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How to Detect 'Two way mirror' and Stay Safe from Hidden Camera _ $$007
Have you ever been in a bathroom, dressing room or another private area with a mirror and had that feeling that someone is watching you? You can check to see if a mirror is transparent by observing how it is installed and using a few simple techniques to determine if there's a wall behind it. You may have heard about the fingernail test but there are more accurate ways to tell if a mirror is two-way or not.
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Daksh Prajapati Temple - Kankhal, Haridwar | Quick Tour | $$007
Daksheswara Mahadev (Hindi: दक्षेश्‍वर महादेव मन्दिर) or Daksha Mahadev temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, located in the town of Kankhal, about 4 km from Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India. It is named after King Daksha Prajapati, the father of Sati. Daksha is one of the fourteen Prajapatis, creator deities, who preside over procreation and are the protector of life in Hindu mythology. The present temple was built by Queen Dhankaur in 1810 and rebuilt in 1962. It is a place of pilgrimage for Shaivaite devotees on Maha Shivaratri **************** The legend of Daksha : As mentioned in the Mahabharata and other texts of Hinduism, King Daksha Prajapati, the father of Sati, Shiva's first wife, performed yajna at the place where the temple is situated. Although Sati felt insulted when her father did not invite Shiva to the ritual, she attended the yajna. She found that Shiva was being spurned by her father and she burnt herself in the Yajna Kunda itself. Shiva got angry and sent his Gaṇas, the terrible demi-god Virabhadra and Bhadrakali to the ritual. On the direction of Shiva, Virabhadra appeared with Shiva's ganas in the midst of Daksha's assembly like a storm wind and waged a fierce war with the gods and mortals present culminating in the beheading of Daksha, who was later given the head of a goat at the behest of Brahma and other gods. Much of the details of the Ashvamedha Yagna (Horse Sacrifice) of Daksha are found in the Vayu Purana. ********** $$007
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Brahmvarchas, Haridwar | Quick Tour | $$007
Brahmavarchas' Scientific Research Of Spiritual Sciences, near saptarishi ghat. Shantikunj, Gayatri Pariwar. Visit : http://www.dsvv.ac.in/research/brahmvarchas-shodh-sansthan/ “BrahmVarchas Shodha Sansthan”, the research centre of Shantikunj, Haridwar was established by Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya in 1979. It is situated at the Saptsarover road about 5 kilometers away from the Haridwar station in the direction of Rishikesh beneath the Himalayan range in India . It has a rare collection of Himalayan herbs and medicinal samples prepared from the same after thorough experimental research. Several of the Ayurvedic medicines prepared here are in great demand as these have been found effective in the treatment of some otherwise incurable or advanced stage diseases. Research studies of tens of Ph. D. degrees awarded from different universities in India have been carried out here and larger nos. are currently ongoing. The topics range from “Vedic Cosmology”, “Review of the multiple dimensions of Vedic Culture” to “The Effects of Japa, Pranayam, Shavasana and Yagya on Human Physiology”…. ********** $$007
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Nishkalank mahadev temple, Koliyak, Bhavnagar | $$007
# A TEMPLE IN SEA # આ સ્થળ પવિત્રતા સાથે આશ્ચર્ય અમાડે તેવું સ્થળ છે ! પાંચેય પાંડવો જયારે તેમના પાપો ધોવા માટે નીકળ્યા ત્યારે ભગવાને તેમને એક કાળી ધજા આપી અને કહ્યું કે જ્યાં આ ધજા સફેદ થાય ત્યાં ભગવાન શિવના મંદિરની સ્થાપના કરજો. . પાંડવો પૂરો દેશ ફર્યા... અને જયારે કોળીયાકના સમુદ્રમાં પહોચ્યા ત્યારે ધજા સફેદ થઇ અને ત્યાં તેમને દરિયા વચ્ચે પાંચેય ભાઈઓ એ પાચ શિવલિંગ ની સ્થાપના કરી. . સામાન્યરીતે મંદિર દરિયાના પાણીમાં ડૂબેલું રહે છે.... આ મંદિર સુધી પહોચવા માટે પાણીની 'ઓટ' ની રાહ જોવી પડે છે ત્યારબાદ કિનારાથી એક કિલોમીટર દરિયામાં મંદિર છે. . જીવનમાં એક વખત આ પવિત્ર સ્થળની મુલાકાત જરૂર લેવી જોઈએ... ******************* Nishkalank Mahadev Temple in Koliyak, Bhavnagar, Gujarat is full of wonders and awe. This temple is buried inside the sea. On a heavy tide day, all that can be seen are the flag and a pillar. It is beyond ones comprehension that there is a Lord Shiva Temple just under the fierce sea. This temple is still in use, and people visit this place on foot! The temple has 5 distinct swayumbu Shiva lingams inside. This is definitely one of the best spiritual destinations! The following temple story dates back to Mahabaratha era. Pandavas killed all the Kuravas and won the battle. Pandavas were grief stricken knowing they acquired sins for killing their own relatives. In order to find redemption for their sins, Pandavas met Lord Krishna. To remove the sins, Krishna hands over a black Flag and a Black COW. He asks the Pandavas to follow it, when both Cow and flag turns white, they all will be pardoned. Krishna also advises them to do penance to lord Shiva, after that. The angst stricken brothers followed