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Club Penguin Vietnam War Fortunate Son Edition
NOW WITH MORE FORTUNATE SON! I saw the original and loved it but .... it needed .... FORTUNATE SON The highly anticipated Club Penguin Vietnam edit is here
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Peluchin Entertainment Cat Killer UPDATE
There is a new update to the Peluchin entertainment saga regarding him and the police. Peluchin Entertainment is well known for beating his cat, Jason Kruger, to death on video and then uploaded it to his 15k channel for all to see. Peluchin Maltrata su gato. New information regarding him has come to light regarding police involvement and further cat/gato abuse videos. #peluchinentertainment #PeluchinGato
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How Eurobeat was discovered
The origin of the drift sensation . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifhoCNEX5ks- Ultra Insitnct George Bush https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0j5WcSQvqGI -Ultra Instinct Muhammed Ali
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Peluchin Update Hitman Instagram Attack
Apparently, people have hired hitmen in order to kill Matis,Peluchin, and new instagram posts have surfaced were Peluchin denies his animal abuse past. #PeluchinEntertainment #PeluchinUpdate #PeluchinJail Sources : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAPAkW-W_6s&t=358s https://www.lavanguardia.com/muyfan/20181224/453734065071/auronplay-youtube-peluchin-entertainment-sicario-matar-gatos.html #PeluchinEntertainment
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Chris Chan & Ted Bundy's BUNDYCHU?
Chris Chan has a new character running around CWCVille who's actually the real Ted Bundy except in Sonichu form. Don't worry Chris has reassured us that Bundychu hasn't killed anyone yet and that he's been a good soldier!
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Shingo Tactics REBORN DriveClub
finally we have beat Avex INC. I had to alter some parts of the video to make it work so much apologies on the wonky audio and the fuck you avex text. Music credit goes to GRGE- "How to Eurobeat"
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Avex INC  Blocking Initial D?
Today we discuss wtf is Avex doing to the Initial D Community. I recorded this at night and I'm still not fully recovered from my cold so excuse the wonky audio. Today, we go in depth into the lair of the copyright monster known as "Avex". Your more than welcome to voice your complaints on their YouTube channel (I have).
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Peluchin Entertainment Threatens To Kill MOM
In today's video we talk about Matias (Peluchinentertainment) once again and this time he wants to kill his mother apparently. #Peluchinentertainment #PeluchinEntertainmentUpdate If you'd like to see more videos hit the subscribe button so I can be part of dimensional merge . Also, consider watching some of my other videos - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRq7da8M18U&t=319s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNYZu86Ubdc&t=99s
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Markiplier Overpriced CLOAK Hoodies
Markiplier decides to launch a clothing brand thats reeks of forgettable design that of course will be overpriced. All of his designs look like stuff you can buy at JCPenny,Target,Walmart etc for way cheaper. Alot of kids are going to be asking their parents for overpriced 80$ hoodies ! We all know this woulnd't sell if he didn't have his face plastered on it Follow Me On Twitter For Updates https://twitter.com/mechguy1 Either Subscribe Donate or GTFO! Like Comment Share Subscribe For More
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Chris Chan Killed His Kitten?
Chris Chan killed his young kitten? Is this all just another CWC hallucination? Find out next week on Dimensional Merge!
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Zelda: Breath of the Wild Graphics COMPARISON (Wii U VS Nintendo Switch)*BETA*
*ALL ZELDA FOOTAGE RIGHTFULLY BELONGS TO NINTENDO * Graphics Comparison for Zelda BOTW on Switch & WiiU! I put in quite a bit of time finding the footage for the comparison so guys please don't forget to drop a like and comment on the video. The more ratings I get the better the video does on the YouTube searches! Turn off that ad-block
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"S" Stands For ... (Initial D Ver)
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Peluchin Entertainment Back On YouTube!
