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Lil' Menace feat Fingazz - Luv them girls
Album: I'm still here 2007
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Royal T - Juicy thang'98  (G-funk)
album " From coast to coast" 1999.
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Levitti - Crem'ola
Compilation Cream 1999
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Tim Jones - I'm Sorry Baby  [feat. Stalin & Talkbox Peewee]  (G-Funk)
Dope Album: Tim Jones - Let me get around 2014 produced by Wadz buy at: http://www.smoothswingrecords.com
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Lil' Sin - Gangsta Home  (G funk)
Album: Frustrated By Death 1996
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Cali Life Style ‎- 1st thang 1st (G-funk)
Album: Cali Life Style ‎- Sun Up 2 Sun Down 2001
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Ron Kenoly - Stop Hauling Water
Album: Ron Kenoly ‎- You Ought To Listen To This 1983
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Stranded - Anotha brotha gone  (G-funk)
Stranded - anotha brotha gone (feat G-Mo) Album : Stranded 1998
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Matoub Lounès - Tatut ( L'oubli)
Album: Matoub Lounès - Kenza 1994
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Righteous Apples ‎- Merry Go Round
Album: Righteous Apples ‎- Righteous Apples 1982
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Family Brown ‎- I'm Gonna Getcha
Family Brown ‎-- I'm Gonna Getcha 1984
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2Pac feat. Roger & Dr Dre - California Love [Wadz Sunrise Remix]
Album: Wadz - Still On A Mission (The Remix LP) 2011
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blackjack - Cold world (G-funk)
Album: Blackjack - Addicted to drama 1996
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Righteous Apples ‎- Your Turn Yo Love
Album: Righteous Apples ‎-- Righteous Apples 1982
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Buffalo Soldier - Too late mama
Buffalo Soldier - Too late mama 1983
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Askari X - Down so long (G-funk)
Askari X - Down so long Album: Message to the black man 1995
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I.F.A. ‎-  OG funk  (G-Funk)
Album: I.F.A. ‎-- International Family Affair 1997
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Explicit lyric - Une balle perdue (Ultra rare)
Titre du groupe explicit lyric de givors .Sortie locale ultra rare. 1996
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Cali life style - Makin'it now ( G-funk)
Album: Cali Life Style ‎-- Sun Up 2 Sun Down 2001
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Ghetto Azz Niggaz - Cloud Nine
Album: Ghetto Azz Niggaz ‎– Faithful To The Streets 1998
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Soulism - Taste the flava  (G-Funk)
Album: Soulism - Soulism 1996
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Melgroove - Le temps passe
Melgroove - Apoca arrive 1998
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MC Hammer feat 2pac - Too Late Playa
Album: too tight 1996 Death row records Too late playa (feat. Big Daddy Kane, 2Pac, Nutt-So & Danny Boy) Lyrics: I'm already known (get at her, get at her, get at her) But I'm already known Yo (then go on and get at her, get at her) But I told you I'm already known (get at her, get at her, get at her) If I get at her it's just too late I'm gone (put your back in, put your back in) MC Hammer: Steps on the scene, dressed G.Q. Peepin' out these industries freaks wearing dresses you can see through Hammer time, I'm ready to party Afterwards get naughty, let's wear Versace You with your man, but you still looking Looking good, and healthy like Patty Label's cook Aight, then ???? tell your man you gotta peepee Run free freak, a free freak can see me Now that I gotcha baby, What's your name? Queen: What's up love, my name is Queen Why don't you wait right here honey While I go shake this busta MC Hammer: No problem, handle your business and let's go I guess he's not satisfying, she said; "Hammer would you sign the tits so my man won't think I was lying" PS. We on our way home, too late play I got your girl and i'm gone Chorus: Danny Boy Too late, too late playa bye byeeee! I got your girl and I'm gone Too late, too late playa bye byeeee! I got your girl and I'm gone Big Daddy Kane: Realize the game is staying tight (yes) Forever playing right, playa haters sayin' "he ain't right" What's the matter, (what?) no confidence within your data I see you trippin since I first started lookin at her And if she peep, then you know she'll creep And if you sleep, then that will be just one you won't keep (look at cha) Boy you know you need your ass whipped For holdin on her hand like you going on a first grade class trip You feel unable, to keep her in your stable As she listens to the Krystal popping at the next table Likes finer things, victory is mine again You're tryin to win, but got to come with better than those Heinekens (whoo!) I got her open about the game I be using And now she choosing, and you gon' came up as the one loosin' The smooth criminal is out musclin', grand theft hustlin' Black Ceasar, he gone struck again Chorus: Danny Boy Too late, too late playa bye byeeee! I got your girl and I'm gone Too late, too late playa bye byeeee! I got your girl and I'm gone 2Pac: Looking delicious, blushes while I give you kisses While i'm granting wishes, making boyfriends suspicious Visits while doin dishes in your daisy duke Handle my business in the evening, spend my days with you If it's true that you really taken, that bonds broke So when your