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AMV/// - Akira VS Mina - Dance in the Vampire Bund (EP7)
Program : Sony vegas 9 Song : Don't stop - Inner Party System 2nd Song : Gorrilaz - Feel Good
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AMV/// Tales of Symphonia - Last fireborn - Tethe'alla-hen
yaaa!! the Tales of Symphonia anime is finaly back! =D (too bad Emil and Marta aren't born yet in the anime XD) well i call this project OVER-LAZY-EDITHING! MUSIC-Celldweller - The Last Firstborn anime-Tales of Symphonia Tethe'alla-hen 1 sony vegas 9 for edithing don't read this! _[extra]_ jimmy herokingjim 3D clan picolo litte D zflexfire DMNZ studio ------------
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Medabots - Losing You - Dead by April
Jeez Its been so long! @My First AMV
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[AMV] - Dance In The Vampire Bund - Akira Hunt -Destroy all vampires-  EP 11
Old Info: All other trademarks (such as music), is property of their respected owners, I do not claim to own any rights to the trademarks. Music is simply used as the base of the video, I do not own any rights to the tracks, I tend to use music that I/others like, so feel liked if your music has been used. If you have any concerns, DONT HESITATE to contact me! Thank you for reading this, and enjoy the video! Thanks to Fantikerz for his disclaimer
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[amv]  - feeling a moment - feeder
Music : Feeling a moment - Feeder Editing program : Sony vegas 9 Anime: dance in the vampire bund clannad clannad after story clannad the movie the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya shakugan no shana shakugan no shana (season 3) code geas code geas r2 rosario + vampire rosario + vampire capu 2 witchblade kissxsis (ova)
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[18+] Oh My God - Amv - Thx for 100 subs!
No Comment.. Thx for the 100 subs Srry for this perv vid XD I had no Idea for a 100 sub vid --" Im Out of here ....
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AMV-[dance in the vampire bund]-
wow youtube + the video = fail! just done reading the manga so far and now the anime is out ep 1-2 you all should read the manga it's a realy great story! for all fans you know what gonna happen! blood - some litte dirty things - betray - fun jokes!
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[amv] - phenomenon-code geass-
Old more xD
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-*Like This*-
-*Like This*-
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Ichigo Fading [Ichigo VS Aizen]
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AMV - Fearless - Rosario + Vampire
WOW old video OF MY CLAN BTW SUbS O.O in the video ???
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What Ya Say! [For My Bro!] [Never Ending Friendship]
Ya bro! XDD Damn I Made this in 4 hour :D Sheesh Never knew this kind of editing would be fun to do XD Sub his channel http://www.youtube.com/user/jaxonxpy
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Rescue me - Happy B-Day Letiic,Shoot1ngxStar
My last Project this year, I be gone in 12 hours... HAPPY BIRTHDAY LETTIC,SCHOOT1NGXSTAR... -[Letiic]- If known you for about 12 weeks now XD? and we still got so many ideas and We had some fun time on MSN XD (Dun you think?) well I know you dun like Bleach (srry for that) but ya, Hmm btw Sweet 16 XD -[Shoot1ngxstar]- Okaasan XD, Happy Late-B-day, oh gosh your 18 years already!! XD We got wayy to close in 2 weeks XD and sinds then It went fast dind it? ------------------ I dun like the vid, Too random and I dind have enough time to make everything like I wanted =/ well too bad. well I wish you all a merry X-mas and Happy new year! :D and I see you in 2011, and the MEP will be uploaden in 2011!
