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Alan Davies is annoyed wtih Gael Clicy
Behold the wrath of Alan Davies, supreme Gooner. Clip from the Arsenal Podcast titled "It's Up for Grabs Now" (now called "The Tuesday Club"). Episode - "Fat Sam the Superhero" following the Sept 18 2010 Arsenal 1-1 Drawn with Sunderland. Arsenal conceded a last minute goal after an error from Gael Clichy and Comedian/Arsenal Fan Alan Davies was not pleased.
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Fantasy Art - Matte Paintings - Landscapes and Cityscapes
Compilation of fantasy matte maintings landscapes and cityscapes. Edit - All these images were found online - they are not mine. Here's my level of cityscape drawing: [ ~^M^~^^M^MM^~ ]
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Stephen Merchant Discussing Relationship Status Disclosure Etiquette
Old clip from The Ricky Gervais Show on the XFM radio station in London (before the Podcast) with Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington.
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Fan Input
November 26, 2014 Arsenal fan calls into a radio program and offers his two cents.
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Bailamos Speech
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npr beat 2
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NPR beat
Anyone got the title?
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to the wonder remix
I just really like this piece of music.
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