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Hollywood Undead - My Black Dahlia With Lyrics!
Hollywood Undead - My Black Dahlia With Lyrics!
Views: 4593855 JooJr
Hollywood Undead-My Black Dahlia
Hollywood Undead-My Black Dahlia
Views: 66274 ashleeroxurworld2
Hollywood Undead - My Black Dahlia (Dragon Ball Z Amv)
Song: My Black Dahlia Artist: Hollywood Undead Anime: DragonBall Z This is my first AMV.... Hope you like it....
Views: 49444 Th3AbUs3D0n3
Hollywood Undead - My Black Dahlia: Sims2
hollywood undead
Views: 3160 ilovetoodle
Hollywood Undead - My Black Dahlia
My Black Dahlia Video Clip Director Michael Holyk Producer Billy Omega (Alpha/Omega Productions)
Views: 2280 Jasmijn182
The Black Dahlia DVD hits stores and rental outlets this week, and there's more to intrigue than the real-life Hartnett-Johansson romance. Keywords:Josh Hartnett, Hillary Swank, Scarlett Johansson, James Ellroy, Dwight 'Bucky' Bleichert
Views: 9663 ArtisanNewsService
Hollywood Undead- My Black Dahlia
My black dahlia by Hollywood Undead with video made by me! This vedio took me 3hrs to make so I hope you enjoy it!
Views: 483 Greenday199312
Hollywood Undead- My Black Dahlia
Friend spent the night and we were bored.
Views: 934 peeonmyhead
black dahlia murder - 2000 practice
"this ain't no fuckin' love song"
Views: 3212 xgreenxcloverx
Beauty & the Beast -My black Dahlia-
WARNING!- Expilicet language! If you are sensitive, please DON'T watch this! Requested by; Bluebrook3 (sorry it took so long, hope you like) Song; My Black Dahlia Artist; Hollywood Undead Story of this clip; Ok, its very simple...Belle is the ememy. Yes i'm serious! Both Beast (aka Adam) and Gaston have been involved (or in love with) her (whatever) and she has broken both of their hearts and left them bitter. The first verse is all for Beast and Gaston gets the second, the chorus is all of them. Please enjoy and comment ^^ Honours; #10 - Most Discussed (Today) - Film & Animation #63 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Film & Animation #51 - Most Viewed (Today) - Film & Animation #44 - Top Favourites (Today) #8 - Top Favourites (Today) - Film & Animation #62 - Top Favourites (This Week) - Film & Animation #81 - Top Rated (Today) #11 - Top Rated (Today) - Film & Animation #65 - Top Rated (This Week) - Film & Animation **All media resources are the property of their respective creators**
Views: 2575 GroovyChris
Alucards black dahlia
this is my first amv i know its not that good , and im so sorry i had to cut off the song, i ran out of pictures. so enjoy! oh and plzzz coment
Views: 555 OnyxKemari
Sasuke and Itachi AMV--BLACK DAHLIA
this only took about 2 hours surprisingly but i reallyyyy like it ^^ this video is for my friend Hayley cuz its her favorite song :3 song: black dahlia artist: lamb of god --I own nothing in this video accept for the very first picture ;)--
Views: 2920 xNarutoxFreakx
My Black Sakura
This is my first AMV! I decided the first I did should be dedicated to my favorite pairing, Seishirou/Subaru. The song is "My Black Dahlia" by Hollywood Undead, and I think it fits them perfectly. LYRICS: I loved you, you made me, hate me. You gave me, hate, see?. It saved me and these tears are deadly. You feel that? I rip back, every time you tried to steal that. You feel bad? you feel sad? I'm sorry, hell no fuck that! It was my heart, it was my life, it was my start, it was your knife. This strife it dies, this life and these lies. And these lungs have sung this song for too long, and its true I hurt too, remember I loved you! I've , Lost it all, fell today, It's all the same I'm sorry oh I'm sorry no I've , been abused, I feel so used, because of you I'm sorry oh I'm sorry no I wish I could I could have quit you. I wish I never missed you, And told you that I loved you, every time I fucked you. The future that we both drew, and all the shit we've been through. Obsessed with the thought of you, the pain just grew and grew! How could you do this to me? Look at what I made for you, it never was enough and the world is what I gave to you. I used to be love struck; now I'm just fucked up. Pull up my sleeves and see the pattern of my cuts! Seems like all we had is over now you left to rest. And your tears are dried up now, you just lay without a sound. Seems like all we had is over now, you left to rest. And my fears are over now, I can leave with my head down. (If you've seen it on the site before, this is the final version, not something I stole. ^^ Both are mine, but that one had several errors and glitches in it that I managed to fix here more or less.)
