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Demons - Animash
Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Demons - Imagine Dragons Wow,I'm really proud of myself! I learned how to use text overlyas! Aren't you happy 'bout that? :D It's definitely one of my best animashes and btw I love this song :3
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Fright Song (Monster High) - AMV
This is the video that has the most views of all my vids :D Thank you all for watching, liking and sharing! Fright Song - Monster High
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Star&Marco - My life would suck without you
I just love seeing Star and Marco together :) I like them as best friends, soulmates or a couple. They're just cute and hilarious together no matter what label you put on their relationship. That's why I kind of dropped the Starco in the title. Enjoy my video ♥ ~Vincent
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Only Time - AMV
I own nothing. Only Time - Enya
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idfc // tomco
I felt a strong urge to edit with the new episode "Friendenemies". xD Tomco is canon for me now, legiiiiit. Sorry but I like seeing Marco and Star interacting as just friends. I guess this is also a vent but it's not the lyrics that go well with my situation, it's just the atmosphere of the song. The meet-up with my crush didn't happen today because he got sick :( I miss him a lot even though we haven't known each other for very long. But we've been texting each other frequently since we met. Today we exchanged puns, funny pick-up lines and gifs xP I really don't know if he's in love with me and asking is just......blunt and I'd be so embarrassed. Love you, Shiro. c: (Not his actual name, but his nickname online.) Damn, I guess I could do a Voltron video with Shiro&Pidge now lol
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Heathens - Servamp AMV
Servamp is an amazing series that is currently airing and here I used the first three episodes :) I also found a helpful video on YouTube to make this shiny see-through text and scenes. This video has been a lot of fun to make. And twenty one pilots rules x3 I love their new song! (I also thought it was very fitting for Servamp.)
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Another AMV - Poltergeist - HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
I own nothing. Song: Poltergeist - Zatox&Nikita Anime: Another Subscribe my channel :) It was great fun to make this video (I love the overlays *-*) I didn't want to take 'This is Halloween',because it's pretty overused :/ Well...I wish you a entertaining and scary Halloween :D Don't get caught by the zombie unicorns :O Lyceus ~
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Gotta go my own way - AMV
This video is about the break-up with my boyfriend. We talked about our relationship openly a few days ago while going on a walk. I couldn't be in a romantic or sexual relationship with him anymore... We realised we both didn't have romantic feelings for each other anymore. I still have an affection for him, so we decided to stay friends. The other reason we broke up is that he said he wouldn't want to stay with me as soon as I got on testosterone. (I'm a trans male.) So I proposed that we end this right away, why should we pretend to keep this thing alive? (Wait, isn't there a song that goes like that?) I also got more and more annoyed by his self-centered and smart alec personality, I also felt abused by our sexual relationship... I didnt want to hurt him but I did throw some sarcastic, direct comments at him on our way through his home village. Right now, I think it's better we stay apart a bit... But as I said, I consider us bros now. Also, his friends are kind of awesome and sweet. I still have those good memories from the Vienna Pride Parade 2016 :) Aaah, that was fun. I'm actually so glad I let him go. It's for the better.
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Mogeko Castle AMV - CONTROL
Kids, don't watch this. That aside, "Mogeko Castle" is an awesome game that I recently watched a let's play by The Anime Man of. Here's the link (he's hilarious and does great voice acting): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vCOqnW2bwE This video was very exciting to make and I played around with effects at the second half of the vid ;) It was exhausting too *breaths in and out with their eyes closed* Urghs, but it was worth it. Enjoy the insanity. Ofc, this song is more than perfect for Mogeko Castle. Control - Halsey (All hail Halsey. And the glow cloud. And King Yonaka.)
