6 hours ago)
You need to have 2-3 sources that you can give to people (and show on camera) that help illustrate your point. Cite those sources and after you show them to the people, encourage them to look them up for themselves.
Marlena Montano (19 hours ago)
For any saying that the wage gap is because women choose lesser paying jobs that’s literally not how the research is done! The wage gap studies that SHOW a wage gap are done within the same fields and average out so no the ole ‘women chose social work and men chose business man so that’s why’ doesn’t work
puensi666 (1 day ago)
All my liberal friend think the same, but when I ask them if they know any woman getting paid less than a man, doing the same job, I get a blank stare😏
Mike K4ISR (2 days ago)
All current (wrong) information supporting the wage gap refers to information from the 1950s and 1960s when they did make less per hour. The real "wage gap" numbers come from "wage per year", which is where those people ignore the fact that men work more hours per year since women tend to take more time off for maternal leave, leave early to care for sick children, etc... Some false "statistics" aka liberal groups take the "wage per year" and break it down per hour to make it seem that women are paid less per hour, but they ignore than men work (on average) 18% more hours per year than women do.
greg PIT (3 days ago)
I have been in the workforce for 30 years and bar none my women colleges in the same job have been paid at the same rate as males...these idiots are twisting and cherry picking from the statistics..total bull shit....
Duck Duck Goose (4 days ago)
“I seen the research and heard in my gender study class.” Wow I think 🤔 Damn Im thirsty. I want a beer.
Cactus Tree (4 days ago)
I only looked at his watch. 79Au
09669771996 Mandaing (4 days ago)
Don't expect someone to pay you high when your job is defined by that pay grade. Regardless of what your gender is, you are paid on what is due and agreed upon. You cannot compare apples to oranges. You cannot compare the responsibilities of a worker and a manager. The responsibilities of the latter is huge than his subordinates. As for the women and men... They have choices that dictates the outcome of their income.
Dexter (5 days ago)
If you take the average income of all women and compare it to the average income of all men, then you will see that women on average have 23% less income than men. That is all this statistic proves. It doesn't provide evidence for sexism or anything like that. The whole "gender wage gap" myth has been beaten to death.
oyinbo peppe (6 days ago)
These women were at University? They were clueless.
oyinbo peppe (6 days ago)
*The Gender Wage Gap is real* , for example, our Prime Minister in Britain, Theresa May, gets paid only 77% of what a Male Prime Minister would do, if Hilary had won the American election she would hav been paid only 77% of what Bush, Obama, Clinton etc. were paid.
LEON EX Machina (7 days ago)
4:25 shades on shades is the new thang
Minsor_8 222 (7 days ago)
'I don't think that's true' You can't argue with then can you?
israelyrex (7 days ago)
A is happening, why do you think it is happening? "I dont know" Here is the evidence for why A is happening "I dont think thats true"
Hans (8 days ago)
Fausto Faria (8 days ago)
Did they call the cops?
Stephen Colpitts (8 days ago)
Fighting the good fight👍
james josling (8 days ago)
I think the worst thing is they demean women by saying they don't get the same opportunities. Nothing is handed to you (unless you're born into a rich family) you have to go out and get it, get the opportunities etc.
Juliet Moretti (8 days ago)
Okay Will, I am ready for you to marry me ;)
QuinMusic (9 days ago)
You better be happy men are making more than women. They make the money and then provide for their families. That’s not oppression, that’s taking responsibility for providing and protecting people.
Mr. Caligos (9 days ago)
The gap is real. That's why others are discussing why is it happening.
ShiFTy (9 days ago)
Funny how when you made that stem point to that blonde woman she quickly goes to "But how about in leadrship..." First of all you have Theresa May and the QUEEN, but also she goes to a job that is high in power she doesnt say that people choose jobs such as working behind a counter, she chooses the jobs that are hard to get, high paying.
Rob G (10 days ago)
Dumb fuckery is real.
Dr B Real (10 days ago)
Check out The Gender Wage Gap Conclusion - why she lies? .... On my channel
Steve Tatum (11 days ago)
Future CNN Headline: "Giant Comet Destroys Earth! Women Impacted The Hardest."