Views: 15564 otakulys
My Black Dahlia - Starfire and Robin tribute
When Robin was obsessed with catching Slade, Starfire was the one who was hurt the most. Song - My Black Dahlia Artist - Hollywood undead
Views: 26740 Mireii
My Black Dahlia
this is my favorite song by Hollywood Undead. it is a song that i relate to very well. so yeah. i hope you enjoy.
Views: 220 mystikthepsychopath
Wrong Turn
Ashley was suppost to push me into a push that wass straight ahead...but she decided to play a joke and turned opposite direction song: intro to "My Black Dahlia" by Hollywood Undead
hollywood undead black dahlia
part 2 to iris
Views: 5441 mmousenic
My Black Dahlia
Hollywood Undead
Views: 1216 Necromanicide
My Black Dahlia ~ Uchihacest
Anime: Naruto Song: My Black Dahlia Artist: Hollywood Undead We made this at one in the morning with MONSTER energy drink. Fun. Disclaimer: Naruto and it's characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto and not me. I also do not own the music. The credit song is No. 5 by Hollywood Undead. Warnings: Yaoi, incest, pg-13 rated content. Yeah... This video is purely fan-made. Flame us and we'll use them to cook out marshmallows. Mmm... Smores...
Views: 29349 KidneyandTomoareNuts
Elfen Lied - Amv - The Black Dahlia Murder
This is an Amv I made with the song "Miasma". Hope you all like it. This is my second made Amv so far.
Views: 5560 MysticSpirit
MMV: My Black Dahlia
Bellocan MMV Hollywood Undead - My Black Dahlia
Views: 1542 Bellocan
Re: Hollywood Undead - My Black Dahlia Music Video
Video Cam Direct Upload
Views: 1571 yiffy391
MMV: My Black Dahlia- Hollywood Undead.
LOL I was looking around in my videos, and I saw this thingy. I totally forgot I was making it, because when i opened it, it was half done. yay?! enjoy, please. merci beacoup. dayum, sorry.
Views: 2505 MmkayAlex
My Black Dahlia - Hollywood Undead
GUYS CAN'T GET PREGNANT!!!!! Okay, now that I've got that out. I AM a girl! So you can stop saying, "Dude you look like a girl!" cause, "DUDE, I AM a girl!" GOD! I thought as much was obvious with the pregnant sequence, or are you too dumb to recognize a pregnant stomach?! Anyway, for the rest of you who GET that I am a girl and that men can't get pregnant, and girls CAN have short hair, thank you for watching. Please people, if you are going to comment make it something worthwhile, rather than call a girl a faggot! I mean, even if I WAS guy (which I'm not) and I was as feminine as I appear then I'd still say that calling myself a faggot is far from productive and goes completely unprovoked. Thank you. Disclaimer: Not real cuts, not real stomach, photoshop photoshop photoshop Also I am not this angry it is a song I love and wanted to tackle. I thought I had tackled, happy and sad so I thought I'd test my skill on mad. Now, all that said, if you make an comment about my being a feminine male or any homosexual insults your comment will be ignored and you could be blocked. (commencing June 2008) Everyone else, thank you for watching :D
Views: 15464 bwings
Holly Wood Undead My black dahlia mmv
I LOVE THIS SONG, So I made a mmv to it xD Sorry yall.. Ill change the credits later for I am no longer with xBac0n.
Views: 2825 EmoBoysAreHott18
my black dahlia
anime pics with music, need I say more?