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Toy Soldiers - Balto/Steele/Dixie/Tramp
I did nothing else than being sick, playing Mystic Messenger, drinking tea and editing this video today. *cough* Goddamn. But it was worth it. I really like the outcome. This is also a vent about three people I know/knew that always tried to take advantage of me in several ways and felt like they had the right to own me. Fuck you. Anyway, there's a storyline to this: Balto is on the way to his hometown to deliver some mail when a huge avalanche breaks loose. Dixie, Steele and Tramp are almost buried underneath it, but Balto finds them and promises them to take them to the nearest town. From now on they glorify every single action he does and don't stop trying to get into contact with him. While Dixie is more the reserved stalker type, Steele and Tramp fear that Balto doesn't want to spend time with them anymore and they both rape Balto. (Yeah, I feel sorry for him too. There's probably going to be a continuation of this crossover where Balto finds a new place to live and suffers from PTSD and social anxiety because of the former incidences.) Balto is hugely traumatised and regrets having brought those three into this town with him. One day Tramp has a mental breakdown and decides to keep everybody else away from Balto - by killing him. But luckily Balto manages to escape and runs off... To be continued? Credits: Steele drawing by kitchiki (deviantart) Dixie drawing by teysak (deviantart) Tramp drawing by swift-whippet (deviantart) Dixie masking & Tramp maskings by xTʀeisĸ (YouTube) Balto maskings by Zira Alaska, Vαlєryтalєntѕ, SaraChanLionwolf (YouTube) Note: Some of the masks I did myself with chroma keyer and cookie cutter. :))
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Grisaia No Kajitsu - Watercolor
Water is red. I'm planning to do a second (more uplifting) AMV with this anime. Be excited for it x3 Even though you probably have never seen Grisaia No Kajitsu / Le Fruit de la Grisaia. I'd highly recommend watching it! (If you're 15+ years old) This series is an adaption of a visual novel with TWO sequel games, so apparently we can expect two more seasons for the anime. (Le Labyrinthe de la Grisaia and Le Eden de la Grisaia will premiere in March 2015.) Have fun watching my (very long) anime music video :) I wanted to use the whole song 'cause ducks. ('cause it is one of my favourite songs.) Cheerio!
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Sweet Ophelia - Flip Flappers AMV
I recommend anyone that hasn't watched this anime yet to watch it right now! It is an a m a z i n g series and is easily in my top five list. It is basically a huge LSD trip with a lot of yuri undertones. The art style is great in my opinion and the characters are lovable. If you enjoy series like Sora no Method, Yuri Kuma Arashi, Punchline, FLCL or PMMM, then you will probably like this anime too :) Also, I am so proud that I finished a whole AMV with text and even voice-overs :3 Cocona x Papika = OTP Credits: Anime: Flip Flappers by Studio 3Hz Song: Sweet Ophelia by Zella Day
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Shot In The Dark - Made In Abyss AMV
The first season of Made In Abyss has ended and I really wanted to make a tribute for this series! It's an absolutely visually stunning emotional rollercoaster and I highly recommend watching it. Also, I've always wanted to edit to this song. Also also, the AMV displays the events of the anime in a chronological order, although if you haven't watched it, it won't make much sense to you xD
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Fuck You - Animash
Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Song: Fuck You - Lily Allen There's a person I hate and so I needed to let my anger out. Seriously,I love this Animash,it's really cool :)
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Burn It Down - Animash
I own nothing,all the contents belong to their respective owners blah blah blah... Song: Burn It Down - Linkin Park Hey guys! It was sooo fun to make this video ^^ I really like the song and I wanted to upload an Animash again. It's rare but I'm kind of proud of it :) I hope you like it!
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Wires • 101 Dalmatians
This is a vent about my hate geared towards my work at a supermarket. Retail is a living hell. It made my depression, anxiety, PTSD and paranoia reappear again. I'm a naturally introverted person and why on earth did I go for a job that's clearly suited for extroverted people?! Meh, I don't feel like going into detail about this. I'm currently sick and at home. (*swallowing pills all day*) On the next Thursday, my boss (+our accountant) wants to talk to my father and me about idk what. Is it about my constant awkward behaviour? My often occuring sick leaves? My secret texting in the back? My secret and sometimes official eating in the back? My lack of happiness? Or is it my non-matching clothes? Hm.....I'm getting mentally ready to be broke and unemployed. Say goodbye to the slight chance of studying at university! *added Pongo and Patch to my persona list* Also, I'm so glad I finally got to edit with 101 Dalmatians I & II :) I will probably make a lot of manips in the future - even though it is frustrating sometimes. The outcome is worth the aggravation.
