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Travel Vlog: Buenos Aires
My fifth day in Buenos Aires so I went to el cementerio were the rich and famous are buried. Bit spooky but why not.
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Speed Painting: First Mural
Sorry I’ve been taking my time on this with nights and getting injections to go to South America been putting this off. This is a snapshot of how much I’ve done, full video coming soon.
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Mural: Speed Painting
Finally my first mural, need loads more practice but it’s a start. Took about 10 hours I think could do another 10 on it but gonna start a new one and hopefully better line work.
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The Ball Is Rolling
So I went to the gym this morning after my night shift then put my form into the quacks to see if I need vaccines. Then started painting my mural, really wanna paint in some hostels but gotta improve my skills. But second Vlog and I notice the improvement, it’s actually really fun. Follow me on Twitter, I’ll do the insta thing when my vids are better. @Travelcrip
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Travel Vlog: La Boca Y Buenos Aires
I went to La Boca yesterday and saw some random dancers which was cool, the place is so bright and colourful and added a bit of hope that Argentina make it through the World Cup groups. Cuz otherwise they’ll be crying worse than when the Germans beat them.
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Travel Vlog: crazy new plan
So met a dude in Buenos Aires and he offered to teach me to ride a horse and have a wicked camping experience. More wild videos soon!
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Art Gallery: Buenos Aires
Went to an art gallery for an artist I didn’t know called Xul Solar and he is amazing. So he studied in France in 1920s sane school as Picasso. Cool surreal artwork but he invented two languages one that was a pan American language and the other pan European, then he reinvented chess on a 13x13 board also made an easier version of a piano and made his own tarot cards. This guy is incredible can’t believe I’d never of him before. Love travelling!
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Morning routine: Walk
@Travelcrip and hopefully I’m gonna get the Twitter Icon on my video and decent music soon. So after I finished my night shift at 4am I usually stay up a few hours watching movies, YouTube etc. And I watched one on Vlogging and it said just do it, don’t over analyse so I bit the bullet and went for morning stroll at 6am. And the light is awesome just after sunrise which is sweet to know. Definitely seeing improvement in my skills, my motto is persistence is perfection!
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Travel Vlog: Buenos Aires at San Telmo Market
Went to San Telmo Market met some interesting characters and filmed some artists at work. Follow me on Twitter and instagram obvs same name Travelcrip
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Vlog En Español: For Why Not Spanish
Perdón, mi español es no perfecto pero poco a poco y voy a America de Sur en un mes más o menos entonces en 6 meses mi nivel mejorar mucho.
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