Mrfiufaufou (11 days ago)
They are in university, and still less educated than ppl in middle school here in EU. Well done America, you are producing some real winners.
Emanuil Ivanov (11 days ago)
4:21 - *as if one pair wasn't enough*
Jason Poole (11 days ago)
Equal pay laws were introduced in America in 1963, Australia in 1969, and England in 1970. Other western nations also have their own laws ensuring equal pays. These feminazis are man hating cunts, and nothing more. As for that "security guard", what is she going to do if a man wanted to beat the crap out of her? Nothing. Hooray for gender quotas ensuring that safety gets tossed aside to appease some entitled cunt's feelings.
unexpired1 (11 days ago)
I am now seriously all for making companies pay women more money for each hour. Let's see how making women more expensive to employ affects employment rates.
Max M (12 days ago)
same shit ever time
Lattrodon (12 days ago)
it blows my mind how woman can't figure out why women earn less than men
ELBARBONN (13 days ago)
Nope, all the information in your video was good, until you accepted thar there is a wage gap, there is not. There is not a serious study about that supposed wage gap, they didn't account for the hours worked. Watch this Vídeo https://youtu.be/-pdnkbs4l_g
ELBARBONN (13 days ago)
+Bernard Brunu Yes, well the Gap people are talkikg about doesnt exist, the real gap is going to show, when they take account on all the variables that ought to be.
Bernard Brunu (13 days ago)
There is a gap that exist cuz nothing in life is equal, even between men there is a wage gap. Even if you don't know the numbers u can't deny it exist.
Tanara (13 days ago)
Instead of educating others, maybe you should try and educate yourself first:) No hate, just a suggestion
helpstop misandry (13 days ago)
Women are not better than Men
Tayo (13 days ago)
They can't help being ignorant and they just can't always admit facts cos it doesn't sit well with their narratives.
Johan Petersson (13 days ago)
How will these women fix a problem that dont exist?
Sebastian Rexhpi (13 days ago)
4:25 puts shades on shades. 😎
TheDusky Spice (14 days ago)
I like how the one curled hair girl ended up being like, "yeah, that makes sense, I probably wasn't informed as much as I thought, so it seems mostly to be situational." what I like is when you have someone who is willing to just have a polite conversation and debate. a lot of dems./libs. are willing to, but the left isn't. I think they've talked about the differences on this channel. I'm not fully one side or the other, so I like seeing the info presented in these, as it helps me learn more about both sides.
Some Raider (14 days ago)
These people are like I saw research on it that is so false and flawed but then when people bring things to disprove then there like that fake
Hasebe (14 days ago)
Why is it sexest to recognize that men and women are fundamentally different
Matthew Christeson (14 days ago)
"Women are expected to stay home with the kids and yada yada yada and the men don't carry that burden." Ok. *Pops knuckles* Listen closely... Historically, man worked to provide for their families. The women would nurture their children and keep the house in order. Men held a different part of the same burden as women. Get out of the gender studies class and into economics or business.
Riley Escuyos (14 days ago)
You look like a dick lol
John Smith (14 days ago)
Copy and paste I paste this in all comments boxes on every video I watch The J ews are behind mass-immigration and leftie madness - they want to destroy western society - it’s called “the kalergi plan” and it was written in 1926. We backed the wrong side in WW2. J ewish boleshiviks (Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky etc) killed 66 million+ Eastern Europeans just before WW2 The EU is nothing more than communism 2.0 - 100% controlled by j ewish bankers (rothschilds, rockerfellers, warlbergs, schiffs) White babies will be extinct in as little as less than 40 years... Whites are already less than 6.5% of the world’s population?
Dan Schmidt (12 days ago)
Found Hitler reincarnated.
Bob Dillion (14 days ago)
When 2 of the biggest leftist companies in the world do gender pay gap studies and both end up giving men pay raises how is this not debunked by now Here is a video where women admit the study’s on gender pay gap IS NOT based on the hours they work https://youtu.be/-pdnkbs4l_g
Idiot atheist (14 days ago)
Very interesting video. Nonsense wins over reality.
