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God's Not Dead 2 review
Wow...and I thought Paul Blart 2 was unnecessary.
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Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace review
Mesa think this was a no good way to start this marathon!
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My Little Pony Equestria Girls Legend of Everfree review
Dear Princess Celestia...why did you let me down?
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The Emoji Movie RANT!!
💩..........What else could I say?
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Eh to worst and good to best movies of 2016
Better late than never.
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2015 Oscar Nominations live reaction
You've seen me read off the nominations last year, now this year I react
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2017 Golden Raspberry nominations review
To quote Angryjoe: You done fucked it up!
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Ride Along 2 review
So let me get this straight. We're not getting the American version of The Girl who Played with Fire, Hellboy 3 and Silent Hills, but we get Paul Blart 2 and...this???? Thanks! *flips the bird*
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My rant on Ben Hur being remade
Yep they're doing it, and WHO are they getting to direct it?!
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Fifty Shades of Black review
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Movies of 2014 from average to worst
Time to talk about something I really don't want to talk about again.
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Foxcatcher review
Steve Carell is in this movie? Where? I don't see him. I just see some creepy-ass coach who's out of his mind.
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Transformers The Last Knight RANT!!!
...I don't know what there is to say here.
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Superfast review
Another movie by a pair of filmmakers that honestly are the most overhated IMO
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My Little Pony The Movie review
My Little Letdown! My Little Letdown!
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Worst to Best movies of 2013
Happy new year guys!!!!!
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The 5th Wave review
I don't know about you guys but YA adaptations need to fucking end already.
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Fantastic Four review
Oh shitty superhero movies...how I've missed you.
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Rainbow Rocks review
I was gonna review this in my MLP t shirt to fit the mood but there was a stain on it and I don't want to get in front of a camera with a stain on my shirt. That would be embarrassing.
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Independence Day Resurgence review
Hey Roland Emmerich! Your clone made a better movie than you this year!
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Eh to worst movies of 2015
Well this year was shitty.
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2016 Kids' Choice Awards Nominees thoughts
Not bad, Nickelodeon. Not bad.
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Careful What you Wish For review
I've said this in my Chappie review and I'll say it again: When is Hollywood gonna stop assuming that famous pop singer equals Oscar worthy actor?!
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Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones review
I don’t like this movie. It’s dull, it’s lifeless and it’s all over the place.
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The Ridiculous Six RANT!!
Sorry Accidental Love but...you're no longer that bad.
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The Choice RANT
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TRUMP ELECTED!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am a very proud deplorable!!
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Hardcore Henry review
Yeah you know you're in real trouble when a certain other action director I fucking hate made a better film than this.
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Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 review
All right it's time I talk about the sequel that everyone asked for right? *crickets chirp*
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Knock Knock review
I found it guys. I finally found it. I have found The Wicker Man of 2015!
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