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Vallejo Homeowner Leaves Poop Filled Box For Package Thief
A Vallejo homeowner sick of being robbed left a nasty package on his doorstep for the thief. Christin Ayers reports. (12/23/14)
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Oakland Neighborhood Sees Improvement After Buddhist Shrine Moves In
Residents of a once blighted Oakland neighborhood are crediting a Buddha statue installed in a median for a remarkable change. John Ramos reports. (9/16/14)
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Santa Clara Woman Arrested After Videotaped Road Rage Incident
A terrifying case of road rage was captured on camera. Betty Yu reports. (12/23/14)
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CHP Questions 200 People, Seizes Weapons During Massive Oakland Sideshow
Drivers who took part in Wednesday night’s massive sideshow in Oakland met their match when dozens of police officers boxed them in. Christin Ayers reports. (11/27/14)
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East Oakland Apartment Complex Becomes Gang Stronghold
The Hillside Apartments in East Oakland are being run by a notorious gang. Christin Ayers asked the city's mayor what she is going to do about it. (10/1/14)
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Foreign Students Trash SF Rental House Then Leave Country
San Francisco landlord Ritu Vohra thought she would give exchange students from Ireland a break on rent for staying in her home. But a break doesn't begin to describe what she discovered when they moved out. Christin Ayers reports. (9/19/14) Official Site: http://dfw.cbslocal.com/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/CBSDFW Twitter: @cbsdfw FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/CBSDFW
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$18M Meth Bust Reveals Contra Costa County As A Hub For Drug Dealers
A big drug bust exposed an East Bay county's troubling problem. Ryan Takeo has more. (11/6/14)
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"The Complete Guide To Sound Healing"
David Gibson, Author: "The Complete Guide To Sound Healing". Aired 9-21-14
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Scream Park Haunted House in San Leandro Amps Up The Fear Factpr
No kids, only adults are admitted to this San Leandro haunted house that promises thrills and lots of chills. Cate Cauguiran reports. (10/10/14)
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South Bay Company Working On Next Generation Of Night Vision Goggles
A South Bay company is working to give our troops the advantage out in the field. John Ramos reports. (11/7/14)
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Remembering The Zebra Killings 40 Years Later
Four decades ago, San Francisco was terrorized by murders that were known as the “zebra killings.” Linda Yee reports. (11/5/14)
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Oakland Liquor Store Clerks Fight Back Against Alleged Thief
The owner of an Oakland liquor store said he had no choice but to attack a man who allegedly stole from him at least three times. He told KPIX 5 that police ignored his calls and surveillance video. Christin Ayers reports.
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Quake-Displaced Elementary Students Get High School Experience In American Canyon
American Canyon High School students are getting a kick out of the fourth-graders running through campus, displaced from quake-damaged Napa Junction Elementary. John Ramos reports. (9/26/14)
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North Bay Man Reunited With Dog After Boat Sinks During Storm
In a remarkable story of survival from last week’s major storm, a dog that was on a sinking boat swam more than a mile to shore and was reunited with her owner. Mike Sugerman reports. (12/16/14)
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Giants Fan Who Caught Pennant-Winning Homer Returns Ball To Ishikawa
Lifelong Giants fan Frank Burke from Oakdale said he wanted to give the ball back to Travis Ishikawa and, for his generous gesture, the Giants gave him tickets to the World Series. Juliette Goodrich reports. (10/17/14)
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Oakland Sues Landlords Of Apartment Complex Over Lack Of Security
The Oakland City Attorney has sued the landlords of an apartment complex that they said has become a base for a violent gang. Da Lin reports. (9/25/14)
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Jahi McMath Family Says Video Proves Teen Is Alive
An attorney for the family of an Oakland teenager who was declared brain-dead says he has video proof that Jahi McMath still has brain activity, and is seeking an unprecedented court order declaring her alive. Linda Yee reports. (10/3/14) Official Site: http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/ Subscribe on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/CBSSanFrancisco Like us on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/CBSSanFrancisco Follow us on Twitter: @cbssf
