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Judge Napolitano Disproves Fox & Friends' Pro-Trump Talking Points Live On Air
"I understand the president's argument. Unfortunately, the court and the prosecutors who work for the president disagree with him." Check out our site: https://contemptor.com/ Follow us on Twitter: @TheContemptor Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/contemptor/
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Fox's Greg Gutfeld Blows Up at Juan Williams: 'I'm Going to Throw You Off the Set!'
“If you say that again, I’m going to throw you off the set," the conservative commentator shouted. "You know what the bunker means? What you’re intimating is that -- who’s in the bunker? Adolf Hitler, correct?”
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Terrence K. Williams Says Something's Wrong With 'Fortune Cookies Ling Ling Is Eating'
Host Jesse Watters quickly went to break when conservative comedian Terrence K. Williams made stereotypical comments about NYT writer Sarah Jeong. Check out our site: https://contemptor.com/ Follow us on Twitter: @TheContemptor Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/contemptor/
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Fox News Segment: UFOs Exist And Do Things 'This World Is Not Capable Of'
"Are there indications that these unidentified flying objects are doing things that this world is not capable of?"
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Fox News' Shep Smith and John Roberts Obliterate Trump's Lies on Family Separation
“The accurate reporting is that the zero-tolerance policy about prosecuting head of household was enacted under the Trump administration"
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Trump Attorney Rudy Giuliani: 'Truth Isn't Truth'
This was how the former New York City mayor responded to NBC News' Chuck Todd when asked if the Trump legal team was delaying the Mueller probe. Check out our site: https://contemptor.com/ Follow us on Twitter: @TheContemptor Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/contemptor/
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Kellyanne Conway Snaps at Fox's Chris Wallace For Asking About Her Marriage: 'Are You Oprah Now?!'
"Oh Chris, what are you, Oprah now?" Conway exclaimed. "What am I, on a couch and you are a psychiatrist?"
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Donny Deutsch: Ocasio-Cortez Will Hand The Presidency To Donald Trump
"I hope she doesn't tweet that, Who are you Donnie Deutsch? I don't care about you, or anything"
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Historian Jon Meacham: Trump's Actions Could Be 'The Definition Of Treason'
"This is an existential constitutional crisis because it's quite possible that the President of the United States right now is a witting or at least partially witting agent of a foreign power."
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Judge Nap: Trump Attempted to 'Obstruct Justice' by Pressuring Whitaker on Cohen Case
"If you tried to interfere with a criminal prosecution that may knock at your own door by putting your ally in there that is clearly an attempt to obstruct justice.”
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Trump Attacks 'Morning Psycho': Joe Scarborough Embraces The Insult
"I'm Psycho Joe before. Now it's Morning Psycho."
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Hannity Hammers CNN's Acosta For Once Asking Obama A Softball Question: Where's The 'Pom-Poms'?
You can check out the article tied to this video here: bit.ly/2rQkT4E
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CNN Guest: NZ Shooter's Racist Ideology 'Has Been Mainstreamed By' Republicans
New York Times op-ed columnist Wajahat Ali pointed out that Steve King has promoted the "replacement theory" and white genocide
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The View's Meghan McCain Immediately Plays Victim When Joy Behar Criticizes Legacy Admissions
The senator's daughter felt the need to defend legacy admissions at military academies due to her family's history, missing Behar's point completely.
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Jeffrey Toobin Calls Out Rick Santorum's Moral Hypocrisy: 'Making Excuses For Paying Off Porn Stars'
“Putting aside the whole issue of how amazing it is to listen to Rick Santorum, who made his entire career — successful for a time — on the basis of morality in politics, making excuses for paying off porn stars and women with whom you’ve had affairs”
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Meghan McCain Whines After Audience Boos Her For Saying Trump Will Be Re-Elected
In back-to-back segments, McCain threw on-air tantrums and sniped at her co-hosts.
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Fox News Audience Cheers For Trump To Use 1807 Insurrection Act To Remove Immigrants
"It let's the President use the military to combat lawlessness or rebellion or to remove illegal immigrants."
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Fox News Guest: Socialism On Campus Could Lead To Soviet-Style Genocide
"There is a huge indoctrination process going on. And it's not just called socialism now. They're calling it social justice as well."
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Lindsey Graham Snaps At CNN's Dana Bash Over Iraq: 'That's A Bunch Of Bullsh*t!'
"No. That's a bunch of bullshit!" Graham snarled as Bash was taken aback. "Pardon my French. That's an absolute lie!"
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Tucker Carlson Hosts MyPillow Guy, One Of His Few Remaining Advertisers, For Fawning Interview
MyPillow has been one of the few sponsors that have stuck by Tucker in the wake of an advertiser boycott over his "poorer and dirtier" immigration comments.
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Fox’s Chris Wallace: Prior National Emergencies Were 'Real,' 'Very Different Matters'
"They are on very different matters. They're on real national emergencies."
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Tucker Carlson: 'How Precisely Is Diversity Our Strength?'
The Fox News host slammed the notion that diversity is a good thing for America. Check out our site: https://contemptor.com/ Follow us on Twitter: @TheContemptor Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/contemptor/
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