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Today I show you a minecraft map called DOCTOR WHO TARDIS MAP,this is the TARDISes 1 to 12 in minecraft I'll also show you tomorrow the part 2 and the texture pack bye bye *NOTE the map isn't mine the map belongs to the creator of it I do not own anything in this video*
Hero vision Captain America avengers infinity war review
today we're looking at the hero vision Captain America
Marvel Legends Avengers infinity war 2-pack Scarlet Witch and Vision
So I have returned to youtube again, I've bought some new Figures and some will be replaced, make sure to hit that subscribe button and I will see you in the next video ~bye I don't own any of the music I used
Doctor who texture pack
So today I show the doctor who texture pack and I say whoever made this pack is really amazing for those who vans and enjoy the vid
Bumblebee stop motion(UPDATED READ DESCRIPTION)
the stop motion was a remake because I broke my bumblebee for the upcoming next stop motion series Transformers Cyberverse next stop motion test is barricade the stop motion of barricade is the prequel to the stop motion of bumblebee which is this video so please don't hate my work it took me at least three hours to create it and don't say in the comments "I can do better than this garbage"its too hateful for me so yeah thanks have a good day. also if anyone is interested here is my link to my Instagram. I basically just post whatever random stuff I guess Instagram=https://www.instagram.com/mystic_switch/ Colossians 3:23 23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, Peace✌
*UNFINISHED PROJECT*Transformers stop motion test
*Note*not an official confirmation of the series,I may have other projects than this,also this just a test to make a series,peace✌ Genesis 2:3 Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.
The Flash Stop motion
Hello been a long time rookies but here are the reasons 1. Had to take a break 2.Had a family reunion 3.final exams (hope I passed) 4.had to prepare for the future And luckily these are the reasons for not uploading a video also my friend and I thought of something that could help me he wanted me to make a stop motion though he didn't voice any character but at least we did something cool and hope you enjoy the video Proverbs 12:24 Diligent hands will rule,but laziness ends in forced labor
Pokemon groudon action figure toy review
Found this at at a local mall and I bought it,so pretty much cool nice though make sure to slash that subscribe button and follow me on Twitter
Hero vision Thor Avengers infinity war review
today we'll look at hero vision Thor I gotta say I really like these hero vision I mean it's not like on the legends series but it's OK to buy one of these this video has got to be a short review and in the next video it will be doctor strange
Hero vision Gamora Avengers infinity war review
Today we'll be looking at hero vision gamora I have to say it is really a nice figure for basic 6 inch it's pretty creepy that some angles does look like her actress and I'll be back in the next video
Doctor who Project
First of all this channel has become a doctor who stop motion YouTube channel this is just a first project and I will review the Time of the Doctor collectors figure 11th Doctor so stay tune
Black Panther action figure review
Today we're going to look at marvels black panther action figure and it is really amazing on how Hasbro sculpted this figure and the paint and the articulation is a bit ok but I think it's OK and still really is amazing
The Flash vs Reverse Flash
Hope you enjoy watching this took me 2 days to do this because of school and homework if you don't understand why did I use funko pops instead of action figures because it takes a long time for me to pose the figure and capture their poses so please understand now RUN,VIEWERS RUN
Drift stop motion
Drift is ready to battle other decepticons help drift to defeat the ravage decepticons
Marvel legends the first ten years Action figure reveal
Now this is something we always wanted before some characters that we've never been made yet especially the crossbones and that's all folks and I will see you in the next video
Iron Patriot (comic book)toy review
Found this in our local store you can get this on ebay and follow me on Twitter
50/50 CHALLENGE!!!
Don't mind the sneezing Boi I really have a bold col today wish I could just remove it but anyways I'll see you in the next video
Hero vision Groot and Rocket Avengers infinity war review
The ending part of this video really felt that I should take it really easy and slow because my mom was calling my name loud as if I was in trouble but it turns out it was just her trying to get her some donuts XD so maybe I will see you in the next video bye
Slendrina a Minecraft horror Map
I'm sorry for what I've said in the description in one of my last videos but it had an error due to the process of the video I hope you'll enjoy this one and it is really really scary and also like the effect what I did in the video and I'll see you next time bye
Hero Vision Star lord Avengers infinity war review
Today we're looking at the hero vision star lord and next video is captain America and stay tune for that video bye
Megatron stop motion
Stay tune for tomorrow for roblox gameplay with my friends and bumblebee stop motion
Bumblebee stop motion
Lol xd forgot to upload roblox gameplay
TARDIS mine craft map part 2
This has no sounds sorry for that but enjoy the video
Survival disaster|Roblox episode 1
I try playing roblox in the game called survival disaster if you want to friend make sure find my name FROST_HAIRS link https://web.roblox.com/home?nl=true

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