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Boxer's Fracture - 5th Metacarpal Bone Broken, Before and After
I just got the cast removed the day before this video was made, this video is not intended for any medical purpose, I'm only sharing with you about my personal experience and hoping this video could be somewhat informative and of help to you....
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Overheating and Hesitating Engine - How to fix a Saturn SC2 1999 with 2 problems?
Sorry this is not a video about how to fix these problems but I'm actually rather looking for help which eventually once resolved it should hopefully help some people having these issues.... I've owned my nice Saturn for about 4 years, been looking after it pretty well and just recently since I started planning on selling, it started to give me problems... first overheating, I have replaced the water pump as it was leaking, then the coolant temperature sensor, relays and fuses have been checked all good, thermostat works, radiator fan works (been tested) but it just doesn't get the signal from the car to start working and then the engine overheats.... it still overheats so what to check next? I took it to a mechanic only for the pressure test and it was ok.... Now the engine hesitates when pressing the accelerator.... Duh!.... just hoping to get some help here.....
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How to Get Sound Using HDMI Connection - Mac Users
It's quite a common one, you connect your mac to the tv using an HDMI cable.... and you get no sound from it...... Let me know if this video has helped you fix the problem!...
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5th Metacarpal Broken Bone aka Boxer's Fracture - Recovered
I remember the so many concerns I was having back then when it all started, thinking that the stiffness wasn't ever to go away, fears that the hand functions wouldn't ever be the same, here I am feeling pretty good and hoping this video serves you of any help or assistance, let me know your comments down below, please give this video a like and share!
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How to get rid of that bad smell in your Cast
Here is a word of advise, this worked for me... it will depend to what degree of smelliness your cast is suffering there... mine one wasn't too bad and this worked wonders!! :) Check first if you are allergic to it.... I don't really know if it's even possible to be allergic to baking soda but you should check and think of your pros and cons.... I got what is called a Boxer's Fracture, Ouch!
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