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Reacting to "The FORTNITE Rap Battle"!!! ft.(CNDthe3rd,H2O Delirious, etc.)
Hey everyone hope you all enjoy the video . This rap battle was Amazing if you want to see it , here you go ! Original Video ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ https://youtu.be/3N4yIDfN-M8 If you want to see more leave a like and a comment for more videos like this . See you next time 👍🏼
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Hope you enjoy todays video I will tell you a stoey on how my entire school found out I had a youtube channel ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇Follow Beth ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCOT-phXKFsA64BuvKdLN7rw?itct=CAEQ8DsiEwir7aP7iq_bAhWWnIIKHeiTC_I%3D Music : Ivan B. Music : NCS
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Want to lose weight? Want to learn how to defend yourself? Join Elsa Jiu-Jitsu We are tought by a Gracie representative. 65$ a month Located on Broadway Street Elsa ,TX Music by linkin park
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Playing FORTNITE in SCHOOL !!! (call of duty also)
Hope you enjoy the video Today I played FORTNITE in school the games were very intense .Then all of us had a call of duty gun game section they are awesome I won't the first round and one of my friends won the second round. Music: Ncs Chvse Khalid Follow me on Instagram @jess_cont Snap @jesse Musical.ly @SIKE U THOUGHT
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Are you a Virgin? QnA with Jesse
Hope you enjoy hit the like button and subscribe for new content every week .This video I was answering your guys questions . Music:NCS Follow me in : Instagram @Jess_Cont Snapchat @Jess_Cont
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My Ju-Jitsu School !!!!
Hope you all enjoy the video make sure to like and subscribe
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The Most SHOCKING texts from EX's
Hope you enjoyed todays video This one has gotta be my best video ever. I reacted to SAVAGE texts from ex's. Follow me on: Instagram:Jess_Cont Snapchat:Jess_Cont
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Logan Paul VS KSI Press Conference Reaction (INSANE)
Hope you all enjoy todays video i reacted to the second LOGAN PAUL VS KSI PRESS CONFRENCE Original Conference video ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ https://youtu.be/uRjMmiBwhz4 My money is on Ksi
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Hope you all enjoy the video Check the original video for yourself Original Video ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ https://youtu.be/QOBDxipRHqc Music by :NCS
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The Best Back to school Shopping
Hope you enjoy today's video This video will talk about what has the past few days and what I did.This video I will also show my 1000$ cloths !! AND I WANT TO SAY THAT I AM NO RICH KID I AM JUST VERY LUCKY TO HAVE GREAT PARENTS !
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You laugh . YOU LOSE Logan Paul edition (used his full name cuz I need views )
Hope you all enjoy the video . Today i will be reacting to some awesome and funny logan paul vines The original video https://youtu.be/fXhwm4p40wY Follow me on Instagram @jess_cont_ Snapchat @jesse
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CHVSE - Shape of you (Remix) Cover
Hope you all enjoy the video The original video https://youtu.be/yX8aYHMwqOc I will be doing a cover of chvses shape of you remix . Comment down below what song you want me too cover
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Doing Random Sh*t at Get Air (feat.Blazing_God48, Drastic Cherry
Thank you everyone for watching you are the best and thank you for supporting the channel you guys and girls are the best and I'm so grateful to have the best subscribers in the world. If you are new then consider subscribeing and join the MADFAM. Today guys I make another vlog once again and me,and Wild Viper aka BlazingGod_48, and Drastic Cherry go to GET AIR!!! I practice on my fulls and other tricks Music : NCS Music : Bass Rebel One of Drastic Cherries video's 👇 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ https://youtu.be/_4MH5s-_Wd8 One of Blazing God's videos 👇 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ https://youtu.be/V5DUisTKr-w Make sure to subscribe to these savages channels and support them as much as you guys have supported me Thank you for watching
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Sore-Chvse Cover
Hope you all enjoy the video Today i will be doing a cover on Chvse's Sore
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I bought the most expensive shoes in the store (Worth it )
Hope you guys enjoyed today's video . my family and I went to san Antonio again .But I bought the most expensive shoes in the shoe store . Follow me on Instagram : Jess_Cont
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Smash or Pass *juicy edition*
Hope you all enjoy this video was a joke Except the Selena gomez I'd smash
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Hope you guys enjoyed the video . Today we went to the TALLEST BUILDING in Texas. We went to the mall and got some stuff I'll show you at the end of the video.But make sure to like the the video and subscribe.NOONE IS DOING IT LIKE ME BROOOOOOO
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This got out of hand ....
Hope you all enjoy this video was way out of context Comment down below your ideas for a future idea why
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The best day of my life ( 1st place )
Hey everyone hope you enjoy this little blog I will upload tomorrow as well.Hit that like button and you will get a free puppy . Subscribe if your new around here I'm a fifteen year old kid trying to make my mark in the YouTube community . Hope you all enjoy ✌🏼
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10 likes and I will confont him Or do an interview with him Leave a like and subscribe for daily content
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Reacting to Rich Kids Snapchats (So Frustrating)
Hope you all enjoy the video Today I will be reacting to rich kids Snapchat and honestly they are so frustrating to see.