the cow wherever it went and carried the flag. They walked for days, to different places and the color did not change. Finally, when they arrived at the Koliyak Beach, both cow and the flag color turned to white. Pandavas were exalted. And all the 5 brothers sat for deep penance, meditated on lord Shiva. Lord Shiva impressed by the brothers showed up in lingam form to each brother. As they meditated, each lingam appeared in front of each brother. In total there were 5 (Swayumbu) lingams that showed up on their own. Pandavas were delighted to see this and they worshiped all the five lingams with great devotion. Lord Shiva here is known as Nishkalan Mahadev. ‘Nishkalank’ has many meaning they are clean, pure, guiltless, to cleanse, to purify, etc. It is said that Pandavas established Nishkalank or Nakalank Mahadev on a Amavasai of the Indian calendar month of Bhadarva. The famous fair popularly known as ‘Bhadarvi’ is held on the no moon night in month of Sharvan (August), as per the Indian calendar. An idol of Lord Shiva was established in an island, over the sea about 3 km to the east of Koliyak. Each lingam has a Nandhi facing it. The lingams are spread across a square Platform. There is a pond called Pandavas pond and devotees’ first wash their hands and legs and only then they visit the Lord Shivas shrines. # This is a wonder beauty. The devotees worship not many temples that are buried under the sea. However, this temple stands as an exception. Please visit this temple at least ones in a lifetime to experience the spirituality that resonates from this temple! *********** May Lord Shiva Bless us all with Happiness, Prosperity, and Health & Wisdom!! ********** $$007
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SHANTIKUNJ Ashram, Haridwar | Quick Tour | $$007
www.awgp.org Shantikunj is an academy for social and spiritual awakening. It is a spiritually charged pilgrimage center that has given righteous direction and long lasting peace-happiness to the lives of crores of people. Here, about 24 lakhs (24,00,000) Gayatri Mantra are chanted daily by dedicated spiritual seekers and about 1000 people tale part in the Gayatri Yagya. This is an ideal center that imparts training to the masses based on divine spiritual principles. Training on Scientific Spirituality is imparted here free of cost. All the sacramental rites are conducted here in accordance with the divine Indian culture and by arousing divine inspirations; all these are conducted free of cost. Shantikunj is established in the guidance of Rishi satta of Himalaya for revival of Rishi Traditions. ******* Specialities of Shantikunj Shantikunj is an academy for refinement of personalities. It teaches people to rise above the mean mentality of caste, creed, sect, religion, etc. and learn how to lead a holistic lifestyle. People belonging to all the religions and sections of society come here to participate in various training programs and practice spiritual penance. Here there is extremely favorable environment, proper guidance and intense spiritual energy for the upliftment and sound health of the entire personality including body, mind and consciousness. Shantikunj inspires people to believe in righteous thoughts and actions instead of having faith in superstitions, illogical beliefs, fate, etc. Everything should be tested on the basis of logical reasoning and due wisdom should be employed in adopting anything. As per ancient Indian tradition, Shantikunj encourages joint family system and practices the same. This huge spiritual center is fully managed by dedicated volunteers. The family members living here are allotted various tasks according to their expertise and various resources as per their basic needs are made available to them. Everyone keeps each other's welfare in mind. The attachments of the world do not exist here. The world works for achieving name, fame, position and money, Shantikunj inspires feelings of selfless service to humanity. The Supreme Consciousness of Mother Gayatri is being propagated all over the world from here. There are more than 6000 Shaktipeeths-Branches etablished by Gayatri Pariwar all over the world that gain continuous inspiration and guidance from Shantikunj for conducting mass awareness campaigns and strive for the revival of spirituality. There is perfect confluence of Dharma (righteous duty - Spirituality) and Science in all the teachings that are imparted here. People are made aware of the scientific basis of all the spiritual activities that are performed here. "The souls of Risis residing in the Himalaya in astral bodies had to be summoned, invoked and installed here in Shantikunj. Temples of various gods have been built at various places but living installation of the souls of all the Risis at one place cannot be found elsewhere. It is still more important to know that not only mere idols of Risishave been installed here for symbolic worship but anyone sufficiently purified and fine-tuned can feel the strong vibrations of their particular energies. Thus, Shantikunj and Brahmavarchas represent the energies of all the Risis." ******* $$007