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Sword art Online/// If You Can't Hang KiritoXAsuna
Hey everyone, I'm still alive ... Sorry for not posting anything! My computer motherboard was dead and it took a while to replace it! Also exams has been holding me up for a while but Its DOOMSDAY -- I mean Christmas and Almost new year again, and that means I am free of SCHOOL AND WORK *Party* and I will try to Finish all MEP and Collabs as fast as I can =w=! [Wattermark in the Right corner is ...] ~INFO~ Anime : Sword Art Online - Episode 1-14 Song : Sleeping with Sirens : If you can't hang Time : A Lot of late hours of working [Total time: 1 week+/-] Creator : 3Dclanchannel [HydraHero] Program : Sony vegas 10
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[HOTD] ~ Broken Dolls
^^ Yeah A new video to show Im not dead :3 Well this video was a big test of my effects ^^ it took a litte while and as you can see the last part is different and lazy xD Well This is made for 3 people that need it! Shann Nick Kavin
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Should I stop?
Too random I think and many scenes are out Syn. I got 4 better project open (2 trailers and 2 Amv and 1 MEP but that 1 is already done) So ya tell me
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[MEP] Beautiful Anime
Hey Hey Everyone! Its been a while but Ya A other mini MEP that I am hosting :D So The rules are easy -Only 1 part -Only 1 Anime (All parts are 10 seconde long) -Cant use A anime that Is Already Taken By Someone -No Hentai [Ecchi and stuff is Good] -No anime sounds in clips -Needs to be a HQ or HD -Must use Sony Vegas or AE -No Sonic,Medabots (Sorry) -If you dont think you can beat my part or make somthing better then please dont join -And If I think you can do better or the video isnt that good Then or you will be kickt out or I will give you a second chance ^_^ Thats all I guess ^_^ JOIN EVERYONE :D Part 1 =3Dclanchannel - Naruto Part 2=YouLin16 - Yogurting (Open, Need to be beter then YL part tough) Part 3= xAndyboi7x - C Part 4 =XxXAngelShannXxx - Fairy Tail Part 5 = Part 6 =mia1997108 - Code Geass Part 7 =purifiedshadowsII -Ef Part 8 =
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Don't Forget The Unkown Soldier [Spirit V.S Zflexfire]  [AMV]
Old times with clan mates back in 2007/2011
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This was a lot of fun ;3, but Sony vegas failed on me ... Masking is screwed up for some reason and the text is on the wrong place :o! This Video was not made for Anyone but, Why not! My Queen! AND My Brotheres & Sisters and Friends~ All the Info is in the Video ;o! [Litte story] This video was inspired by a other video [same songs and almost same clips] But because of this video [And a few more] I wanted to edit so BAD! And I Am trying all kinds of new stuff! I learnt how to make the Hexagon effects and played with 3D in AE On some Dubstep =W= Yeah~ ALSO: Im moving to my new channel soon because of my strikes and Dead Subs... ~
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AMV /// There's Nowhere To Go! -「Highschool Of The Dead」
Its a remake of a old AMV that I made back in 2010! ^__^" It only took about 5 hours but Im Pretty happy with the Result! Anime : Highschool Of The Dead Band : Broadway Song : Same Thing we do everyday Program : Sony vegas 11 Time : 5 hours
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Scream Aim and Fire /// Medabots
Old much.
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AMV medabots -live to win-
anime-medabots music- live to win - paul stanley program- sony vegas 9 border? - made in 10 sec XD
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WaterColour - [MEP]
Its Finaly DONE! XD *Prepare for next MEP* well I think It turnt out great XD I think The Different Editing styles of everybod gives the Video a Special Look! :D Well I am sorry for the sucking intro but My real Intro got Deleted D:! Of Course Sub to all these People! Part 1 Editor: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheAlzkkeR Anime: One Piece Part 2 Editor: http://www.youtube.com/user/JudaiChocolate Anime:Durarara! Part 3 Editor: http://www.youtube.com/user/HeHeHeHuHuHuHaHaHa Anime:Black Rock Shooter (ブラック★ロックシューター) Part 4 Editor: http://www.youtube.com/user/3Dclanchannel Anime:Canaan,Code Geass,Highschool of the Dead,Ikki Tousen,Naruto,Saki,Shakugan no Shana Part 5 Editor: http://www.youtube.com/user/berrynchesyael94 Anime:??? (3 Unkown) Clannad,The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya,Shugo Chara! Part 6 Editor: http://www.youtube.com/user/xAndyboi7x Anime:Fairy Tail Part 7 Editor: http://www.youtube.com/user/GV511 Anime:Soul Eater Song : Watercolour - Pendulum Well It was very fun to do! Hope you enjoyed and the Editors think this came out great! See you all next time! Disclaimer: This video is PURELY fan made. It is in no way associated with the musical artist or the anime/manga company. I do not own the song or the show, all material is used for my personal use and not for gain. All material is copyrighted to it's original owners
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[HOTD] There's Nowhere to go [OLD 2010]
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Whoa I was bored as hell XD I tested some Impact and moving in this video.