Peluchin Entertainment has finally responded to the controversy but, not in the way you think. Recently, he posted on his community tab a statement and in the video I go over the translation for English speaking viewers.Took me awhile to finish this one due to my shit allergies and my sore throat. Re-uploaded due to editing error
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Initial D : AVEX Stage
-This one is personal- AVEX The Anime Starring :Itsuki Produced by : Mechguy Studios Made Possible by : AVEX Corp. Special Mentions: HP Laptop. Sony Vegas. MP3Rocket. Just a JoJofag. Initial D. ME. Evangellion. All the people screwed over by AVEX Time Spent: Just Enough Would HIGHLY *appreciate* if everyone took a minute to like my video and comment on it. I don't have the luxury of thousands of subs to automatically like my videos, unlike some other creators, much appreciated folks ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Boogie2988 Is GAY and a FURRY
Boogie2988 comes out as a gay homosexual man and a furry to top things off. More proof of this can be found on his twitter
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Stop asking please the anime is : inyuashiki
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Chris Chan TOO MANY GAMES  Update
Chris Responds to the Too Many Games fiasco that went to weeks ago
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Gran Turismo 4 - 1080i vs 480p Comparison #2
I captured the footage using component cables using my EZCAP280 Also, had to use a converter for component to HDMI There is not much of a difference when you select the different resolutions , 1080i looks slightly sharper but, 480p looks great aswell. If your still using composite cables, I HIGHLY recommend you switch to component cables! Overall, the 480p looks a little more muddier and hazier in certain parts but, the 1080i version doesn't suffer from that hazy, discolored instances. *****For your convenience , I've made a playlist of all my Gran Tursimo 4 Test footage on my CHANNEL where I uploaded 2 comparisons, and 2 raw files of the 480/1080 full screen which I highly recommenced you watch. ****Also, don't forget to comment on this video and to leave a rating, trying to grow a channel and receiving more exposure is hard when no one comments or likes the video. Thanks .
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PewDiePie Moves To DLive
PewDiePie (felix) Has moved to DLive as his permanent streaming platform of choice
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Chris Chan Montage
Be inspired by the LEGEND (or disgusted either one is fine)
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Initial D Live Action Movie  Review
The somewhat short review of the Live Action Initial D Movie you can now watch on Netflix! No longer do you have to go on asian sites to order the DVDs (or ebay). DigitalJimmy123 is the reason why I made this video so go check out his original video here !!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9yOQNg_yrA&t=102s Follow Me On Twitter For Updates https://twitter.com/mechguy1 Either Subscribe Donate or GTFO! Like Comment Share Subscribe For More Music GRGE- How to EuroBeat D.Essex- Take me to the Top Royalty Free Boring Elevator Music
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Avex Kills Initial D
Avex strikes again! Enjoy the shitpost lads and once again fuck avex. Be free to voice your displeasure in the comment section down below. If you like the content then like it . duh
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Boogie Files  Boogie Is Gay
Welcome to the Boogie Files where we explore the man himself,Boogie2988 via the power of YouTube. Today, we are presented with further evidence of Boogies adventurous side with men.
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Good Bye Alex Jones & InfoWars
So infowars got pretty much banned overnight by virtually every single big tech company overnight. Not a good thing and this can only get worse. It's clear that big tech is silencing conservatives across the board and leaning heavily lefty(if you can even call it the left at this point). Mid Terms are upon us and what a better way to influence peoples opinions than by taking out such a big threat like Alex Jones/InfoWars. This is how big censorship starts people you could be next so don't feel "relieved" that Jones got black listed.
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BO2 on Wii U dead?
Like Comment Subscribe! Twitter @Mechguy1 https://twitter.com/Mechguy1 BO2 is a Ghost Town on Wii U So is GHOSTS .
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AVEX Inc Blocks Itsuki  *Copyright Claim Blocked WorldWide*
Avex Inc. has decided to block my videos worldwide ....fuck. Going to appeal the claim for both videos but, my "Top 5 Lonely Driver Moments" video will probably end up blocked forever. I expect FUNIMATION to be claiming this and not Avex so thats a red flag but, Avex did publish a Eurobeat CD a while ago sooo idk if that gives them the right to claim this since it's Initial D and they did a initial d cd.
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Chris Chan Breakdown at Too Many Games
Chris Chan is back and this time causing trouble by kissing fans and having a meltdown at TooManyGames. Remember to like the shite outta this and subscribe, it's the least you can do for me after I had to suffer with finding chris chan photos
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Titan Fall 2 APEX Legends Easter Egg
A very brief easter egg in the TitanFall 2 campaign where we get a small glimpse of APEX Legends . I know the multiplayer has a faction called the "APEX Predators" but, its the closest thing we have to an easter egg for apex legends.
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Chris Chan Screaming  Rage Compilation
A few edits of the legend himself raging . UGHHH... I hope those darn blocked worldwide corporate trolls don't attack me SIGHH...... #ChrisChan #Sonichu #DimensionalMerge #CWCVille Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use.
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Soulja Boy  Making Game Consoles
Souljla Boy went from Superman'n dem hoes to selling bootleg video game consoles . He has launched his own brand of gaming consoles which are Chinese rip offs . A lawsuit is expected to happen any day now considering he is selling Nintendo games and many others without license. Don't forget to follow on Twitter for random bullshit @Mechguy1 #SouljaBoyGames #souljagame
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Initial D Shingo, Do you kno de way?
Shingo will spit on you
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Trans MAN  Attacks GameStop!