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Who's ALSO up early? - Shane's Barbershop & Shave Parlour
KPIX5 Reporter Roberta Gonzales finds out that when you get up as early as she does, something as basic as getting a haircut is hard to come by. But as she learns, Shane's Barbershop & Shave Parlour in San Mateo is open during those early morning hours and ready to give you a haircut or a shave! (7/24/14) For more information on Shane's Barbershop and Shave Parlour, please visit their website at: http://www.shanesbarbershop.com/ She visits Shane's Haircut and Shave Parlour in San Mateo. Official Site: http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/ Subscribe on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/CBSSanFrancisco Like us on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/CBSSanFrancisco Follow us on Twitter: @cbssf
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With Few Recruits, San Jose Police Ranks Could Dip To 1985 Levels
San Jose could see its lowest number of police officers in three decades if the department continues to lose officers at a steady rate, according to a new report. Kiet Do has more. (11/18/14)
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Famed Drug Runner George Jung Speaks To KPIX 5 In SF Suburb
George Jung, a notorious drug smuggler whose life story was made into the film "Blow" starring Johnny Depp, gave a wide-ranging interview to KPIX 5 reporter Cate Cauguiran at the home in a San Francisco suburb where he is finishing his supervised parole. Cate Cauguiran reports. (9/26/14) Official Site: http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/ YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/CBSSanFrancisco FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/CBSSanFrancisco Twitter: @cbssf
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Beagles Rescued From Labs In Bay Area, Nation After Being Used For Chemical Testing
It's biotech's dirty little secret: We discovered at least four companies in the Bay Area are testing everything from medicine to chemical products on dogs. Betty Yu reports. (11/3/14)
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Oakland Rapper Returns To Stage After Paralyzing Shooting
Oakland rapper Kafani, paralyzed in an East Oakland shooting returned to the stage in San Jose and told Betty Yu he intends to walk again -- with some robotic assistance. (9/12/14)
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Brandon Crawford & Family Talk About Giants Success Before World Series Victory Parade
Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford and members of his family spoke to reporter Juliette Goodrich about the season and World Series triumph before the start of the victory parade Friday. 
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Caught On Camera: Wheelie-Popping Bikers Shoo-Away CHP Motorcycle Officer On I-680 In Milpitas
A video posted on YouTube shows dozens of stunt-riding motorcyclists popping wheelies at high-speeds on a Bay Area freeway and shrugging off attempts by a California Highway Patrol motorcycle officer to pull them over. Joe Vazquez reports. (10/22/14)
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San Mateo Nail Technician Claims $228 Million Powerball Jackpot
Vinh Nguyen was the sole winner in Wednesday night’s Powerball drawing matching the numbers 7, 14, 24, 41, 21 and the Powerball number 26. Juliette Goodrich reports from San Mateo. (9/26/14)
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Chef Murdered In His Old Oakland Neighborhood
A Vallejo chef was murdered in his former Oakland neighborhood. Mark Kelly reports. (10/20/14)
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Family Of Jahi McMath Want Girl Declared "Alive"
The family of an Oakland teen who was legally declared dead wants the girl's status changed to 'alive.' Joe Vazquez reports. (10/1/14)
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Dead Baby Found Inside Abandoned Mobile Home In San Jose
The body of a dead baby was found inside a mobile home that was abandoned for years, San Jose police said Thursday. Betty Yu reports. (11/13/14)
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Chickens Saved From Slaughter At Vacaville's Animal Place Ranch
These mature hens came from a factory egg farm where they would have been killed if Animal Place hadn't taken them. They have spent their entire lives jammed together in wire cages. This is the first time any of them has been able to flap their wings or even walk on solid ground.  John Ramos reports. 9/5/14
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Pleasanton Xmas Tree Lot Owner Defies City Ban On Inflatable Frosty The Snowman
A Pleasanton Christmas tree lot has revived its flattened Frosty the Snowman inflatable figure after the city threatened the lot owner with daily fines for having it up. (12/2/14).