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Sad Machine - Magical Girl Raising Project AMV
WARNING: contains spoilers for the anime (and blood) I spent my whole Saturday finishing this project, phew. I hope you enjoy :) MGRP is a great series and if you haven't watched it yet, I recommend you do so right now lol It was quite an emotional rollercoaster to watch. The characters are so unique and partially relatable.
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Bambi x Ronno - Just a dream
I own nothing.
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Stay The Night ♥ - Wendip
I almost laughed last time when me and the guy I love talked in the bus. He said that we're kind of like Dipper and Wendy in the future because same age difference, you know. (We're 15 and 18, compared to 12 and 15 with Dipper and Wendy.) I was like, RIGHT??? I've been thinking about that like more than two weeks, bro xD Yeah, he's like my dippingsauce now :3 He needed a nickname anyway. A song very fitting to my current situation xD Yeah, this is an update on my love life. So, a lot of things kind of happened and developed. And yeah, this dude and me, we are a couple now ♥ He is already planning something for me/us on Valentine's Day and so am I :) Gonna buy him ocean blue flowers and draw a special Valentine's card with a short comic in it ^^ Ah, yeah. Why this song? Well, he is going to stay at my place tomorrow night. Sure do hope my bed is big enough for two peeps. A whole weekend with my bro, that's so awesome. We were talking about how looong it is till Saturday the whole week long when we met each other in the bus. And now it's here! xD Btw, he is such a craazy person. I mean, first of all, he's in love with me. Second, he fucking bites my nose and tongue in the bus, nah, I don't mind but in public it's haha weird, I guess. Third, he's a fucking gentleman. He holds doors open for me, compliments me like I'm an Egyptian goddess or something lol, and one time he picked me up from work :)) He adores me, and I just feel so flattered, and....flattered. Not that I don't adore him. I wrote a poem about him ^^ His face is so fascinatingly beautiful, omg. He's also kinda straightforward, if you know what I mean ;D But yeah, there ya have it. Yeah, I AM going to tell you about my weekend with my boyfriend when it's happened ^-^ I think i'm just going to call him L here on YT, since that's the first letter of his name. Hmmmmm. L, why are you so lovely?
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Angels - Animash (Past Vent #1)
I made this video in order to re-live my past and deal with my problems back then. I kind of tried to give "my childhood and early teenage self" therapy xD With this video animash, I express my sorrow, hatred, anger, doubts, disappointment that I feel or felt when thinking about my mother. I don't want to go into detail but she scarred me for life, she made me look foolish and naive (which I probably was). I tried to see her as a mother, as a normal person or a friend. Nothing worked. The way she abused me, blamed me, blamed others, hurt me, treated me like dirt, made me insane, almost killed me (literally) and talked to me CAN NEVER BE FORGIVEN. I don't forget. I just try to move on now that she doesn't interfere with my life anymore. (She lives in another city now, divorce and stuff.) I'd like to think there's hope for her but I doubt it. If there's a spark of light within her, she must have buried it. Guys, there will probably be other past vents because my mother is not the only bad thing that just happened to me. (But of course, she is sadly the center and root of my past sorrows.)
