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Asire have made a new mod for Hotline Miami and it is *SEQUEL* of MAKE ME REAL. He did amazing work and it is so fun to play! Fast paced and hack n slash! Asire is a really awesome person. (Other HM modders are awesome too). Here is a download link:https://asire.itch.io/sovereigns Asire channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Comba68 Thank you for watching this video and please subscribe and also subscribe to Asire! Take care and see you in a next video!
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Ironsight Gameplay
Ironsight is a free to play - first person shooter game! It is in Pre-Alpha. I have played 10 games and still no lose, just victory! I hope you guys enjoy the video! WWhite signing out, peace!
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Make Me Real: Open Your Eyes Speedrun
This is my speedrun video and... thats it. Give it a dislike, I dont care. Here is a link to a mod: https://asire.itch.io/make-me-real Creature Of The Mod: Asire Asire Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Comba68
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The Miami Horror Demo / Made by: Danny Judas
So today I found a demo of a mod called The Miami Horror. It is a mod for a game called Hotline Miami. Danny Judas is the owner of the mod and he will release a mod when it is done. Danny Judas: https://www.youtube.com/user/SirManyTalents Downloadable mod: https://dannyjudas.itch.io/the-miami-horror
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MMR II: Dementia Level Rush / Nevaeh / 2:55 194x Combo
Here is a final video of a level rush! Subscribe for more videos like this.
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Make Me Real: Open Your Eyes - UNREAL Update
Added 2 new bonus levels: UNREAL (by Plank) and LOVE (by Robracer97) New audio engine, fixing the no music issue & stutter for everyone (Thanks, Danny Judas!) Added an option to disable INU mode in the options menu New score screen music New music in Purgatory and fixed rain falling inside of the building __________________________________________________________________ So the mod had a update. Two extra maps and few more sounds or musics in it. Mod is created by Asire, he is a cool guy! Downlaod Link: https://asire.itch.io/make-me-real/devlog/18233/the-unreal-update
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Make Me Real: Open Your Eyes (Brutal Gameplay) By: Asire
I am not going to upload a 20 min video of me playing that Make Me Real Mod. If you start playing this game, everything is pink. But when you finish all three levels... something creepy is going to happen. This mod is created by my buddy name Asire! He is the owner of a mod and he just released the game two days ago. It is so much fun! He did his own best to make it look cool and awesome. Here is the download to a link: https://asire.itch.io/make-me-real Lets all cheer up for Asire! He is really cool guy. Asire: https://www.youtube.com/user/Comba68
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MMR II: Dementia Level Rush / Ted / 4:01 218x Combo
This is basically a speedrun and it is pretty cool! Subscribe for more videos like this.
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Midnight Animal Alpha 1.0
Here is a alpha of Midnight Animal! I ope you like it, or dont... Whatever! Subscribe for more videos!
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How Mark & Cooper Really plays CS:GO (Parody)
Please go check my Best Friends chanel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-P9BpdmMhrrxLLVMj3-KTg Okay, I and my best friend had fun playing comp and I was like why bot to record and make a parody video of How (csgo player name) Really Plays CS: GO Parody! Please leave a like and subscribe for more videos like this and I will see you in the next video, peace out.
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Where is the full version!? Its been two years!!! Power Drive 2000
I have been waiting this game to be released and its been two years with no updates. Was this a huge scam of Megacom or what? Subscribe for more videos.
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Hello - Capsule // Kurai / Osu!
Hello - Capsule // Kurai / Osu! Subscribe for more videos! Suggest me some maps! Like and favorite if you want!
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Overdose (Midnight animal map on HM 2)
here is a downlaod link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1251481419 This map is pretty amazing. It is almost everything same as the Midnight Animal Alpha.
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The Document Of Midnight Animal (Well done...)
Here is a download link: https://spncryn.itch.io/document Created by Spncryn (Spencer Yan)
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Destroyer (Hotline Miami Custom Map) (Death Scene)
Download link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1238641956 In this map you have 2 endings. You go to some directions to die in the end or you go to other directions you will not die at the end.
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My Parody Level From Midnight Animal...
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Hotline Fortress 2 Demo / By: GermanPeter / (Info In Description)
Here is a demo of Hotline Fortress 2! it is a mod for Hotline Miami! I dont own any of these sprites or other stuff in this game! Eeverything is done by GermanPeter! ▶Link to the demo: https://mega.nz/#!VOAFCAAQ!xoesW-cqKX... Check out his channel (Owner of the HF2 Mod) : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpOYfHi7p-r9N4S8ap14S9w Give him a subscribe and please play test his game Its fun and challenging! Its just like Team Fortress 2 mixed with Hotline Miami. He is still workin on his mod! More updates coming soon!
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XXXTENTACION - IDontWannaDoThisAnymore / Osu!
XXXTENTACION - IDontWannaDoThisAnymore / Osu! Subscribe for mroe random videos! Like and favorite if you want. Suggest me some maps! Have a good day.
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This is a video of me doing artwork to a mod that has been released yesterday, named Make Me Real II : Sovereigns (Hotline Miami mod) It took like almost 6 or 7 hours to make a wallpaper artwork! I am glad that Asire liked my artwork! Here is a link to a mod: https://asire.itch.io/sovereigns Here is Asire channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Comba68 Please subscribe for more videos like this and please go subscribe to Asire! He is a awesome guy! Here is a wallpaper link I created : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MgT-QPTwwK2OqyQ6YSmahea2Gih_pkDE Music I used: Sidewalks And Skeletons ; Lore Have a wonderful day!
