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FCCS Band - Chronicles of Narnia
Spring Concert 2014
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Sickle Cell Anemia - Official Music Video
Disease Music Video Project for Mrs. Karst's Anatomy Class Music is Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED LYRICS: I blocked her blood flow with my crescent shape, instead of the normal I block blood flow in organs and limbs, cause pain, and organ damage Normal red blood cells like 120 days I only live 10 Her marrow can't make enough to replenish them That's called anemia I came in like a wrecking ball I block your blood flow then I'll fall Sickle cell anemia That's me Yeah, that's me I'm sorry to tell you that you have sickle cell anemia You can't avoid it, but you'll have to learn to live with it It's inherited, you were born with it, it's not contagious There's no perfect cure, but there's treatments to lower it's complications I came in like a wrecking ball I block your blood flow then I'll fall Sickle cell anemia A sickle cell That's me Yeah, that's me
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Nicaragua 2016
Song Credit: I Know by Kings Kaleidoscope https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/live-in-focus-ep/id1021339715 NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED
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Interview with Mr. Kemple
For journalism
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FCCS Symphonic at FBA 2012- Appalachian Morning
First Coast Christian School Symphonic Band performs Appalachian Morning under the direction of Mr. Jeff Adams at FBA 2012.
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Macbeth Movie Project - Destiny's Group
MacBeth.. Mrs. Andreani FCCS
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Senior Valentine Gram
Just the Way You Are by the Class of 2014
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David Cook - Fade Into Me - Jackrabbits
Jacksonville, FL. 10/31/14.
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Muscle Video
Muscle Video Project for Mrs. Karst's Anatomy Class Music is Sail by AWOLNation NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED
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We Were On The News
March 29, 2011 We're gonna rock it...... Yeah we are.
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In the bus on the way back from Global Youth, July 2011 :)
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I'm a Goblin
Brooke is a goblin
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Cyrano De Bergerac Movie Project FINAL
Alex's Group for Mrs. Andreani's Class :) Cyrano- Cyrina- Micah Thiel Christian- Christina- Lauren Hoyer Roxanne- Rocco- Stevie Spear Duenna- Duane- Tyler Torres Victim of Cyrano's Rage- Aaron Simms ALSO forgot to mention this in the credits, but MANY THANKS to Nick Pribble for letting us borrow his Cyrano nose. U rock
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Romeo + Juliet Movie Project
Final Version
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The Khaleel Show - Anatomy
This video is about The Khaleel Show - Anatomy
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Cruise Vines
A collection of Vines from our Disney Cruise 2013
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FCCS Class of 2014 - Senior Year
Highlight reel of First Coast Christian's senior class of 2014. We love random dancing. Songs used in order are: If He Did It Before... Same God - Tye Tribbet Set a Fire - Will Reagan & United Pursuit NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.
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FCCS Band - Grace Praeludium
Spring Concert 2014
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