Mrgotmilk (14 days ago)
"No, I don't think anyone would choose a career where they would make less money than possible." WOMAN, WHAT? Does she really think money is the ONLY reason people work their jobs?
James Eagle (15 days ago)
Your voice is very soothing
Baud elaire (15 days ago)
I'm a lot younger than them and I don't believe such thing like a 'wage gap'. It's a logical subject but these women only thought about sexism the moment they were asked. Emotions took more control over them than logic... This is just my opinion.
PersianPlatypus (15 days ago)
The best way to get people to understand what's really happening with this topic is to not call it a "wage gap" (because it's not) and to call it an "earnings gap." The wages between all men and all women working the exact same job at the exact same level are almost always the same across the board. The "wage gap" statistic came from adding up all of the incomes of every man in the U.S and every woman in the U.S, and looking at the difference between those two numbers, which is where you get the "75-80 cents to a dollar" disparity. That difference is due to a MULTITUDE of different factors, and is not simply solved by stating "sexism."
MarioDCreator Gaming (15 days ago)
Wow so this is our future huh?
matt petzer (15 days ago)
You know you don’t have to stay home for kids
BENYJOSE1 (15 days ago)
I acknowledge that the Glass Ceiling is probably real, but that's a separate issue. When you look at pay for actual work, the wage gap is non-existent these days. Also, would these people be mad when women are paid more than men for similar jobs?
TheVis (15 days ago)
they basically want more money for doing less.
HandyMan101 (15 days ago)
Repeal the 19th Amendment. If you want to save the West.
jack dawson (15 days ago)
HAHAHA the woman in red is the perfect example of someone who has done ZERO research into the topic yet is happy to voice her opinion. (which she is entitled to) but at least do some research before you give your opinion and act like you know what you are talking about. I wish he asked for them to give one example of a woman being payed less than a man for the same job and same hours worked, would have enjoyed the zero examples they would have responded with.
True Monk3y (15 days ago)
The blonde women didn’t care that stem fields are 3 to 1 hiring for women. Doesn’t care though because women aren’t in charge.
True Monk3y (15 days ago)
I feel so sorry that these people think so low of themselves
EVA (15 days ago)
Are they only talking about America? Because I know countries where the wage gap still exists.
Dan Schmidt (12 days ago)
Americans thinking outside their own country? Are you insane? That never happens.
monsieur burger king (15 days ago)
Not 1 have been in fulltime work
Aung Thiha (15 days ago)
Am I the one who feel like these are orchestrated dialogues? I like PragerU and I agree with 70% of the content and I agree gender pay gap is a mdaeup but this video ain't real interviews.
Isaac Rumley (15 days ago)
4:22 this dude has shades on shades
Adam Thomson (15 days ago)
There is actually a gender wage gap, it's just not based on gender.
SomeGuy (15 days ago)
Universities nowadays do more far left indoctrination than actual education
Rohan G. Nair (15 days ago)
Interviewer: How do you stop the wage gap? Woman: *Blames the govt* Just leftist things
Thiébaut Joël (15 days ago)
What I really loved is that you were not trying confront anyone and you stayed really humble all the way long. Too many people just go straight to the facts, and try to find any mistake or misjudgment to show that THEY ARE WRONG and I AM RIIIIGHT. Even though I really like Ben Shapiro for example, I think he would sometimes need a little more compassion for people, and not just ignore any emotional factor. Because there is a lot of people out there that are not dumb, but just not enough informed (like the black curly hair girl)
alex (15 days ago)
Men sometimes earn more than women in the same job, but this is the case because men are ask more often for a raise then women, if women would do the same there would be a smaller differents
SpookyTim16 (15 days ago)
4:22 wait... is he wearing sunglasses... on his sunglasses...?
Julia D (15 days ago)
Men earn more because they do more dangerous jobs, work longer hours, more overtime and more flexible hours. It’s really not rocket science to understand.
Julia D (15 days ago)
If the wage gap was real, why would any company ever hire men?
