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After becoming catatonic for a time, Castiel awakes crazed but cognizant when the Word of God is uncovered, and he helps Sam and Dean identify the tablet. He later aids Dean in killing Leviathan leader Dick Roman, and in the ensuing explosion is pulled into Purgatory with Dean, where Castiel disappears. A year later, when Dean escapes Purgatory, Castiel is not with him, and Dean tells Sam that Castiel "didnt make it," having "let go" in Purgatory when things "got hairy" not long before Dean escaped. Its revealed that in being in Purgatory restored Castiels sanity and that while he helped Dean escape, he remained out of his own free will as he chose to stay in Purgatory as his penance for his sins. However, angels led by Naomi rescued him and Castiel was rescued, in a somewhat weakened state and under orders that he is unaware of to aid the Winchesters and report into Naomi periodically. Although he eventually managed to escape Naomis control, he was subsequently manipulated by exiled angel Metatron into completing a ritual that banished all angels from Heaven, the same ritual concluding with Metatron taking Castiels grace and leaving him a human. After some time forced to make a life for himself as a human, made more complicated by Deans decision to reject Castiel to take Heavens attention away from Sam, who was still healing from damage he sustained during the trials, Castiel was able to regain his angelic status by stealing the grace from the angel Theo. Despite Metatrons attempts to paint Castiel as the villain of the piece, he is eventually able to prove to the other angels that Metatron sees them as nothing more than fools to be manipulated and tricked, Gadreels sacrifice allowing Castiel to trap Metatron in Heavens prison. Although his stolen grace would eventually kill him, Castiels life was saved when Crowley killed the angel Adina to transfer her grace to Castiel. After curing Dean of his transformation into a demon, Castiel briefly reunites with his former vessel Claire Novak while working to resolve the conflict in Heaven. However, he is left on the run from Heaven once again when he extracts Metatron from Heaven to question him about a cure for the Mark of Cain. Even after taking Metatrons grace to question him about a possible cure, Metatron reveals that he actually doesnt know of a cure, but agrees to show Castiel to the location where he left the fragments of Castiels original Grace in return for his life. Although Metatron escapes with the Demon Tablet, Castiel is able to recover his grace and restore some of his power.