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You're gone and I gotta stay high;; MYSTIC MESSENGER
This game. Has officially. Taken over and ruined and bettered my life. ALL HAIL CHERITZ! Omg, the reset and wizard game theories are killing me ;-; I'm on Seven's route right now. I did Yoosung's route before. And then I'm going to complete the other ones: Jaehee (my bae), Zen and Jumin (he's an ass) Aaaand of course V's and Unknown's route when they come out. Btw, if you haven't played this game yet, download it NOW! It's available in every app store, I think. I worked, idk, 20 hours on this, arggh. lolololol Please appreciate my efforts. I almost lost it because of the maskings xD Yeah, I did them myself ^^
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I am really proud of this project. The reason it turned out this good, is that I was inspired by the song. It's by "Imogen Heap" and has really witty and interesting lyrics :) I'm sure you understand why I love this song so much. It's just.....so interesting and I enjoy the vibe it gives off. And if you want to know the anime I used: Candy Boy Durarara!!x2 Shou Grisaia no Rakuen Owari no Seraph Punch Line Re-Kan! The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo Of course I would recommend you to watch all of the above ;) (Grisaia no Rakuen is the second season of Grisaia no Kajitsu. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya is a movie.) I hope you enjoy this vid. I worked hard on this the last few days and mostly nights :D //Audition for AgeaRielStudios
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The 12 Pains Of Christmas - Animash
Lady,Tramp and their friends are trying to find a Christmas tree, Tito has to rig up these darn lights, Scamp experiences lots of hangovers, Francis has to send some Christmas cards, Everyone has to pay their bills, Kovu faces his in-laws (Simba and Nala), Bambi's father belongs to the Salvation Army, Simba is a cute little bitch wanting many presents, Everybody is looking for parking spaces, (Oh, and don't forget the donations,) Nala finds out that there are no batteries included, (Btw, Scamp should get himself a job!,) Francis can't ignore all the stale TV specials, And...who doesn't like Christmas carols? What are your Christmas "pains"? But remember, don't get lost in all the fights and buying and stress...Christmas is all about that bass, I mean LOVE!
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Black Dahlia. - AMV
Who is the victim and who is the culprit? You decide. "The Black Dahlia" was a nickname given to Elizabeth Short (July 29, 1924 – c. January 15, 1947), an American woman who was the victim of a much-publicized murder in 1947. Short was found mutilated, her body sliced in half at the waist, on January 15, 1947, in Leimert Park, Los Angeles, California. Short's unsolved murder has been the source of widespread speculation, leading to many suspects, along with several books, television and film adaptations of the story. Short's murder is one of the oldest unsolved murder cases in Los Angeles history. The song title isn't mentioned in the song even once. I'm guessing Hollywood Undead decided to dedicate a piece to this murder mystery. Well, thanks 'cause this song inspired me a lot. Also, thanks to my boyfriend for showing me this song!
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We Are Family - Gravity Falls AMV
This is an old project that I decided to leave the way it is and just upload ^^ Hope you enjoy~
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Unicorn pics
The last unicorn-America
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All Good Things (Come To An End) - Animash
So this is also kind of a vent because my parents are getting divorced and my mother is going to live in an apartment in Vienna in the future. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that she will be gone soon. I'm not gonna miss her. This song is all about change. And that's exactly what's happening right now. There are positive and negative aspects of the divorce, this is just a vent about letting go off of old memories and starting a BRAND NEW life. Just in case explanation: Ronno & Bambi's father- ME BACK THEN & ME NOW Bambi - MY LITTLE SISTER Bambi's mom - OUR MOTHER The pictures at the beginning and the following video clips show our mother mentally and physicallly abusing and manipulating us, old memories when we thought she was just a normal and lovely mother and at the end: The start of our life without her :)
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I Am Octavia feat. Nala and Kiara (50 SUBSCRIBERS!!!)
Oh my f*ckin' gosh! I reached the 50 subscribers mark! I'm so happy! I want to thank you all for watching, liking and commenting my videos! :'3 I lost inspiration at the second half and there were no Nala scenes left for me to edit with, that was so disappointing! I wanted it to be great! :( And btw, the scenes where Nala is chasing Pumbaa and fighting with Simba are just kind of portraying or expressing her feelings. (Yeah, okay, the main reason I added these scenes is that I didn't find more fitting scenes -.-) And I obviously support the Vinyl x Octavia shipping ;) Also, here's the link to the original animation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZvGGGHekU4
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Wovon sollen wir träumen - Animash
This is a German song and I'm very sorry for making so many German videos lately :/ Don't worry, I'm working on a huge video with an English song, so you can actually understand something. To fully enjoy this song, you need to know the lyrics. I'm in love with the beautiful song, that's why I made this animash xD Balto masking by FerrumFaustus Zira and Angel masking by kikithewolf64
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X. U. - Charlotte AMV
Yep, I'm in love with the opening theme of Owari no Seraph. And of course, I'm a huge fan of Charlotte :3 Please enjoy this little vid!
