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My Gaming Setup Review... 2016

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Fuck... ._.
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Plank Jr. (1 year ago)
are u real
Cooper (1 year ago)
Plank Jr. what kind of a stupid question is that?
TheBlueDoctor (1 year ago)
good setup
Cooper (1 year ago)
asire and im c o o p e r in Discord
Cooper (1 year ago)
asire yes he is real!
asire (1 year ago)
omg are you the real blue????? i like ur vids :)
Lendav Hobune (1 year ago)
TheBlueDoctor yes, but he need better pc hahahah but okay
Cooper (1 year ago)
TheBlueDoctor ...i just shit myself that my fav youtuber has commented to my vide!

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