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Tesco employee tells assault victim to move from public property
Having just witnessed a TESCO CUSTOMER being PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED, this (hopefully) former tesco employee then proceeded to tell the VICTIM to move away from PUBLIC LAND. Sadly I don't have the video where he was heard saying he KNEW the assailant AND him calling his manager. Tescos are ACTIVELY TRYING TO SILENCE ASSAULT VICTIMS - TO DEFEND ILLEGALITY OF A CHARITY!!!!!
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Salvation Army "soldier" LITERALLY thinks they are above the law (PROOF)
In UK you need a licence to broadcast commercial music - NOT the christian licence they have. On asking about the licence, she claimed that the Salvation Army is ABOVE the law! Then as you see some "white knight" then shows his peace loving and tolerant christians TRULY are. PS. The Salvation army have sunce tried to claim that she was being intimidated, and "That was not appropriate" to ask her about the licence! Is this REALLY what the Salvation Army is SUPPOSED to be doing - attempting to intimidate victims of assault because the evidence makes them look bad?
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King's Mar 16 2016
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (https://www.youtube.com/editor comments disabled because of muslims hate speech even though they claim they are peaceful!
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Jedi school
Disney movieland Dec 2014 Disney Dec 2014
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Dog in the driving seat
Does exactly what it says on the tin
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Tony Mowbray first game in charge of Coventry City
Crowd of 9446 to see cov lose 2 - 3 to Port Vale
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Graflex neopixel demo pt1
Initial test for Graflex lightsaber (A New Hope), using 1x neopixel in "workbench" power. Power source USB
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