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Let's Go, Geronimo -  AMV (for my sister's 12th birthday)
My little sister celebrated her 12th birthday yesterday and I made a video for her :) She liked it.
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Uptown Girl - Lady And The Tramp
I made this video in one go, basically. I like the overall outcome of it. The movie is great for this song :) My boyfriend kind of "inspired" me, so to say. It's not a positive inspiration at all because he now thinks my family and me are rich, wasteful snobs just becaus we own a lot of land and we throw food away often. (Ok, that can be criticised but please don't tell me how much of my apple is acceptable to throw in the bin. It's ridiculous.) Yay, this remembers me of my childhood where all my friends said that I can feel really lucky to have such a huge garden and house. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT, my father still pays for that huge-ass house and we DON'T have a lot of money. We can't afford anything other than basic needs and a few books/painting untensils/etc. here and there. We're not rich and we're not arrogant bitches. Thanks. And no, a lot of property doesn't equal shitloads of money. Do I look rich? I am wearing the same jeans for a week and I use one pair of running shoes for every season of the year. Yeah, buying organic foods is important to us, YEAH, it is more expensive than regular foods sprayed with pesticides or gmo stuff. BUT sometimes you gotta put quality over quantity. And I went to a vegan Easter market yesterday. My boyfriend said that when we live together he's not going to let me go to fairs like that because omg, you buy something there. NO SHIT BRO. OF COURSE I GO TO SUCH THINGS ALL THE TIME AND CARELESSLY THROW MY MONEY OUT THE WINDOW BC YOLO. I don't. I won't. I can't. Screw your opinion. What d'ya mean, you won't go with me to events where you have to pay a bit more money? EXCUSE ME SIR BUT I DON'T THINK WE'RE IN THE FOURTIES WHERE MEN STILL COULD DECIDE OVER EVERYTHING A WOMAN DID. Ya don't get to tie me down. Is this Nazi Germany? Don't I own my own bank account? Is this your money, your stuff? NO IT'S NOT. Gosh. I'll end my rant here. But hey, thanks for making me think of this song because of this situation. I like that song. I'm not an uptown girl. I'm a village person at best xD I'm returning to Animash footage, it seems. At least a bit.
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Consequence - Erased AMV
WARNING: huge spoilers Hey, lovely people out there! I used one of my absolute favorite songs for this AMV. It's "Consequence" by the German band "The Notwist". I also wanted to pay tribute to this amazing anime series. If you haven't watched it yet, do so soon! And wow, this video is so long, omg xD
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Intoxicated - Wendip
Note: Wendip is the ship that represents this guy I love (feels weird saying he's my boyfriend, as of now lol) and me. 'Cause he's like super smart and cute, got a similar haircut to Dipper's and is 15 while I'm 18. (Same age difference as with Dipper (12) and Wendy (15).) This dude is awesome. Yesterday I spent half of the day with him. When it was time for him to go, I had to hug him three times to say goodbye xD We were in the middle of the 2nd Sherlock episode and all cuddled-up. I almost fell asleep and didn't want to move when my father called through my door that he was going to drive to his girlfriend now and planned to take my uhm I guess boyfriend(?) along to take him home. It was hard to let go, haha x3 He even lifted me up with this one hug, I was so taken aback, I didn't expect that and also not that he is strong enough to do so. But it was nice burying my face in his neck. Meh, enough talk about me. Let's talk about you and that Internet history of yours! ;D Yeeeeah, I'm a sorry sucker for love songs right now. Sorry, not sorry. :P
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charlie - suicidal thoughts