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4K - Expansion Joint - Live Movement when vehicle pass over Bridge - Shreerang setu _ $$007 _ 2160p
"Shreerang setu" Expansion Joint (thermal joint) Live Movement when vehicle pass over Bridge of Narmada River (Spring Bearing), Gujarat _ $$007 _ 2160p
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Saptarishi Ghat, Haridwar | Quick Tour | SS007
Saptarishi Ghat, Haridwar The river Ganga in order to pass by without disturbing them, splits here into seven streams, as can be seen on Google maps. The Pandav brothers on their way to heaven, passed through this place. This is shown by statues of the five brothers and their wife near the river bank. ************ $$007
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Abu - Swami Vivekanand Institute Of Mountaineering | $$007
Basic Course @ SVIM : Swami Vivekanand Institute Of Mountaineering. for more : www.gujmount.com
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Full HD Zarwani Waterfall - From diffrent angles _$$007_ 1080p
Jarvani / Jarwani / Zarvani Dhodh From diffrent angles at GORA, near sardarsarovar dam, narmada, gujarat tourism.
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1080p | Indrora nature park Gandhinagar _ Gujarat tourism _ $$007
More photos : https://ssl.panoramio.com/user/8860591 ઇન્દ્રોડા પ્રકૃતિ ઉદ્યાન - ગાંધીનગર Address : NH 8C, Dholakuva, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India 382421 . Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park is a precious treasure spread over an area of about 400 hectares on either bank of Sabarmati river in Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat. It is considered to be the second largest hatchery of dinosaur eggs in the world. Regarded as India's Jurrasic Park, it is run by the Gujarat Ecological Education and Research Foundation (GEER), and is the only dinosaur museum in the country. The park consists of a zoo, massive skeletons of sea mammals like the blue whale, as well as a vast botanical garden, amphitheatre, interpretation center and camping facilities. It also has a Wilderness Park which is home to innumerable species of birds, reptiles, hundreds of nilgais, langurs and peafowls in its vast forest. . . $$007
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1080p | IIT kanpur campus and its P K Kelkar Library _ $$007
Education friendly environment.
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1080p | Varanasi - Banaras - Kashi _ Indian tourism _ $$007
Rana mahal ghat, Assi ghat, Kashi viswanath temple, Vishwanath mandir Varanasi, also known as, Benares, Banaras or Kashi, is an Indian city on the banks of the Ganga in Uttar Pradesh, 320 kilometres south-east of the state capital, Lucknow. http://varanasi.nic.in/
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4K - Shoolpaneshwar Mahadev Temple _$$007_ 2160p
4K Shoolpaneshwar Mahadev Temple at Gora village near by Sardar sarovar dam and Zarwani ( jarwani - jarvani ) Waterfall, dist narmada, near by city Raajpipla, 90 km from vadodara (baroda) _ Gujarat Tourism _ India _ $$007 _ 2160p
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1080p | GIFT CITY Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India _ Fling trip _ $$007
Gujarat International Finance Tec-City website : giftgujarat.in for more photos : https://ssl.panoramio.com/user/8860591 . Gujarat International Finance Tec-City or GIFT is an under-construction central business district between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar in the Indian state of Gujarat. It will be built on 359 hectares (886 acres) of land. Its main purpose is to provide high quality physical infrastructure (electricity, water, gas, district cooling, roads, telecoms and broadband), so that finance and tech firms can relocate their operations there from Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon etc. where infrastructure is either inadequate or very expensive. It will have a special economic zone (SEZ), international education zone, integrated townships, an entertainment zone, hotels, a convention center, an international techno park, Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) units, shopping malls, stock exchanges and service units. To develop and implement the Project, Government of Gujarat (GOG) through its undertaking Gujarat Urban Development Company Limited (GUDCOL) and Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services (IL&FS) have established a Joint Venture Company, "Gujarat International Finance Tec-City Company Limited" (GIFTCL). The estimated cost of the entire project is Rs. 70,000 crore. GIFTCL proposes to implement GIFT with an eventual built-on area of 7,900,000 m2 (85,000,000 sq ft). The company plans to develop, finance, implement all infrastructure in and around GIFT on a turnkey basis to ensure that all conceivable services in relation to connectivity, communication, technology, security, services for quality of life etc. are established and sustained. Currently, two 29-floor commercial towers have been completed with development of truck infrastructure now underway for further development.