I feel like Chris Chan did it better
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YouTuber Peluchin Kills His Cat
YouTuber "Peluchin Entertainment" brutally beat his cat to death on video and uploaded it to YouTube. I am shocked and appalled that his channel is even allowed to exist after what he's done to his poor cat and to the community. I never champion for the deletion of people's channels but, this animal abuser does not deserve to keep his fifteen thousand views and ad revenue after the horrific attack he committed . #PeluchinEntertainmentGato ..https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9v8jWkXgFORVQdeQctYUmw his channel .
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I Got a FALSE Copyright Strike?
A false strike from Toei Animation ? A personal attack? Who knows but, what I do know is that Im striked!
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COD Ghosts WiiU 2017 DEAD
Something was up with the mic so, my apologies on that hiss .
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Nyko Pro Commander Review!
Last video of 2013 guys! Happy 2014! The nyko controller was the first 3rd party controller for wii u so first of all I applaud nyko. Now, let's talk about this little beast, first of all it's an Xbox 360 layout controller. The buttons feel a little too smoochy for my liking, the d-pad feels just a little better than the Xbox 360 one.....that's not saying much. Dead zones also limit this controller tremendously, don't expect to win gun battles with this on twitch shooter like COD. Overall build quality is really good,perfect for the bigger handed gamer, sweat won't be a problem ladies and gents the finish of this controller seems to cancel out sweaty hands wich is good for longer gaming sessions. This controller is an okay buy for the gamer looking for a second pro controller.The design and build quality of the commander is outstanding, unforgettably the less than stellar face buttons and trigger/bumpers heed this controller. Dead zones are the main reason why you might not like this controller. Final Verdict , 3.5/5 with the Nyko Pro commander you can command your way to victory.
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YES FINALLY the dreaded sub4sub is being cracked down upon!
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T-2020A Bluetooth Speaker Review
I had this video laying around and was originally uploaded onto the now defunct vid.me...... so I decided to upload here. Not the smoothest review but you'll make it through .
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Zelda Breath of the Wild Hinox Easy Way to Kill
An easy way to kill the Hinox ... same method applies for metal around Hinox ankles. Remember to LIKE,COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE!!!-----https://tinyurl.com/y973ekf3
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Nintendo Switch 3RD-PARTY Support Accessories
NINTENDO SWITCH HORI Accessories Leaked / Revealed! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7K2vbx4muI0- 1-2 Switch FREE What are your guys opinions on the Hori Pro Pad? Let me know in the comment section down below!
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Review Gioteck Hs-1 Headset for Wii U
My review of the Gioteck HS-1 for the Nintendo Wii U. Hope you enjoyed the review and leave your thoughts on this headset in the comment section below.
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The Current State of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Wii U in 2018
Remember to LIKE,COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE!!!-----https://tinyurl.com/y973ekf3 Follow me on Game Domain ----------https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyeJX3ZW7gXNlSQNQCbI6ew?pbjreload=10 Follow me on Switch Domain---------https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5FARBywENk4448hgQthjVA Follow me on [email protected]
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YouTube 2019 Censorship/Monetization Guidelines Suck
Everyday we stray further from "Broadcast Yourself" and get close to "Censor Yourself". The YouTube 2019 Guidelines are here and some of it leads to serious questions on whether or not we're all screwed. Oh yea new mic too review coming soon . Also, thanks to one of the last few MCNs (Freedom) we also know why people are being demonitized .
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Sony Making A PlayStation Switch?
Don't forget to RATE this video. What do you think this patent means for Sony? LIKE-COMMENT-SUBSCRIBE
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PS5 Controller LEAKED Dualshock 5  ?
In todays episode of the game chasers I go over the more than likely fake ps5 dualshock 5 leak that appeared online recently.
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MotorTrend Leaves YT, The end of an Era?
MotorTrend has decided to leave the YouTube community these last recent weeks and did they make the right move? Today, we go into detail and look over the current landscape of the MotorTrend video line up and whats to come. Personally, I believe MotorTrend deciding to abandon YT will hurt them in the long run with lower viewership ratings as a result of their high stakes gamble . The news of MT leaving is no surprise to me considering YouTubes failing leadership and their lack of backbone and transparency. Blaming MT for their own demise is wrong to claim, if anything YT is too blame for the demise of many creators on this platform.
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Is APEX LEGENDS any good?
Apex Legends for when you just can't take anymore Fortnite. Made by the people who made MW2 and the TitanFall sereis Apex Legends is the newest hottest Battle Royale. Play it just for the ping system!
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Fortnite Battle Royale vs Realm Royale - Who's better?
In todays video I babble over how Realm Royale is more fun than Fortnite Battle Royale . #RealmRoyale #FortniteClone #RealmRoyalevsFortnite
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