I apologize for the shitty video quality. I couldn't get the "All Dogs Go To Heaven" movies in a better resolution. This may not look like it took much effort BUT IT DID. I chose each scene carefully. The manips look a bit sloppy but I tried my best :) The storyline basically follows the song lyrics. I have been wanting to edit with this song ever since I first heard it. Biggie is truly an amazing rapper ♥ This project also served as an emotional outlet, since my father practically disowned me because of mental illnesses. He told me he could love me again once I "have overcome" my mental illnesses. Whatever that means. I don't think I'll ever be fully sane too. Soooo :( FUCK ME, I guess. The depression, anxiety, paranoia, intrusive thoughts, aggression, etc. etc. are getting worse, sadly. I actually wanted to kill myself two days ago but I didn't. For some reason lol I have a hard time being sure of what exactly my mental illnesses are. I'm pretty sure about the depression and anxiety. They're also officially diagnosed. Then I have also shown early signs of schizophrenia in the past year. I hope that it means nothing and it'll go away. I don't want to have another psychological burden on me. Oh, and I am high in narcissistic, psychopathic and machiavellian personality traits. I suspect I have Anti-Social Personality Disorder. Which is not hard to deal with, compared to my other mental issues. It's just uh, my personality x'D I creep people out and it's hard to act like a neurotypical person at work. You know, I have to smile, be friendly, pretend to give a shit about any of the customers and co-workers. I talk to other Cluster Bs online and that makes me feel less alone and more understood, at least. Hm, I think that's all I have to say. Leave a nice comment if you feel like it.
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Little Swing - Yuri on Ice AMV
A video about ice skating with erotic undertones. Enjoy. Here's a video I made with "Albatraoz" by AronChupa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhxVwGHT9VY
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Flower!  - Bambi Fandub (with my sister)
My first ever fandub with my little sister. Me (18): Bambi My sis (almost 12): Flower
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The Voice - Animash / AMV (Happy Spring and Easter!)
I'm sure everybody knows who / what this voice is, at least deep inside their soul and heart :) Btw, happy Easter and enjoy the spring time! Go picnicking! /I like to run alongside the fields and be like 'Weeeeeeeee!'/
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Mikado x Kida / Celty x Shinra / Mairu x Kururi (HB Sina!)
Surprise, motherfucker! Hah, yeah, this obviously isn't my 200 subscribers special BUT a very important video BECAUSE it is for my best friend, Sina. (It's her birthday, I owe her sth x3) Done with Sony Vegas Pro 11 and as you can see I have no idea how to handle this program :D The typography is not by me, original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sypHFuhPgoo Mikado, Celty, Kururi = Sina, my friend (not my girlfriend ok) Kida, Shinra, Mairu = Me (Salbei in da house with broccoli) Anime: Durarara!!x2 Shou Song: Treasure - Bruno Mars (I just realised she hates his music, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!..........sorry, Sina. Boobs.)
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Akise x Ciel - Crossover
I own nothing. Animes:Mirai Nikki and Black Butler Soulmate - KsTBeats
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Piña Colada Boy - AMV
I own nothing. Piña Colada Boy - Baby Alice (Silverroom Remix)
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My Boots ~ LyraBon Bubbline RosePearl Mabcifica
PARTY LIKE IT'S NOT YOUR BIRTHDAY. Wait, wrong song. Laaast Christmas, I gave you my OTPs. Or something along those lines, right? ;) So, enjoy this haunting music with sweet femslash couples :) And spend some quality time with your friends and family, you internet loners! Have a nice Christmas, you guys, fellas, homiiies. I love y'all. Seriously, I do.
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My OTPs that I ship like FedEx.
I decided today I might share my One True Pairings with you :) Enjoy and ship :3 If you want to know the names of any media in this, ask me! The song is "Winter Moon" by Mindy Gledhill.