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Rishikesh and Ram Laxman Jhula | Quick Tour | $$007
Rishikesh : Rishikesh (Hindi: ऋषिकेश; Sanskrit: हृषीकेश) is a city, municipal council and a tehsil in Dehradun district of the Indian state, Uttarakhand. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India, it is known as the 'Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas' and 'Yoga Capital of the World'. Rishikesh is surrounded by three districts: Tehri Garhwal, Pauri Garhwal and Haridwar. It is approximately 25 km north of the city Haridwar and 43 km southeast of the state capital Dehradun. According to Census of India, 2011 Rishikesh had a population of 102,138 making it the 7th most populated city and the largest municipal council in the state of Uttarakhand. It is known as the pilgrimage town and regarded as one of the holiest places to Hindus. Hindu sages and saints have visited Rishikesh since ancient times to meditate in search of higher knowledge *********** Ram - Lakshman Jula : Lakshman Jhula (Hindi: लक्ष्मण झूला) is an iron suspension bridge situated in Muni Ki Reti in Tehri Garhwal district of the Indian state of Uttarakhand. It was erected over the Ganges river and is a landmark of Rishikesh. A similar bridge further downstream from Lakshman Jhula is Ram Jhula. It is said that Lakshmana crossed Ganges on jute ropes between the place where this bridge is built.[1] Lakshman Jhula was completed in 1929.[2] Two plaques exist at the foot of the West side of the bridge. The first plaque reads: Lakshman Jhuala Bridge First Jeepable Suspension Bridge of U.P. Span - 450 feet Carriage Way - 6 feet This bridge was constructed by U.P. P.W.D. during 1927-1929. It replaces the old bridge of 284 feet span which was washed away by great floods of October-1924. This was opened to traffic on 11, April, 1930. Officers / Officials responsible include: 1. Chief Engineer - Sri P.H. Tillard. 2. Superintending Engineer - E.H. Cornelius 3. Executive Engineer C.F. Hunter 4. Assistant Engineers - Jagdish Prasad, Avadh Narain 5. Overseer - Bala Ram The second plaque reads: Lakshman Jhuala Suspension Bridge Span 450 feet Height of roadway above mean Summer water level 59 ft. Opened to traffic by H.E. Sir Malcolm Haley C.C.I.E. K.C.S.I. Governor of the United Provinces on April 11, 1930. This bridge was constructed by the Public Works Department during the years 1927-1929. It replaces the old bridge of 284 feet span, which was the gift of Rai Bahadur Surajmal Jhunjhunwala father of Rai Bahadur Shewpershad Tulshan, and was situated about 200 feet down stream. This was washed away by the great flood of October, 1924 which undermined the left abutment. The extra cost of rebuilding this new bridge as nearly as possible on the site of the old bridge has been contributed by Rai Bahadur Shewpershad Tulshan to perpetuate the honored memory of his father and no toll or tax will ever be imposed or realized for crossing this bridge. ************ $$007
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4K - Sardar sarovar Dam _ $$007 _ 2160p
4K Sardar sarovar Dam _ Narmaa Canal _ Head regulator _ sunset point _ Statue of unity location _ Gujarat Tourism _ $$007 _ 2160p
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Chandi Devi Temple - Haridwar | Quick Tour | $$007
Chandi Devi Temple, Haridwar (Hindi: चण्डी देवी मंदिर, हरिद्वार) is a Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Chandi Devi in the holy city of Haridwar in the Uttarakhand state of India. The temple is situated atop the Neel Parvat on the Eastern summit of the Sivalik Hills, the southernmost mountain chain of the Himalayas. Chandi Devi Temple was built in 1929 by Suchat Singh in his reign as the King of Kashmir. However, the main murti of Chandi Devi at the temple is said to have been installed in the 8th century by Adi Shankaracharya, one of the greatest priests of Hindu religion. The temple also known as Neel Parvat Teerth is one of the Panch Tirth (Five Pilgrimages) located within Haridwar. ************ Chandi Devi : oddess Chandi also known as Chandika is the presiding deity of the temple. The story of the origin of Chandika is as follows: Long time ago, the demon kings Shumbha and Nishumbha had captured the kingdom of the god-king of heaven - Indra and thrown the gods from Swarga (heaven). After intense prayers by the gods, Parvati assumed the form of Chandi, an exceptionally beautiful woman and amazed by her beauty, Shumbha desired to marry her. On being refused, Shumbha sent his demon chiefs Chanda and Munda to kill her. They were killed by goddess Chamunda who originated out of Chandika's anger. Shumbha and Nishumbha then collectively tried to kill Chandika but were instead slain by the goddess. Thereafter, Chandika is said to have rested for a short while at the top of Neel Parvat and later a temple was built here to testify