men get the shit mistaken, then let him know You might be his girl, but see you'll always be my woman Close your eyes think of me and keep cuming niggaz Be swearin that they savvy, claiming they game's cavy Bitches be hittin switches, calling 2Pac daddy It ain't my fault that she's sprung on me And ain't it fun to make her cum with her tongue on me That's on the real homie, this is how it is when you play for keeps If your game ain't straight, your bitch lay with me And after me she'll probably fuck the next nigga too But do I give a fuck who's number two As long as I get mine Chorus: Danny Boy Too late, too late playa bye byeeee! I got your girl and I'm gone Too late, too late playa bye byeeee! I got your girl and I'm gone Nutt-so: Flossin' to the east don't slide, no 18's bumpin' Truck stopping, sittin' way too clean It's a Friday night, so let me slide by Kristy's Swoop up like Frisbees, too ???? for MC Sucked up game, pursued my role And slid to a beauty never G'd before MC Hammer: Let's drink Krystal and hop in tha pool Conversate about the real, not big, and keep it cool I see you smiling, Girl whatcha smilin' for? Lookin' sexy with your county buck wild flow You like R Kelly?, You like what he produced through? Well ya, I like to bump and grind too Feel me Nutt-so: Conversating, not trippin where my hands at Now she's relaxing wanna tell my how her man act Excuse me, but do your man got my number baby Cuz I up at your house with your coat, he keep on paging me And your man, you know these digits? (what's up Nutt-so?) You ain't nothing but her man, now ain't that wicked MC Hammer: It ain't nothing but a damn shame (hello) And it's very strange that my pager beeps the same thing Nutt-so & MC Hammer: So your man, and your man must be MC Hammer: Trying to find clues on us and where we be Nutt-so & MC Hammer: But we ain't trippin', let's give' em a call So they can cook for us and clean up after the dogs Feel me Nutt-so: Called him up, now you tell him he can come through But he can't be up here acting a fool After that he never heard from us Nutt-so & MC Hammer: And when he arrived it read Too Late Playa do not disturb us We're Busy!
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DS455 ‎- Summer Sweetz  (g-funk japon)
Album : DS455 ‎- Summer Sweetz 2004
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Kenny Moore ‎- I Can Tell
Kenny Moore ‎- I Can Tell 1987
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Goldenchild & Andretti - Party Thang  (G-funk)
Album: Goldenchild & Andretti - Party thang 2001
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Havoc & Prodeje   G 'z come out
album "truez neva stop" 1997 pump records
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Ichirro Nitta - Tokyo Jazz Club
Album : Cool Ga atsui 1982
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Paperboy - Swayz Groov  (G-Funk)
Album : City to City 1996
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Mr Happs feat Fingazz - maldito love  (G-Funk)
Album: Mr happs - darktown 1999
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Bobby Nunn - Got To Get Up On It
Album: Bobby Nunn ‎-- Second To Nunn 1982
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The Grench-Saturday (Caavy Sub Mix) Gfunk
The Grench-Saturday 1995
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Systematic - Sure Ain't News
Systematic - Sure Ain't News (12") 1988
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Hogg Boss -  Mexicans & Niggas
Album: Hoggin my way 2000
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Rosie Gaines - Skool-ology (Ain't No Strain)
Album: Rosie Gaines - Caring 1985
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B.C.U. (Brothas Comin' Up) - Alright  (G-Funk)
Album: Brothas Comin' Up ‎- The Album 1998
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Pass Pass feat Dj Ak - Danse kom 1 kaïra (G'z version)
Album: Gfunk party 2002
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Silky Slim - Goin to the county  (G-Funk)
Silky Slim - Goin to the county Album: Finally Here 1996
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Proper Dos - Califa funk  (G-Funk)
Album: Compil Califa funk 2002
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Boxx feat Terry Troutmann,Lil Rome - All i want to do is get with you
Album: Boxx - Outta da boxx 2005
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David Clayton Thomas - Hot city nights
David Clayton Thomas - Hot city nights
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2Pac - Never call U bitch Again (Rmx by TaoGmusik)
Instru: Doggmaster- I'm back for more
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Dazzie Dee - Bumpin 2pac
Dazzie Dee & A Tribe Called West - Bumpin Tupac https://soundcloud.com/ogdazz/dazzie-dee-a-tribe-called-west-bumpin-tupac
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Rodg ‎- Always (G-Funk)
Rodg ‎-- Always 1995
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Rapsta - Ghetto Superstar  (G-funk)
Album: Rapsta ‎- SuperStar Of The Ghetto 1999
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Ali Katt - Liar
Album: Ali Katt - Killer 1988 South africa
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Moe-Man "Tonight's the night" G-funk
Moe-Man "Tonight's the night" 1996
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I.F.A. ‎-  Family Affair  (G-funk)
Album: I.F.A. ‎-- International Family Affair 1997
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B.Brock - For the playaz (G-Funk)
B.Brock - Original Balla 1997
Views: 1741 centralcostclik
Melgroove feat Vibe (Poetes hop Jazz) - La grande finale
Album: Melgroove - Apoca arrive 1998
Views: 1047 centralcostclik