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Red Dead Redemption 2 Brutal Kills/Dishonorable Combat Gameplay Vol.2
The premiere froze, for some reason. But STAY STRONG! STAY WITH ME! WE AIN'T DONE YET!!!
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Red Dead Redemption 2 Funny/Brutal Kill Compilation Vol.5
Like Sly said, RDR goodness..... ;)
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Wolfenstein 2 Brutal Kill Compilation S1 Ep.1 (Spoilers)
I love this game! :D And I fucking hate Nazis so practically it's a win win for me lol. WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS
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Red Dead Redemption 2 High Action/Combat Moments/Rampage Gameplay Vol.3
Do not worry, my fellow outlaws, a Vol.4 is going to be out! Stay tuned!!
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GTA 4 Brutal Kill Compilations #3
More GTA 4 for you guys. Enjoy :D
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GTA 5 Franklin's Cop-Clearing Raid
Just another 5 star shootout lol. Took several attempts lol, since i'm ammature at challenges like this :/ This is one of the much older 5 star shootouts, and I mean when I did this on the Xbox 360. I do remember though attempting the same thing in a previous video, but end up failing completely, yet I selfishly published the footage. No worries, guys I escaped it this time once and for all :D
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Wolfenstein 2 Brutal Action-Packed Moments Compilation  #3 Killing KKK/Nazis
As much as I hate the ending, I still think the gameplay and story is flawless. YOUNGBLOOD! WHOOOOOOOOOOO
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Ghost Recon Wildlands Brutal Kill Compilation Action/Shootouts
Hey guys i'm so sorry for not uploading this, but the ragdoll physics are SO unbelievably SHITTY, that I thought it was not worth it to make, and stated working on something else, then I thought to myself.. what was I doing? So I resumed the project. Hope you guys enjoy.
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Middle Earth: Shadow of War Brutal Combat/Action Compilation #2
Sorry I couldn't upload this sooner. Was so busy playing Wolfenstein 2 I didn't even realize that this compilation was still hanging! Coming up with Dead Space for Halloween! :D
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GTA 5 REDUX NPC Hunting and Intense Action Moments #13
Hey guys, and Welcome to more REDUX. More of me taking Npc lives in a variety of different ways, and taking them out, one code life at a time. Aside from that, I hope you enjoy the video. :D
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GTA 5 Trevor's Paleto Bay Five Star Shootout and Escape
Every once and a while I might do a five Star Shootout/Escape, because they are so challenging, but worry not! I will always stick to Kill Compilations... as default.
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Ghost Recon Wildlands Brutal Kill Compilations #2
Here I am making a volume 2 of my Ghost Recon Wildlands kills, and I hope you enjoy :D
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Red Dead Redemption Brutal Combat/Massacre Gameplay Vol.1
It's pretty unhealthy to go full on dishonored......... I’m so proud of Rockstar...
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Sleeping Dogs Violent Kill Compilation/Combat #1 (Ninja Life)
I never thought the combat can be just as fun as the shooting! LOL
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Far Cry 5 Brutal Kill Compilation Vol.3
See? I told you guys I'm uploading another video today! No April Fools jokes here. Next is gonna be me shooting my way out of Cult Outposts! :D Stay tuned.
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Middle Earth: Shadow of War Brutal Kill Compilation Ep.1 Action/Combat
Holy shit, it's here. Shadow of War. I was literally fangirling to what I was going to do in this game lol. As soon as it came out, I immediately started playing and holy crap, it's just as brutal as the first, except MORE. I think I'm a little early this time with a new game lol, and this one is so brutal, it's funny: at least coming from my perspective. Haha. Really hope you guys enjoy this.... Kill Compilation. DEFINITELY making a huge series of this. ;) My new channel that I will be moving to: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqwvo6aZimwUD9iU6DhJszg
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Saints Row 2 Brutal Kill Compilations (Rapid Fire)
I decided to toy a little with Saints Row, well because it is the best one out there. This game has some funny kills popping up lol.
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Ghost Recon Wildlands Brutal Kill Compilations Action/Shootouts #4
The physics are actually good when the ragdoll is blended in with physics lol. Other than that some combat : this is a short one, and next is Red Dead Redemption because the new trailer is coming out.
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GTA 5 Franklin's 5 Star Police Chase/Escape
It's fun as hell to go on a wild and completely terrifying adventure, and at the same time never leaving your car seat! Highly recommend! Just one thing though, police. No bullets please? You are acting like you are trying to kill me!
