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kained but able #3 - blast from the past
footage from 2006 of some mates and me at some trails. spreadthevibe.com was a website dedicated to a local bmx scene, everyone has kind of disbanded now.
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kained but able #2
more video testing...need to get a better way to keep the camera steady...was holding it in one hand for this... http://www.kainedbutable.wordpress.com/
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kained but able #4 - specialize in collision
an oooooold vid of me at barend trails. huh - woah! http://kainedbutable.wordpress.com
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kained but able #1
just messing around with some of the video i took last week. check out my blog: http://www.kainedbutable.wordpress.com (moved from tumblr soon after this video was made...)
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