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"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"
A short film based on the short story by James Thurber CAST Benjamin Sansom - Walter Mitty Kristen Sansom - Mrs. Mitty & the Dream Girls Stephanie Cleghorn - Defense Attorney & Laughing Young Woman Shaun Frenza - Prosecuting Attorney, Lt. Berg, Laughing Young Man Joel Frost - Dr. Benbow, Irritated Driver Ami Frost - Dr. Remington, Irritated Wife Nina Jonassain - Young Woman, Cowgirl Lon Keith - Dr. Renshaw, Judge, Store Clerk Benjamin King - Navigator, Sergeant, Man with Paper, Bad Cowboy Patrick Lamoureux - Ensign, Young Man, Good Cowboy, Bunker Soldier Gary Reimer - Dr. Prichard-Mitford, Car Lot Attendent Joe Sansom - Mechanic, Bunker Soldier, Wellington McMillan CREW David Thorpe - Writer/Director/Producer Asia Stryker - Assistant Producer Cameron Wilbur - Assistant Producer James Alexander - 1st Assistant Director Danica Andersen - 2nd Assistant Director/Assistant Casting Director Laura Nordstrom - 2nd Assistant Director Joel Ackerman - Script Supervisor Sarah Jensen - Script Supervisor Megan Whatcott - Script Supervisor Chelsea Woffard - Script Supervisor Skyler Brunner - Locations Manager Keros Lowder - Assistant Craft Services Kelsey Gurecki - Production Assistant Ephraim Daetwyler - Director of Photography Paul Taylor - Assistant to Camera Nathan Armstrong - Assistant to Camera Tracy Nystrom - Assistant to Camera Devin Graham - Electrician Byron Kirkland - Electrician Matthew Long - Electrician Jacob Fenn - Key Grip Steven Aldridge - Grip/Electric Swing Chris Bradford - Grip/Electric Swing Skyler Bricker - Grip/Electric Swing Teresa DeVictoria - Grip/Electric Swing Kris Ellsworth - Grip/Electric Swing Drew Harris - Grip/Electric Swing Matt Love - Grip/Electric Swing Jacob Schwarz - Grip/Electric Swing Cody Brown - Sound Designer/Production Sound Supervisor Bryan Densley - Production Sound Jenny Hardy - Production Sound Geoff Insch - Production Designer Aaron White - Production Designer Claire Hendryx - Set Builder Eric Kunz - Set Builder Bianca Dillard - Set Builder Clark Edmunds - Special Effects Jerry Rodiles - Model Builder Becky Thorpe - Makeup Artist Rachel Habb - Costume Designer Melanie Kowalis - Associate Costume Designer Jared Moench - Film Editor Lance Montgomery - Music Composer Chris Garcia - Visual Effects & Titles
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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Trailer
This is the trailer that I've cut of my senior film project, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty". Watch the full short film here: http://youtu.be/FFnWlXWrvLI The story follows Walter Mitty, a bland sort of person, who imagines himself as the hero of several stories. Thanks to everyone who helped me out with this project.
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A Short Film. Genre Thriller. © 2008 CAST Nichelle Aiden - Heroine Jason Purdie - Hero Dan Christensen - Villain CREW David Thorpe - Director/Writer Devin Graham - Cinematographer/Editor/Sound Designer Vanessa Barney - Production Designer Joseph Winter - Art Director Becky Thorpe - Make Up Artist Tennille Olson - Costume Designer Jacob Schwarz - Editor/Color Correction Guthrie Lowe - Music Composer
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TETRAPHOBIA - A Short Horror Film
Based on the Untitled Reddit Short Story by Juan Ruiz http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/1iwylh/what_is_the_best_horror_story_you_can_come_up/cb91qm2 Written & Directed by David Liddell Thorpe for the "It's Only A Movie: Short Horror Film Festival 2013" CAST Brett Merritt Amelia Merritt Aidan Measom Isabella Merritt Paul Green John Lyde CREW Casey Wilson: Director of Photography Josh Contor: Camera Assistant & Gaffer Clark Edmunds: Sound Mixer Eric Anderson: Boom Operator & Production Assistant Filmed in Utah
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The Best Cookie in the World
This is a video that my wife made for a school project.
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