Views: 549 ayamekoga
Dasey// My Black Dahlia
This has to be my favorite video to make. One of my friends suggested this song and I had been thinking about doing a Dasey video to it for a really long time because it has a great plot. It has an "emoish" feel to it and a couple of curse words [I just don't want anyone to get offended]. Read to understand/ for an explanation: In the beginning Derek has a feeling Casey and Sam had a thing going on while Casey and Derek have been going out. He catches Casey and then after that it is over. The video goes along with the song -- the black and white scenes are flashbacks of course. Closer to the end -- Casey starts to realize she misses Derek and and what they had and at one point she has a flashback of when "they first met" which makes her regret everything she did. Derek definitely misses Casey but keeps on having the flashbacks of Sam and Casey. He tries acting like he doesn't care anymore. The part when Casey says that "Derek can not do that" and he says he has too -- I left that in there because Derek says that they can never be together and does not want to talk to Casey ever again. They are both not happy with that. At the end -- what will happen? Will Derek forgive and forget? Will they ever be together? You decide. =] Hollywood Undead - My Black Dahlia I really hope you like this video. Tell me what you think! =]
Views: 2879 AriesMCC
My Black Dahlia
Anime- Elfen lied Song- My Black dahlia artist- Hollywood Undead Its a bit blurry at the begining but it gets better at the end ^^
Views: 5232 xunknownxsoulx
My Black Dahlia
JetPack Productions Enjoy =]
Views: 279 JetPackProductions
My Black Dahlia (The Sagas of Teen Titans, Part IX)
This is the ninth chapter of The Sagas of Teen Titans. The song is "My Black Dahlia" by Hollywood Undead. I'm actually using (*gasp* a canon and semi-canon couple) in this one.
Views: 6263 pancakeprincess
The Loss-Hollywood Undead
The Loss-Hollywood Undead
Views: 8400 mzcristina1
made by GRAFIKZ
Views: 587 brknhrt623
Vincent Valentine's Black Dahlia
I got FF7 DoC a week ago, beat it, and hade to make a vid on it. ^ ^ I LOVE this game... And thought the song fit the sitiuation. THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THIS VID. Sorry for the subtitles... FF 7 DoC = NOT mine, Square Enix My Black Dahlia - Hollywood Undead
Views: 3195 Jan K.
The Black Dahlia Evanescense
Views: 6812 antonio Arijo
My 1st AMV-Naruto and Sasuke [Hollywood Undead]
Its my 1st so yeah...no rude comments....The songs are Hollywood Undead-My Black Dahlia...and System Of A Down-Violent Pornography....if you like it add me on myspace www.myspace.com/family_guy_rockz or my yahoo which is disturb3d_lon3ly_soul thanx for watching!!
Views: 1807 xXCrucifixXx
my black dahlia
the secrtes we all bear.... this was a video i made to show us at our worst ... first one so be nice :] leave me comments
Views: 247 adriMASSACRE
Used to be Lovestruck
A Mylar/Petrellicest vid - an ode to slash dysfunction set to 'My Black Dahlia' by Hollywood Undead. *Song Contains Explict Lyrics*
Views: 2791 Ladywilde1980
Lexana - Black Dahlia
This video is about how Lana screwed up lex, I've already done one about the other way around lol. Song: My Black Dahlia by Hollywood Undead
Views: 926 fjoy13
Anime's black Dahlia
i tried to not make it so random
Views: 174 Katalina
Dragon Ball Z Anime Music Video
My first amv using Dragon Ball Z and the song My Black Dahlia by Hollywood Undead Please Comment
Views: 2364 ki113rk10wn
This movie is a bunch of Icons to the song My Black Dalilah By Hollywood Undead. Its wack, and its my first time, so please give me critism.
Views: 647 SHproductionXD
My Black Dahila
My Black Dahila music video by Hollywood Undead
Views: 294 hellboy4333
hollywood undead - Undead
hollywood undead - out the way
Views: 381387 hollywoodundead4ever
Rozen Maiden
Hey Guys! I haven't been on youtube for awhile, but this is MY ORIGINAL amv of Rozen Maiden based on Sugintou's life. The song is Black Dahlia by Hollywood Undead. If you are going to post my video on your channel, PLEASE GIVE CREDIT!!! Enjoy!
Views: 7184 Tim S
Hollywood Undead - The Natives
Hollywood Undead - The Natives
Views: 1750025 hollywoodundead4ever
hollywood undead - circles
ok well this is my first video so please no crap.
Views: 171202 hollywoodundead4ever
My Black Dahlia -- Jashley
No copyright infrigment intended. I just edit it. I really wanted to use this song for one of my videos, and then I knew it had to be Degrassi I used it with. I instantly thought of Ashley and Jimmy, and I knew Jimmy was thinking something like this when it all happened (I would've done a Ashley/Craig/Manny one, but I wanted to make it in a guy's point of view). It's mainly about how much Ashley hurt Jimmy during their relationship, how tired he is of all her crap. It's pretty easy to follow along. I also used a new opening sequence, if you liked it please tell me, or I'll just go back to adding my credit at the end. Song: My Black Dahlia Artist: Hollywood Undead [One of my favorite bands]
Views: 2576 britishhdork

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