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GTA 5 Pacific Standard 5 Star Wanted Shootout/Escape
It's hard to go through a five star chase without even half of your health gone. Everything was planned, and carefully but competitively put in to escape the LSPD at their highest level. Honestly this is one favorite type of places to have a shootout since it's like it's own level to get out of. Like some sort of small linear level from another game. Also, next time i'm probably going to do one (starring Michael) at the LifeInvaders center, since it's practically new and it's fun as hell lol so stay tuned for that :)
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GTA 5 REDUX NPC Hunting and Action Moments Ep.12
Hello all you NPC hunters, and welcome back to more Redux. More brutal kills than creative here. I'll try and think of more creative ones later.
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Max Payne 3 Killing Compilations S1 Ep.1 (EXTREMELY GRAPHIC)
Jesus, lol this game is so brutal. I shot a guy's head up so much i almost swore I got trypophobia, lol. This game is soo fucking insane sick, the the bullet time totally reminds me of the Matrix! Btw I used the gore mod because why not :)
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GTA 5 REDUX Brutal Kills and Gameplay S1 Ep.31
I love this mod! Now mix it in with RAGEuphoria and I'll never return to vanilla state. Got some requests so I did this and my god, the quality form from the Graphics feels like it's from another game. Definitely going to do more of REDUX. be sure to tune in to Wolfenstein 2!! ACO will have to wait. Hope you guys have a nice day :D Also do you want MORE REDUX? I’m already making a monster series right here https://youtu.be/Sqtpc0Q1LXQ
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Far Cry 5 Epic Action Moments and Brutal Kill Compilation Vol.4
This game is fun. Nuff sedd
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Fallout New Vegas Brutal Kill Compilations (Best Moments Gameplay)
Before I was about to do a fun Fallout 4 kill compilation, I thought it would be a sin to not play at least one of the older games. So I hooked up New Vegas and began to go my own way, I guess...
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GTA 5 REDUX - Brutal Kill Compilation Ep. 1 (War with Police/Ladders/Brutal Assaults)
Just started this series. Got any requests for REDUX? :D Let me know in the comments lol.
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HITMAN Brutal Kill Compilation #2 (Physics and Death Animations)
Hitman 2016 really has some great physics. It may not be the best, but in my opinion, I think it's the greatest of the series. These moments are funny, ridiculous and sometimes even downright disturbing. The NPC's may not have a injured state, but they really feel your bullets and ride the pain all the way, till the end.
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GTA 5 REDUX NPC Hunting and Intense/Action Combat Moments #14
Hey, welcome back to more REDUX. I was a little bored, so I decided to do some rampages with a bunch of Graphics Mods and Gore Mods I’ve obtained. Need to focus more on other things, so I might have to upload a little less. I hope you enjoy this video. If not, let me know in the comments why.
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GTA 5 Brutal Kill Compilation S1 Ep.19 Mount Chiliad/Enhanced Ragdoll
Man, I just love GTA 5! But 4 will beat it every time.
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GTA 5 REDUX - Brutal Action/Firefights and Physics Ep.11 (Assaults/Gangs/Cops)
Welcome back to Redux. This Mod is pretty cool, however gets old quickly. I might install more mods. There is a really cool Photorealistic one that might give back the Redux Shader that you guys want. Why did you modify back to default Physics? Easy. They are the best physics without any errors. No offense to the other physics, but they need a bit of work. RAGEuphoria is though, hands down, the best GTA 5 physics Mod ever. I also have a Twitter channel, so that’s pretty cool. Twitter is Astrophysics, with same profile pic. It’s pretty hard to get in touch with my subs on Twitter also, but if you want to see more Brutal content everyday, go give it a try.
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GTA 4 Realistic Shootouts Compilation #6
Ah, the good old days.
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Far Cry 5 Brutal Kill Compilation Vol.2
Back to Far Cry 5. Like I told you guys, I'm making an entire freaking series of this so stay tuned for endless kills, thanks to the Map editor. More games should have this maker dammit. Anyway, still terrible at stealth, however getting more hang of shootouts. In fact, easy mode was so bland I switched to hard. See ya guys next video :D
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GTA 5 REDUX - Brutal Kill Compilation Ep. 9 (Rampages/Shooting)
After this compilation, I'm going to go back to Vanilla REDUX, and I’ll try playing RDR or even GTA 4 or even more Ghost Recon Wildlands
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GTA 5 REDUX - Brutal Kill Compilation Vol. 18
REDUX is brutal af.
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Having a fuck ton of fun with REDUX. Any requests?