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Hotline Miami Redux Part 1
Let the killing begin in Hotline Miami Redux! Also check out TheBlueDoctor, who made thiese kinds of videos too. here is his youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/user/HeadBangApp What is Hotline Miami Redux? Hotline Miami Redux is remastered of a original game called Hotline Miami by Dennaton Games and Devolver! If you enjoy this video, leave a like, subscribe and comment for new videos like this. This is amazing video! Take care! - Cooper Copywrite: I do not own any of these tracks. These tracks were in a mod/ game in Hotline Miami/Hotline Miami Redux
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Hotline Miami/Steamed Hams Community
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Police - Stories ALPHA Gameplay
Here is a Alpha version of Police - Stories. It is still in development! I raged a lil but it was fun, Hah! It is free to play! Just follow the lines and you can download it! Here is a link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/539470/Police_Stories/
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Ironsight / AK-12 / Gameplay / Close Match!
The AK-12 is pretty good! It takes like 3-5 bullets to kill the enemy. And yes it is up to your skill, to use this AK-12 Assault Rifle. Please subscribe for more videos like this and I will do more of these kinds of videos. This is WWhite signing out, peace! Make kill and win!
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Unboxing And Testing A Fidget Spinner!!!
You all might be thinking why I was pure red... because I just got home running up stairs and just started to make a video.
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Tokyo 2041 [Hotline Miami Mod] Demo!
Tokyo 2041 is a standalone mod of Hotline Miami that takes place in a near-future Japan where the Yakuza has either bribed their way into or taken total control over certain aspects of the Japanese government. In this “demo” there’s 4 levels to play and 3 play styles. Subscribe for more videos!
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First Time Using Windows 95!
Hello people! So this is a random video and I had an idea to make this video. I always wanted to touch really old operating systems. I really enjoyed making this video and if YOU joined the video. Leave a like, subscribe and comment what kind of computer you want me to use in the next video! Windows 95 Install Pack with Product Code: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9g8kvvc979qg585/Windows+95+installation+pack.zip VirtualBox: https://www.virtualbox.org/ If you want to be success of installing VirtualBox and Windows 95, go search in Youtube for tutorials! Have a good day!
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Midnight Animal Alpha Gameplay
If this video hits 20 views, I'll add a Downloadible Link. I skiped some levels because I cant remember what levels were playable. Created by Spncryn (Spencer Yan)
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Chinese/Korean Need For Speed!?!?!?!
How can they even do that!? So weird!!! You can search the game on googlle but it is in other language like call of duty online. Subscribe, like and comment for more videos.
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My Gaming Setup Review... 2016
Fuck... ._.
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Momento CD 1 Green Inferno [Custom Level]
I am gonna make random videos. I cant even tell what my youtube channel could be. So I am just gonna post some random stuff what I am interested or had an idea. If you want to play this map for yourself, here's the link! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=954834367
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This Is Why I Stopped Reading Doki Doki
Hey, guys! So this is my very first commentery/story video what I have made today. It is a story of me and a Doki Doki Literature Club. Creepy Shit! Here is a Thafnine video of a Doki Doki! :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwVhz0QCFEY His Twitter: https://twitter.com/thafnine Go subscribe to him! He is awesome guy! Thank you for the like and subscribe.
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Creating Blood Of Liberty 1.30 hour live stream HUGE FAIL
This is the live stream where you can see how I work on my mod for a hotline miami. Nothing special...
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Blood Of Liberty Work In Progress 2.0
This is what it looks like after one year of creating a mod called Blood of Liberty! I still have to work a lot but I sometimes don't have time. Sadly I lost my interest a little to work on Blood of Liberty but It will not be canceled! It will be released soon in 2019 or 2020 Soon there will be a secret website! Thank you for your waiting.
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Ash Davis
Iits a wild Ash Davis!
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Insane Trickshots Broham!!!
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2018: The Game / Hotline Miami Mod / Playthrought PART 1
it is true, this is so bad, like its really bad. Wanna play it? It's fine... just go to itch.io and search hotline Miami and scroll down as long as you can see 2018: The Game. Please subscribe, comment and like the video!
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Fatal Drive (Hotline Miami Custom Map)
Here is a download link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=916187197 I just got a new pc and I am testing to record any videos. But my pc is soo powerful. So... whatever...
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Best Friend Reacts To Unboxing Video | Part 1
So this is the video where my best friend reacts to a video what I made a feel or few weeks ago. Go subscribe to Mark Oja on YouTube!
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Midnight Animal Tape 2# [Full Combo]
Tere mu kallid fännid! Selles videos te näete ma teen teise osa sa Full Combot! Täna v homme teen viimase osa ka ja ingi k6ik osad tehtud! Subscribige,et näha veel videos.!!
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My First Vlog...
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My friend be like...
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Osu! Station Earth - Age Of Reason
I am pretty good at osu but I dont want to record a hard difficulty because wjen it lags I might lose full combo. And again my pc is getting soo shit to play n record. If you enjoyed the video, leave a like, comment and subscribe for more videos!
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Midnight (Hotline Miami Custom Map)
Here is a download link:http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1240927311
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do you have a headache...
Make Me Real : SOVEREIGNS II By Asire!
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Hotline Miami Custom Map: Shingwa
This map is made by myself... i make lots of maps. Follow me on steam: Λ U L Λ C U U P Ξ R™ Friend me if u want feel free... bye?
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When bestfriends are on omegle and listen to the hardbass
So this is a random video... Yeah. *stabs himself*
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MMR II: Dementia Level Rush / Riaru / 3:01 188x Combo
Here is a speedrun of Riaru! Subscribe for more videos like this!
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D a b O n E m
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