the legend. Also, the two peaks located in the mountain range are called Shumbha and Nishumbha *********** The temple : The Temple is located at a distance of 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) from Har ki Pauri. To reach the temple one has to either follow the three kilometre trekking route from Chandighat and reach the shrine by climbing a number of steps or climb the recently introduced rope-way (cable car) service. The rope-way service known as Chandi Devi Udankhatola was introduced for the benefit of the pilgrims and it caters to the pilgrims also to the nearby located Mansa Devi shrine. The rope-way carries the pilgrims from the lower station located near Gauri Shankar Temple on the Nazibabad Road directly to the Chandi Devi Temple located at an altitude of 2,900 metres (9,500 ft). The total length of the ropeway route is about 740 metres (2,430 ft) and height is 208 metres (682 ft). There is a dense forest on the other side of the hill and the ropeway offers scenic views of the Ganges River and Haridwar. The temple is run by the Mahant who is the presiding priest of the temple. On a normal day, the temple is open between 6.00 am. to 8.00 pm. and the morning aarti at the temple begins at 5.30 am. Leather accessories, non vegetarian food and alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited in the temple premises. ************* $$007
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1080p | Triveni sangam (Prayag) Flying Tour - [Ganga-sarasvati-yamuna] _ Indian tourism _ $$007
देश की दो बड़ी नदियां गंगा और यमुना का जहां-जहां भी मिलन हुआ है वहां पर तीर्थ निर्मित हो गया है। सभी कहते हैं कि इस मिलन में सरस्वती भी शामिल है See more @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triveni_Sangam
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Mansa Devi Temple - HARIDWAR | Quick Tour | SS007
Mansa Devi Temple, Haridwar (Hindi: मंसा देवी मंदिर, हरिद्वार) is a Hindu temple dedicated to goddess Mansa Devi in the holy city of Haridwar in the Uttarakhand state of India. The temple is located atop the Bilwa Parvat on the Sivalik Hills, the southernmost mountain chain of the Himalayas. The temple also known as Bilwa Tirth is one of the Panch Tirth (Five Pilgrimages) within Haridwar. The temple is known for being the holy abode of Manasa, a form of Shakti and is said to have emerged from the mind of the lord Shiva. Mansa is regarded as the sister of the Nāga (serpent) Vasuki. The term Mansa means wish and it is believed that the goddess fulfils all the wishes of a sincere devotee. Devotees who want their wishes to be fulfilled by Mansa tie threads to the branches of a tree located in the temple. Once their wishes are fulfilled, people come back again to the temple to untie the thread from the tree. Mansa is also offered coconuts, fruits, garlands and incense sticks in order to appease her. Mansa Devi Temple is a Siddh Peetha which are the places of worship where desires get fulfilled. It is one of three such Peethas located in Devbhumi Haridvar, the other two being Chandi Devi Temple and Maya Devi Temple. The inner shrine has two deities installed, one with eight arms and the other one three headed with five arms ********** The Temple : Mansa Devi Temple is an ancient temple that attracts people from both far and near due to its significance. The temple is considered a must visit for the pilgrims going to Haridwar.It enhances the holy tradition of Haridwar which persists in the place from many past centuries. It offers views of the River Ganges and the plains of Haridwar. To reach the shrine one has to either follow the trekking route up to this holy shrine or ride on the recently introduced rope-way service. The rope-way service known as "Mansa Devi Udankhatola" was introduced for the benefit of the pilgrims and it caters to the pilgrims also to the nearby located Chandi Devi shrine. The rope-way carries the pilgrims from the lower station directly to the Mansa Devi Temple. The total length of the rope-way is 540 metres (1,770 ft) and the height it covers is 178 metres (584 ft). On a normal day, the temple is open between 8 am and 5 pm, except for lunch closings of 12 pm to 2 pm. This temple along with the nearby located Chandi Devi temple is visited by thousands of devotees from various parts of the country, and especially during the Navratra and the Kumbha Mela in Haridwar. It is said that goddesses Mansa and Chandi, the two forms of goddess Parvati always reside close to each other. This belief can also be found true in other case since near to the Mata Mansa Devi Mandir in Panchkula, Haryana, there is a Chandi Mandir located nearby in Chandigarh. Maa Mansa, it is believed, fulfills the ‘manoutis’ and pilgrims make it a point not to miss offering prayers to the reigning deity in the form of Shakti. ******** $$007
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