Johnatan Machado (15 days ago)
BomberTheGreat (15 days ago)
Good old Commiefornia University...
bobouistic (15 days ago)
In school, the science courses have discounts for women and job adverts literally tell women to apply meaning any woman worth her salt will get preferential treatment.
Steven Ferrara (13 days ago)
+bobouistic... and where's the push for equality of outcome for women working in sewage plants? Or garbage collection? Pushing for equality of opportunity is fine, if I have a daughter one day, I want her to have the same opportunities as anyone else. But in countries where equality of opportunity has been most prevalent, the opposite effect has happened on the outcome. Clearly, there are some jobs that women (in general) do not pursue... statistics speak for themselves. But some people are allergic to facts and logic if they clash with their ideology.
bobouistic (13 days ago)
+Steven Ferrara The crazy thing is, most women who attempt the class drop out before exams. That's why they say equality of opportunity doesn't guarantee equality of outcome.
Steven Ferrara (13 days ago)
Now THIS is what blatent sexism, discrimination, hypocrisy and privilege look like in a nutshell.
Joe W. (15 days ago)
2:20 Ok, look, my mom expected me to be Christian. She raised me Christian, she had me pray before meals, she dragged me to church and had me listen to Christian music for a lot of my life. I decided that Christianity wasnt for me. So I became agnostic. Just because someone, or multiple people, want you to do something doesnt excuse you from responsibility for doing it or NOT doing something ELSE. You arent any less of a murderer because your best friend encouraged you to run over your shitty ex, you still made the choice and the consequences are YOUR problem, not your best friend's. (Your best friend should absolutely not encourage that, it is an awful thing for that person/those people to do and they should absolutely change that behaviour; but YOU are still accountable for YOUR actions).
Ares (15 days ago)
Fix ur collar
Shrimp (15 days ago)
170 people are feminists
Nick Rufe (15 days ago)
Imagine denying facts and saying 'I dont believe that', then calling other people ignorant. Heh. Iconic
Mick Green (16 days ago)
Men don't WANT to work 70hrs a week they take on that BURDEN to support the family ladies.
#FF0000AnubisFace (16 days ago)
hes already wearing sunglasses?? lol why put another
Dr. Phil’s Successor (16 days ago)
Who’s going to listen to a girl wearing a sonic shirt?
Arijate (16 days ago)
They do
lee macdonald (16 days ago)
168 women disliked this
Ian Edwards (16 days ago)
That it I’m moving to London
BlueCollarWallets (16 days ago)
They can’t shut us down. Call the cops.... End of video
Alex Marzano (16 days ago)
It’s not that the wage gap is not existent because it is true that women on avg make ~40k a year and make an avg of 49k. However, what’s disputed is the cause. The “feminist” stance is that it’s because of of sexism but facts show that it is because of choices
mikael karas (16 days ago)
Why people are so stupid the man is the only one who have a brain
Cody Sseyd (16 days ago)
Is there an extended version?
Robywan-Kenobi (16 days ago)
Why is their a problem?......pssh society.
Din MMa (16 days ago)
4:20 but he already has sunglasses or am I stupid?
Brasi (15 days ago)
420 tho
Ioniza91 (16 days ago)
Lol 1:09 really?? So teachers and nurses choose those careers because they're trying to make the most money possible? These are professions that are dominated by women and it's not because they choose to make the most money possible. It's because they're good people who want to help others. That's something to be proud of, but the girl in the video's response actually INSULTS women who choose these professions by basically saying "you're kinda dumb for going into a lower paid profession". Geez I can't believe this is a university too...
Erick Hetfield (16 days ago)
That's our future. I don't want to live much longer.
kapzek09 (16 days ago)
I know nothing, but I feel like the evidence for there is a wage gap is based on the annual earnings of men and woman, rather than ACTUAL hourly pay they’re getting. No shit men makes more in that sense, but they’re hourly is the same.
YusPl4ys (16 days ago)
4:25 he puts glasses on glasses Lel
Logan LPPlayer (16 days ago)
Noone expect women to do anything, just to shut up with that feminism bs and repeating stuff they hear from some weird post.
Pol Vilar (16 days ago)
that’s how feminism works xdd
Hazmaster gaming (16 days ago)

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