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Brave Story  - Take Me Away
WATCH THIS MOVIE! (Lyrics below) Woah, this video took me so long to make. But it was worth it in the end. Btw, the movie's really great! I hope that my AMV can convince you to watch it! Lyrics: Kneel, in silence, alone, My spirit bears me Pray, for guidance, towards home In darkest hours Kneel (dream with your dream we travel) In Silence (empires of faith unravel) Alone (sealed with our virtues' treasures) Kingdoms falling - Down (whose hand commands this thunder?) In silence (cry as we're torn asunder) Alone (unto what gods do I call?) Protects us in our... Fall, away - My soul wandered, Borne by grace I flew on high..! Sheltered - From this thunder Calling heaven... Take me away from time and season Far, far away we'll sing with reason Prepare our throne of stars above me As the world once known will leave me Take me away upon a plateau Far, far away from fears and shadows Strengthen my heart in times of sorrow Light the way to bright tomorrows Answer our call in desperate hours Shelter our fall from earthly powers Temper our souls with flame and furnace Bear us toward a noble purpose Heaven hides nothing in it's measure Mortal men blinded by false treasure Formless and vanquished we shall travel Shield and sword will guide our battle Take me away from time and season Far, far away we'll sing with reason Prepare a throne of stars above me As the world once known will leave me Take me away upon a plateau Far, far away from fears and shadows Strengthen my heart in times of sorrow Light the way to bright tomorrows Heaven hides nothing in its measure Mortal men blinded by false treasure Formless and vanquished we shall travel Shield and faith will guide our battle Salvation comes in desperate hours Angels on high proclaim these powers Lead us from chaos we shall follow Bear us to a bright tomorrow (I'm sorry if I got any lyrics wrong, I'm not sure whether my version or the Internet's (lyrics.wikia.com) version is true.)
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Still (Ben Folds) - AMV
Want to know an anime or anything else? Ask me! Song: Still (Reprise) by Ben Folds Was this hard work? Probably. Was it fun? Most of the time :) This is the longest AMV I've ever done, omg :D I was just so inspired by this song ♥ So hardcore inspired. I love the lyrics, the piano and the violin (?). Psht, I'm not an instruments expert but I love all the instruments used in this song. And the pace, whatever pace that is. I knew this song for several years without knowing the artist or even the song title. I just remembered the "la la, la la la, la la la la la la, la la la, la la la, la la la laaa." You won't find this song by googling la la la, sadly x'D But I rediscovered it in a video, finally being able to understand some of the English text and looking it up online. AND I FOUND IT. It's a soundtrack from an animation movie called "Over The Hedge" or as I knew it: "Ab durch die Hecke". - from 2006, btw. I watched it when I was a kid and I think this song appeared in the movie during a sad scene where all the other animals were really disappointed in the raccoon. Maybe I should watch it again sometime. Meh, anyway, have fun with yo life. Don't waste your or my precious time. (Though I don't mind comments bc I rarely get them ^^)
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Albatraoz - Charlotte/Yamada-kun/Aoharu x Kikanjuu/Love Live! AMV
Hey, you party peeps :) I hope you are thoroughly enjoying life in THIS very moment. I hope you like this video and give the anime I used a try, they're all worth watching :) The song is so crazyweird, I had to use it. Plus. that beat drop...
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An Unhealthy Obsession - Halloween AMV
I'm going to spend my Halloween alone at home having crippling depression probably. (Update: not feeling depressed atm ^^) But I felt the need to continue this old video project and since it fit the theme of Halloween, I chose to finish this particular video. I hope all of you have an awesome Halloween and don't rot in your room like me ;) Characters used: Starlight Glimmer stalks Twilight Sparkle Mika & Namie stalk Seiji Cruella de Vil stalks the dalmatians & their owners Lil' Lightning stalks Thunderbolt Ice King stalks Princess Bubblegum & other women
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Boyfriend's Girlfriend - A polyamorous AMV
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Americano AMV (Yuri/Shoujo Ai)
I really like the song and I hope you get what it is all about :) Anyways, have fun! Enjoy the Yuri :D (Sorry for not making AMV's and stuff for a while.)
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Crazy In Love/Fanservice AMV ~ 222 subs ~ Love you all
I FINISHED IT! HOLY COCONUT Ö_Ö I hope you enjoy this. And thanks for being subscribed to me, my dear deer :) To please everybody (and myself lol), I added hetero, yaoi and yuri. I am also sad to not have more explicit pictures in this vid, I don't want YouTube to take this down because of sexual content. Soooo, the Karmagisa is strong in this one. #FreedomForBreastsYT
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