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Bay Sunday: Stephen Jimenez, author:  "The Book of Matt"
Author Stephen Jimenez discusses "The Book of Matt: Hidden Truths about the Murder of Matthew Shephard". Michelle Griego hosts. Originally aired 12/29/13
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Linda Ronstadt Reveals What Life Is Like After Singing Silenced By Parkinson's Disease
In a wide-ranging interview at her home in San Francisco, Linda Ronstadt spoke candidly about losing her singing voice to Parkinson's disease, her love for mariachi music and life onstage and off. (11/14/14)
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Memorial Held For Andy Lopez 1 Year After Fatal Shooting By Police
Neighbors of Andy Lopez said the pain of the fatal shooting of the 13-year-old by a Sonoma County sheriff’s deputy remains fresh one year later. John Ramos reports. (10/22/14)
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"White Hat Hackers" Protecting Your Digital Privacy
They're called 'white hat hackers' and they actually work to protect online security. Allen Martin reports. (10/23/14)
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UCSF Gets Special Quiet Medical Helicopter
A specially equipped and quiet helicopter was added to UCSF's fleet. Don Ford reports. (10/15/14)
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Video Shows SF Restaurant Worker "Tenderizing" Meat On Sidewalk
A San Francisco restaurant worker was captured on camera 'tenderizing' meat on a sidewalk. (12/1/14)
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$100,000 In Cash Left Behind At San Jose Burger King
Workers at a Burger King on Bascom Avenue in San Jose discovered a six-figure surprise this week. Someone left behind a backpack with $100,000 in cash inside. Betty Yu reports. (11/27/14)
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San Francisco DA Urged To Charge Juvenile Suspect In Teen’s Murder As An Adult
The family of a 14-year-old who was killed in a fatal stabbing last month is urging San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon to charge the accused killer as an adult in the case. Ryan Takeo reports. (10/8/14)
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25 Years Later, Bay Area Still Carries Scars Of 1989 Earthquake
Ryan Takeo reports on what the Bay Area looks like 25 years after the Loma Prieta earthquake. 10/17/14 Official Site: http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/ YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/CBSSanFrancisco FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/CBSSanFrancisco Twitter: @cbssf
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Dutch Scientists Claim To Have Solved Alcatraz Escape Mystery
A team of Dutch scientists claim to have solved the mystery of an escape from Alcatraz. Mark Kelly reports. (12/15/14)
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California Lottery Sellers Are Some Of The Biggest Prize Winners
Some people in California are winning the lottery hundreds of times, sometimes multiple times a day. Is it just luck? Many frequent winners have something in common. Christin Ayers reports. (10/30/14)
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Bay Area Focus: Global Glimpse
Eliza Pesuit, Executive Director: Global Glimpse. Marcela Berrios, Bay Area Program Director: Global Glimpse. Aired 11/02/14. Official Site: http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/ Subscribe on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/CBSSanFrancisco Like us on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/CBSSanFrancisco Follow us on Twitter: @cbssf
Where's Roberta? Taking A Sweet Tour Of C&H Sugar Company
 Roberta Gonzales takes us to the historic C&H sugar factory in Crockett for this week's edition of Where's Roberta. (12/26/14)
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Navy Shows Off New Ship At San Francisco Fleet Week
The USS America, part of a new class of ships from the U.S. Navy, will be officially commissioned at San Francisco Fleet Week. Allen Martin reports. (10/9/14)
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Harbaugh Rips Report On Unhappiness In 49ers Locker Room
49ers coach Jim Harbaugh responded to reports of players being unhappy with the team's leadership. Dennis O'Donnell reports. (9/29/14)
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Fremont School Put On Lockdown
A Fremont school was put on lockdown Wednesday. Juliette Goodrich reports. (10/15/14)
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San Mateo Powerball Winner Chooses Installment Payout Option
Vinh Nguyen, the San Mateo Powerball winner, is the first big jackpot winner in California to opt out of a lump-sum payout. Instead he'll be receiving his after-tax $136 million spread out over the next 30 years. Sharon Chin reports. (9/26/14)
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Oakland’s Uptown District Named Among Nation’s 10 Great Neighborhoods
Over the past decade, Oakland’s Uptown neighborhood has been transformed from blighted to bustling. The neighborhood has been declared one of the nation’s “10 Great Neighborhoods” by the American Planning Association. John Ramos reports. (10/1/14)
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Students Rising Above: Olman Lopez
Wendy Tokuda profiles Olman Lopez, a Bay Area teenager who has taken on adult responsibilities while he pursues his education. (12/19/14)
Elite Special Force At Moffett Field Counted On For High-Stakes Rescues
When they are in trouble, who do Navy Seals call? A little-known elite Special Operations force known as Guardian Angel, a non-aircraft, equipment based weapon system. Debrah Farentino reports. (11/18/14)
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