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How to start a youtube channel (for begginers )
Hope you enjoy today I will be teaching you guys how to get a youtube channel started for those that don't know how. As i was editting this week reached 100 subs Thanks guys so much I will make a 100 sub special
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A DAY IN A LIFE OF Jess_Cont (vlog)
Hope you all enjoy the video This was a lot to edit and I'll do anything to do daily upstairs for you guys So it would mean a lot of you can hit that like button. Song :Plug Walk Music:NCS
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Thank you ( Must watch )
Thank you all of you guys for watching this video.Lets all SMASH that freakin like button . Everything is explained in the video. Follow me please on my social media Instagram .............................. I'm on Instagram as @jess_cont_. Install the app to follow my photos and videos. https://instagram.com/download/?r=2971243497 I'm trying to get to 100 followers by 4/1/17 and I'll do a give away for you SAVAGES. Music by : Ncs Music by : Chucki beats why are you still reading this go watch another video of mine you SAVAGE!!!
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I needed to tell you guys
Hope you enjoy today's video Thanks for understanding but I'll be back in 4-5 days .I also talk about the press conference on Logan Paul and KSI who do you think is going to win Makes sure to SUBSCRIBE MUSIC:NCS
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My upload schedule (Coming Weekdays only)
Hope you all enjoy the video I hope you understand because in today's video I will explain why I am only going to upload on the weekdays and not the weekend . Music by NCS Instagram :Jess_Cont
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Never Have I Ever ....
Omg this video is crazy. My sister and I did the never have I ever challenge .You guys won't wanna miss this . This is prerecorded An update video will be up soon
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Happy Thanksgiving !!!!! (Water bottle flip montage)
Hope you all enjoy and remember To leave a like 👍 Music : NCS Music : Chuki beats
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I can't for now
I can't believe that this is the last school vlog. I had some much fun and unforgettable moments I had with my friends. Music : NCS Music : Bass Rebel Please for Ethan make sure to make this video get 15 likes . Thank you all for watching and remember the first comment will get featured in the next video.
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Six Flags was great
This is one of my best vlogs yet because I recorded in public and it was very awkward Music ncs Music Bass rebel I'm just a 15 year old kid trying to make it big in the YouTube community and we are close to 60 subscribers so hit that subscribe button and join the nation.
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The Grand Canyon!!!
Hope you enjoy
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Why would you do this??(Funny HC proposals)
Hope you enjoyed the video make sure to smash the like button and subscribe we are at 220 and growing. Follow me on Instagram:JessCont Snap:JessCont
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CrossBow Challenge!
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Road Trip to Las Vegas #2
Hope you enjoy sorry if there was no outro
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Minecraft PE ep. "Let the real adventure begin " and Birthday
Hope you all enjoy Let's smash that like button 13+ like for my BIRTHDAY
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!!!!!! I Hit THE WRIST TWIST !!!!!!!
Xx The Hyper Nova xX Mack shur to show some support for this guy he really deserves 150 subs https://youtu.be/zvcXFSPA7dg
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Clash Royale//Episode.2
Hope you all enjoy this video Make sure to leave a like If we can get 3 likes You guys are the best Music : NCS music : CHUCKI BEATS
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I'm back on bo2
How you all enjoyed the bo2 if you want to see more smash that like button and more games tell me what you want me to play .
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Pranking Drastic Cherry with FOOT STEPS
Hope you all have enjoyed make sure to leave a like down below!!!! - Drastic Cherries channle (make sure to sub)👉 https://youtu.be/W30MSB-__rI - Music : NCS - Music : Chuki beats Official song : Footsteps by pop evil 👇 https://youtu.be/ZXvkTuMyZpM
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It finally happened (I became a super hero )
Today I just do a normal vlog and go to Walmart and became Spiderman.
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[Call of duty black ops 2 ] / Getting BETTER !!
Leave a like and subscribe if we reach over 5 likes I'm going to try to do daily videos.
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QnA announcement
QnA announcement
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[Call of duty black ops 2]"Big changes !!"
Leave a like and comment and subscribe for daily call of duty
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20 subscribers special pt.1
Hope you enjoy MUSIC : NCS = Feel Good Only the true fans will know in 5 months I'll do other games If you read this make sure to leave A like
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Pistols only challenge
Hope you guys enjoyed make shut to smash the like button.👍
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I cant believe it
Leave a like if you enjoyed
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March 10 vlog (I got caught)
Hope you all enjoyed this new video and I can't believe that I actually got caught.i explain this in the video. But I make March's 10/2017 vlog and my blogs are getting better. LETS SMASH 5 LIKES!! follow me on my social media Instagram 👇 ........................ I'm on Instagram as @jess_cont_. Install the app to follow my photos and videos. https://instagram.com/download/?r=2971243497 I'm trying to get 100 follower by 4/1/17 Music by :NCS music by :Chucki beats Why are you still reading this go watch another video of mine you SAVAGE!
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Call of duty advanced warfare
Leave a like if you enjoyed Optic pomajj https://youtu.be/ShQsANE8KWg Guys now I am going to be doing this new schedule.
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Quick Update!!!
Thx for watching guys .Check out jaracic cherry👇 https://youtu.be/uAyMJxJVzPo . Music by NCS
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Taking It back to the past
Hope you all enjoy tell me if You want to see more.
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