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GTA 5 REDUX -  Brutal Kill Compilation Vol. 6 Sniping/Police Shootouts
REDUX is pretty fucking amazing. I suggest you guys give it a try. Just search up GTA 5 REDUX. That’s how I found it. This Mod really needs more attention. Next up is a brand new Hitman Series, and then I think more REDUX, Lol since I can’t get enough of REDUX. I might even do a SR2 again, since before I got some requests. I’ll reply and like all comments that are on my newest video. Enjoy :D https://gta5redux.com/
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GTA 4 -  Bridge Rampage/6 Star Police Shootout/Escape
Really, the only reason why I play GTA 5 more, is because GTA 4 just had to have a bigger map. Still, I still return to GTA 4 all of the time. Such a damn timeless game. And the story is so cool. Definitely not bright but however, a very mature story. Pretty mature gameplay too, compared to the more smooth but cod like gameplay of V. Police in 4 shootouts start grieving their loved ones, and thinking that they are going to die. And I even noticed some would hide for a long time, as if they are trying to process the moment that they could get killed at any given time. Also, they can get injured bad and will either lay there and bleed out, or be severely injured. You can also tell they want to protect others because you are a danger to them. Kind of hits me when I think about it. In 5, Police are as eager as hell, it’s already ridiculous, can either be disabled or get back up like it’s nothing or just give up and die, I guess. Don’t get me started on the protection of civilians in Los Santos. They don’t even arrest people, they just open fire on them. I can say honestly so much more. Also, who tf turned the max limit on the Aggressive factor on 5 police?! It isn’t realistic, no. They just rush you like idiots instead of flanking you, or waiting out with shotguns, and just get shot up and killed. I can say so much more lol.
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Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Brutal Kill Compilation Vol. 1 Shootouts/Aggressive Stealth
After this I’ll return to Redux. I just thought about doing something new for a week. You bet your ass soon there will be more GTA 5, GTA4, MP3, and tons of RDR!!! :D
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Black Mesa Brutal Kill Compilations #1
Enjoy, you magnificent amazing people :)
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GTA 5 Michael's and Franklin's Five Star Escapes
Hello, and welcome back to some more GTA 5 rampages! :D I hope you all have a splendid day! (These cops sure as hell won't lol!) My new channel that I will be moving to: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqwvo6aZimwUD9iU6DhJszg
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Red Dead Redemption Violent/Brutal Kill Compilation #1
Red Dead Redemption has one of the best physics I've ever seen in gaming. I really wish more games has these physics, preferably Hitman. After I saw the trailer I knew I was going to get Red Dead Redemption 2 from the start. All ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN!!! :D
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GTA 5 REDUX - Brutal Kill Compilation Ep. 5 War With Police/Sniping
REDUX never gets old. It almost feels like me playing GTA 5 all over again. And with RAGEuphoria, this game is a dream come true. Next couple videos is just going to be me casually shooting in first person. One of the videos is going to be with BF4 weapons. Stay tuned for that! :D
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The Slater - Short Kills Montage
The Slater is a first person stealth game, that is extremely basic, but has a lot of heart and thought put into it. The graphics are equivalent of Blood Money, the Ragdoll even resemble that same BM pop when they are crouched, and you shoot them, and they fly 5 feet in the air xD and you only have one weapon. Levels are brutal too, as you die in two shots and basically have to do the entire level over again. Personally, for 14 dollars, don’t buy the game yet, since it is still updating, (and short) but for the reason I bought it is that it is worked by a one man team. And that to me, is incredibly impressive due to the quality of the game. Though the major problems this game has, with combat being totally fucking useless, which is a huge disappointment, since there are tons of guards and well detailed locations filled with people. The weapon itself does this slow mo thing every time you kill someone, and (jams?) when you are shooting? So, incredibly brutal and harsh on going loud. But, I see complete potential into this awesome game, with more elements such as iron sights and more weapons with more missions! I can’t wait to see more! :D (Also, remember, it’s more of a puzzle game. You can’t exactly go in guns blazing. And if you do, expect to die, real quickly. The gameplay on this was extremely limited, so that’s why it’s so short.)
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GTA 5 REDUX Brutal Kill Compilation Ep.8 (Action and Shooting /Assaults/Rampages)
This one is a little bit less variety and more brutal, with some Rampages. This REDUX version will never get old while in the long run I got bored of Vanilla GTA in like 5 episodes, lol. This gameplay will be more action packed and just grand old fun. :D There will probably be tons more of REDUX coming, so don’t you worry! :D
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Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay - Massacre in Post Station, Rhodes, and Saint Denis Vol.4
I’ve been playing Red Dead 2 for a while just doing my own thing, and while I was recording, I have some epic euphoria moments from the NPC’s!!! Damn, I just love this game too much.
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Max Payne 3 Max Payne 3 NPC Kill Compilation and Action Moments Ep.1
Welcome to some Max Payne 3. As usual, my editing will last a bit longer, but still contain the funny, crazy and of course brutal moments of the NPCs. I hope you guys enjoy.
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GTA 5 REDUX - Npc Hunting and Intense Action Combat Rampages Ep.15
GTA Redux: Tarantino Edition :D lol
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