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My part
MEP part 12 ^^ made in in only few hours because in 5 days im going to thailand =S
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[Reached The End]
For Laura and Kavin cause I love you both so mush ^_^ Sheesh First time editing FMA XD And you 2.. I don't care if you don't like the song or the editing with no story, It was made for you 2 and better like it xD [Info] Anime : Full metal Alchemist Intros Music: Under The Waves : Pendulum Work Time : 5-6 hours Because I never used FMA before xD Program : Sony vegas and After effects
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The BOM MEP (Part 8)
UHU here is PART 8 of the BOM MEP =p Song - witchcraft anime - Highschool of the dead
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Venom [Collab With xAndyboi7x]
3Dlclanchannel and xAndyboi7x Collab with a song and style we never did before XD http://www.youtube.com/user/xAndyboi7x SUB HIM D: He NEED MORE SUBS!! Well It took a while for me cause I REALY had no Clips for this,So I just took a old fighting clip after editing 30 Seconde of this and started editing that! after a while I lost track of the beat and sync... and I just putted SO MANY EFFECTS in every clip so it would look atleast look like somthing XD Eeuuww Sony also ruined the rendering for me DX Well xAndyboi7x you remind me of whenI stil was editing in the way you do now :D It was very Cool the Do a collab with you and I also (Think) I know you song style so in the future shall we do a new collab? :D
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Father Said? [Bored Video again]
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1 Hour IC against Prince
Lol Had to rush and got a lot of lagg XD!
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Dont fall [A]sleep
Yeah a Litte preview o-o
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My part  - witchcraft MEP (1/2 parts XD)
urgh not my best work but I still got 1 more part I want to use some magic anime in there DX
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Happy B-day Jimmy o.o
The memories of my old clan ^^" It all started with this eh...
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My new style :3 [Test]
I wanted to make it full and use AE but... I dont want to use plug-ins anymore so....
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Test + Bored XD
Freezing again same EP LOL Bored lol.....
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~ Inspired ~
Last video that i made on my Old HP PC :3 Well It used to be a full [AMV] but Somehow It crashed @[email protected] Stupid Vegas and its render problems sometimes :/ Well If you know the anime you should understand the story :D
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My Part (Witchcraft again DX)
OMG 3 MEp with this song LOVE the song ^^ but ya 2 bloopers left in the video , got lazy in the end, can see it at the last part
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IC VS Prince
Yea :l
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*AMV* Reminiscence Overture
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My Part (witchcraft 2/2 XD)
My parts were short I could not show any of the spell casting thingies in this anime
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[Power to] Unf ...
I Dont know what to do D:
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Saki /// All About us
Went with a clean and simple kind of style! So after a Loooong~ Time I Finally edited my favorite Anime : Saki Gawd I was screaming like a litte girl when I heard a new season came out for Saki! *Fangirl Attack here* Anyways, This video took me 7 straight hours of editing and it was just a random Amv : But the only think is that I shouldn't have started at 12 and ended at 7 Am .... Im so Tired! And to think that this video is not even with effects or somthing like that ... o.o" And Of course when I was editing this video my Sony Vegas was like : Mehh I don't feel like working now *Freeze* Me : NOOOOOO! PC: 2 min later *Works again* Me : o.-"? And thats how it went every hour or so *Heartattack every time that happend!*
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medabots amv - 2x
old clan video
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